How to get the most out of your Minnesota State Fair experience

How to get the most out of your Minnesota State Fair experience

It’s Minnesota State Fair time! Whether you’re going to experience the Great Minnesota Get Together with your family in tow or you’re going to have a girls night or date night, I’ve got the inside scoop on where the family friendly bathrooms are, where you can feeding your infant in a comfy and cool spot, as well as what new foods you can look for. If you’re wanting to know how to fit in all of new, must try, state fair food then this is your go-to place! I was given a sneak peek at what the Fair has to offer this year as well as a few helpful tips to help you plan your Minnesota State Fair outing.

How to get the most out of your Minnesota State Fair experience

How to get the most out of your Minnesota State Fair experience
Photo credit Minnesota State Fair

2018 Must-Have *New* Foods

Like I said, I was able to get a sneak peek at some of the new foods that are available this year. Of course, there’s your usual suspects, bacon, food on a stick and fried foods, however, this year, when it comes to new foods none of those categories is present! Crazy, right?

Pro Tip: If you’re trying to find a specific food or vendor use the State Fair app’s Food Finder. 

Anchor Coffee Minnesota State Fair

The Anchor Coffee House – Finally a great cup of coffee!

New to the State Fair this year is the Anchor Coffee House. Located outside of Ramberg Music Cafe, you’ll find probably the best cup of joe on the State Fair grounds this year. Whether you like it iced or hot, with cream or without, you’re going to love this coffee for its rich flavor and smooth feeling.

BBQ Split Midtown Global Market's Mama D's
BBQ Split Midtown Global Market’s Mama D’s located the last six days of the fair at the Taste of the Midtown Global Market booth at the east wall of the International Bazaar

BBQ Split from Midtown Global Market’s Mama D’s

My mouth is watering right now remembering what this tasted like. The Midtown Global Market is doing something different this year, the first six days of the fair Taco Cat will be serving their tasty tacos, especially their General Tso Chicken Tacos. The second six days of the Fair, Mama D’s will be serving up their southern inspired dishes like the BBQ Split, which is what I got to try and am currently craving, at the preview. Mama D’s also has a really yummy gluten-free mac-n-cheese, and sweet tea to wash it all down.

Sweetie Cakes Minnesota State Fair
Sweetie Cakes located on the south wall of the Food Building

Sweetie Cakes

Choose from black forest cake, birthday cake, or chocolate peanut butter cake. It’s all baked in a cup and packed with Sassy Pecan toffee bits and served warm, topped with real whipping cream and real toffee bits; that’s what you get when you taste Sweetie Cakes. If you are allergic to tree nuts, like pecans, I’d suggest asking if they have a nut-free version. This would pair perfectly with some coffee from The Anchor Coffee House.

UpNorth Puff Pasty Minnesota State Fair
UpNorth Puff Pasty (pronounced PASS-tee) located on the east wall of the Food Building.

UpNorth Puff Pasty

From the mother-daughter team of Sausage Sister & Me, the Puff Pasty is made with Porketta sausage, cheese curds, coarse grain mustard and chopped dill pickle baked in a puffy crust sprinkled with pepper and sea salt. It’s really warm and definitely hits that comfort food spot in your belly.

Bananas Foster French Toast Minnesota State Fair
Bananas Foster French Toast from the Hamline Church Dining Hall, located on Dan Patch Ave. between Underwood and Cooper streets. Photo credit: Minnesota State Fair

Bananas Foster French Toast

An old, State Fair mainstay, the Hamline Church Dining Hall, is bringing a new dish to their menu. Featuring cinnamon swirl French toast topped with slices of fresh bananas in an orange-rum-flavored caramel sauce and finished with a dollop of whipped cream. The Hamline Church Dining Hall has been serving meals at the Minnesota State Fair since 1897.

Find the Baby-friendly Restrooms and myTalk’s Lactation Station at the MN State Fair 

The MN State Fair has a great interactive map that allows you to zoom in on any section of the fairgrounds so you can see it in greater detail. You never know when duty is going to call; maybe it’s a major diaper blowout or a baby-needs-to-eat NOW emergency. Local talk radio station myTalk is bringing back their super helpful Lactation Station and I cannot emphasize the importance it is for you to utilize their space if you have an infant. The Lactation Station provides a nice and comfortable place for mothers to feed their babies. There are comfy gliders as well as breastfeeding support pillows and cozy changing tables. I’m telling you, knowing that the Lactation Station was at the State Fair was my saving grace when I attended the Fair with my two month old in 2011. myTalk is located on Underwood Street SOUTH of Randall Avenue. Click here to print the below map.

Minnesota State Fair Map

If you have a smartphone download the Minnesota State Fair App! 

Getting the most bang for your time is key when you visit the Fair with an infant. You can’t wander aimlessly around searching for that delicious Salted Caramel Puff malt or sundae from the Dairy Goodness Bar (ahem…it’s located in the Dairy Barn) while you’re on the clock with your family in tow. Before you visit the Fair download the State Fair App. On the app you’ll find helpful tools like Food Finder, Merch Finder and Fun Finder all for FREE. Once you’re at the Fair you can display results from the Food Finder or Merch Finder two different ways: proximity based search results or alphabetical order by clicking on the Food Finder icon (fork and knife) or the Merch Finder (shopping). The app is available for download on the App Store or Google Play store.

screenshots from MN State Fair App
Screenshots from MN State Fair iPhone App

Side Note: If you are experiencing difficulty with the State Fair App on an iPhone with iOS8 or higher installed, turning location services on should resolve issues. Go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services, then locate the icon for the MSF app and turn on.

What days are the least busy at the Minnesota State Fair?

Planning a trip to the Fair is all about understanding that there will be crowds. They don’t call it the Great MN Get Together for nothing. The Minnesota State Fair is world renown for its food, vendors, and exhibits; it’s going to be hot and there will be lines. Once you can wrap your brain around that idea you’ll be able to enjoy the Fair. If you want to know what days are the least crowded I’ve got that information for you. In 2017, the busiest weekend was Labor Day weekend, the last weekend of the Fair, with approximately 684,256 people attending the State Fair. The least attended day was opening day (which is always a Thursday) and Wednesday. Some private and charter schools have started so attendance is low because of that and obviously it’s a work day so people have to request time off to attend. To see more statistics click here.

How to do the Minnesota State Fair if you’re gluten-free, dairy-free, or have other dietary restrictions?

If you have a gluten allergy check out the interactive map sponsored by Twin Cities ROCK.

If you have food allergies simply ask the vendor before you purchase their food. Most vendors have allergy warnings on their stand, however, this isn’t a requirement of them so it’s always safer for you to ask if you aren’t sure.

State fair attendees are allowed to bring in food and non-alcoholic beverages (WATER, bring your own water!). Your bags and coolers will be searched when you enter and again, alcohol is not allowed to be brought in. Sure you can buy it and there are a lot of new craft beers to try out this year, but it’s not a BYOB situation.

Where do I buy tickets for the Minnesota State Fair?

You can purchase your tickets early online (click here), at the State Fairgrounds Ticket Office, or by calling 800-514-3849. Presale tickets are $11 up until opening day on 8/23/18. There are several discount days; you can find out about those dates here. Children 5-years-old and under are always free.

Don’t forget to get your Blue Ribbon Bargain Book for more savings inside the State Fair.

How to plan your Minnesota State Fair visit. Deals, new foods, how to save money


Five Reasons a Mall of America® Trip Needs to be on your Travel Bucket List.

featured 5 Reasons a Mall of America Trip Needs to be on your Travel Bucket List.

5 Reasons a Mall of America Trip Needs to be on your Travel Bucket List.

I remember when the Mall of America® (MOA®, as we Minnesotans call it) opened. It was huge, bright and beautiful. The possibilities seemed endless back then and I’m happy to report that that feeling’s still present over 25 years later. If you have never visited the MOA this is the year to do it. If you’re local to the MOA consider planning a staycation and seeing the tourist side of the MOA. Thank you so much to Radisson Blu and the Mall of America for inviting us to stay with you and experience all the fun you have to offer.

Is the Mall of America the biggest mall in the United States?

As of March 2017, no, the Mall of America is the second biggest mall in the US. The first is the King of Prussia mall in Pennsylvania which is 2.9 million square feet. The Mall of America is 2.5 million-square-foot which means that King of Prussia is 13,958 square feet bigger than the Mall of America. That likely won’t hold true as developers are always looking to build something bigger and better.

SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium at the Mall of America

How many stores are in the Mall of America?

Currently there are 250 stores in the Mall of America and the MOA just went through a major renovation and expansion adding a brand new food court, 50 more stores and a new hotel, the JW Marriot which also connects to the Mall.

Five Reasons a MOA Trip Needs to be on your Travel Bucket List.

The Radisson Blu is connected to MOA! 

Radisson Blu at Mall of America

If you aren’t native to Minnesota seeing how skyways work is really a unique experience and the Radisson Blu at MOA is directly attached to the Mall. Plus, the decor and ambiance is so glam it’s hard not to feel like a starlet as you’re checking in to your room.

Insider tip: Go to lunch at their restaurant Fire Lake for lunch, especially if you have children and make sure you get the popovers. Splurge on your reservation and try to stay in a suite if you’re traveling with kids and also be sure to get in on their continental breakfast. Check out my live video below to see what our room accommodations were like during our stay.


Book your stay here!

Nickelodeon Universe – The Amusement Park INSIDE the Mall!

The amusement park that’s at the center of the MOA is definitely one of its tourist highlights. Boasting 27 rides for little thrill seekers and older ones, mild thrill seekers to dare devils, Nickelodeon Universe has something for everybody. My kids loved the Bubble Guppies ride and that was enough thrill seeking for them. They’re overly cautious when it comes to adventuring.

Nickelodeon Universe Mall of America

Insider Tip: Every Friday night at 9:30 Universe of Lightfrom Nickelodeon Universe,

Mall of America® guests will be brought together nightly for an experience that will take visitors on an emotional journey through music and lights. Universe of Light will underscore the unexpected and surprising characteristics of MOA, combined with the fun, playful nature of Nickelodeon Universe. The nine-minute light show is an ongoing attraction for mall visitors. Lights, music and smoke effects will transform the air space into a Technicolor dream that is sure to excite and engage.

Also get ready for character photo opps! Think Disneyland but with your favorite Nickelodeon stars! Also visit on Tuesday mornings and you’ll get to experience Toddler Tuesdays.

Get your tickets and plan your trip here!

Hit the greens and play a round of mini golf at Moose Mountain

Moose Mountain Mini Golf

If you have yet to experience mini golfing with your children, especially if they are three-years-old, you are in for a real treat! I’m not competitive when it comes to golf at all so I just wandered around with Kendall, my six-year-old, and Keira, my three-year-old. The view was fabulous.

View from Mosse Mountain Mini Golf

Insider Tip: Plan to go in the morning before there’s a line. The waiting area isn’t huge and can be a little awkward when you’re waiting for the golfers ahead of you are getting started. Also, the newly renovated food court is across the way from Moose Mountain so you can grab some lunch after.

Click here to learn more about Moose Mountain.

Sea Life® Aquarium – An aquarium in a mall!

Sea LIfe Aquarium

There’s something so magical about Sea Life® Aquarium at the Mall of America. I don’t know if it’s simply because it’s in a mall or because it’s always warm and this is Minnesota but I love experiencing it. You could spend half a day at the aquarium so plan for some extra time. Home to thousands of sea creatures, including sharks, sea turtles, rays, jellyfish, seahorses and more, Sea Life is a breath of fresh tropical air during the wintertime or on a rainy day. My favorite exhibit is the jellyfish exhibit. Their aquariums are beautifully lit up with colored lights. They also have a Finding Nemo– esque exhibit and you can pop your head into the middle of that aquarium and feel like you’re in Marlin and Nemo’s world.

Insider Tip: Be sure to pick up the free activity book. There are stamps that your kids can get while they go through the aquarium and it’s really great for older kids who like games.

Check out more about Sea Life of Minnesota here.

For more information about the Mall of America, subscribe to their newsletter or follow them on their social media platforms. And while I wasn’t able to experience every single things that MOA has to offer that should just go to show you that it’s a very large place with so much to do. You won’t be bored and it’ll cost less than that family cruise. Just saying.

To learn more visit or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Five Reasons a Mall of America Trip Needs to be on your Travel Bucket List. Where to stay, where to shop, how to do the mall the right way.

The 3-Day Matters More Than You Know and Here’s Why

I’ve partnered with Susan G. Komen and Fit Approach to cover the Susan G. Komen 3-Day®. All opinions are my own.

When I agreed to partner with Susan G. Komen® and Fit Approach to participate in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day®, I had no idea what I was getting into. You might be wondering why the 3-Day matters; I thought the same thing. I wondered why they still did the event; after all there’s pink everywhere. I mean every fall the NFL goes pink so surely that’s raising enough money and awareness that it doesn’t really matter if they have a successful walk. Within the first few miles of the 3-Day I quickly began to understand why the 3-Day still matters. It matters more than you know.

The 3-Day Matters More Than You Know and Here’s Why

Why the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Matters
Photo courtesy of Susan G. Komen
  • The 3-Day matters because 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • The 3-Day matters because cancer doesn’t care about the color of your skin, whom you love or the position you hold in your workplace.
  • The 3-Day matters because cancer won’t wait for you to raise your children. It doesn’t care that you may be leaving a tiny baby behind. It just does not care about your life.
  • The 3-Day matters because through blistered feet and ripped pants, you have to figure out how to carry on; the same way anyone who hears that dreaded word “C-A-N-C-E-R” has to figure out how to carry on with her life while seeking treatment.
  • The 3-Day matters because we live in a contentious and broken world but for three whole days, people from all walks of life, every religion, every political party come together and walk for one cause.
  • The 3-Day matters because you’re able to live in a beautiful pink bubble where everyone is kind and no one is a stranger.
Why the 3-Day Matters
With my new Iowa friends, sisters, Ronda (L) and Vicki (R). Photo courtesy of Susan G. Komen
  • The 3-Day matters because our daughters and sons deserve to live in a cancer free world.
  • The 3-Day matters because we need to remember the moms, daughters, sisters, and friends who have lost their life.
  • The 3-Day matters because rather than throwing some cash at a product (which is all good and well) you have the opportunity to come face to face with the men and women who have been affected by this disease.
  • The 3-Day matters because you can see and touch survivors. You can talk with them, hug them and thank them for fighting and not giving up.
  • The 3-Day matters because of the stories; every single walker is walking for a reason. Whether you have the chance to hear firsthand someone’s story or you see the sign pinned to their back, you walk away from the 3-Day understanding how many people are affected by this disease.
Why the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Matters
With the Cummings Sisters and their friend, who were walking in honor of their mother, who passed away from breast cancer in 2014. They had signs pinned to their backs saying they were walking for their mom. Made me cry every time I was behind them so then I pushed myself to walk faster so I wouldn’t cry!
  • The 3-Day matters because Susan G. Komen has set a Bold Goal reduce the current number of breast cancer deaths in the U.S. by 50 percent by 2026.

I experienced pretty much every aspect of the 3-Day walk. From painful blisters to ripping my pants in a portable potty to chaffing you name it, I probably experienced it. You know what? Despite the heat, blistered feet and chaffed legs, I would do it all over again. I was heartbroken when the walk ended because it was so lovely because to surrounded by this community of men, women and children who were all working towards bringing something good in this broken and sad world we live in. I didn’t know a soul when I set foot onto the Southdale Mall parking lot but I left with a family of 3-Day walkers. One of the women I met said that she loves the 3-Day because it’s like having therapy for a weekend. She and her sister lost their mom to breast cancer a few years ago, the wound still hurts and she’s learned how to live without her presence but that doesn’t make it easier. She’s not an openly emotional person (totally with her on that one, I’m not either) but she said that every year she walks and is able to come away feeling emotionally recharged and inspired. Another woman I walked with on the last day, Marla, lost her sister to breast cancer. She and her adult son, Jacob, walk every year. Marla’s most likely losing eight toenails from pounding the pavement but she told me that at least she can walk. That’s more than what her sister can say.

Why the 3-Day Matters
With (L-R) Marla Collins, Nicole Smith and Kari Lewis. Photo courtesy of Susan G. Komen

One of the signs I saw on someone’s back read, “My mother taught me everything, but she didn’t teach me how to live without her.” That’s why I’m walking again and that’s why I want to encourage you to do anything you can to walk. There are still more cities that haven’t held their events yet and you can still register. If you’re nervous about the fundraising and the miles consider doing the 20 mile walk. My friend, Nicole, did that and she was so amazed by the love and support of the community that she’s walking all 60 miles next year. Do me a favor, check out the 3-Day and think about participating next year. Let’s help Susan G. Komen save lives. There are still 3-Day Walks that are happening around the country. Do me a favor, one that you’ll never regret, and use the code ELIZABETH10 for $10 off any of the other 3-Day 2017 events in Seattle, Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth and San Diego.



How to Train for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk

How I'm Training Featured

How to Train for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day® Walk

This post has been sponsored by Susan G. Komen 3-Day®. All opinions are my own.

Not much longer and the Susan G. Komen 3-Day® will be here. That means I have quite a bit to do before the big day. Am I worried? Not really. I’m physically active and there is a wealth of information out there on how to train and prepare for the 3-Day. I’ve been so impressed by the community that surrounds the Susan G. Komen 3-Day here in the Twin Cities that they’ve made this entire process not seem nearly as scary as it did before I signed up.

How to Train for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day®

I work out every day at my local group training gym and on my off days I walk outside since the Susan G. Komen 3-Day takes place outside and not on a treadmill. I kind of got started a little late in the game so I’m looking into going on a few group walks that some of the Twin Cities Susan G. Komen 3-Day teams are coordinating among each other.

How to Train for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day® Walk

I’ve also set up my Susan G. Komen® 3-Day Friend Finder Profile on the Susan G. Komen® website. It’s really awesome. It’s a way for participants to find other walkers in their area so they can train together or walk together during the three days. I have friends who are coming to do the 20-mile walk on Sunday but I won’t know anyone during Friday and Saturday so I plan on using Friend Finder and meeting some people.

There’s also a training schedule for you to use as a guide to prepare for the 60 miles. The Susan G. Komen® have a 16-Week program and a 24-Week program. I haven’t got that much time but rest assured I’ve been increasing my mileage slowly according to the guidelines I’ve read on Susan G. Komen®.

What to Pack for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day®

At first I didn’t think it really mattered what I packed for the 3-Day. I thought, “Yeah I’ll bring some shoes, necessary items and then whatever else.” I was wrong. This is definitely something I need to plan my packing for. Here’s what I’m packing in my duffel bag:

How to Train for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day® Walk

  • Socks, socks and more socks! One of the biggest injuries during the 3-day are blisters from wet feet and rubbing. Being able to switch out your socks takes some of the chafing issues out of the way.
  • Two pairs of broken in shoes that I can switch between.
  • Sweat pants and light weight pants just in case it’s chilly.
  • My Susan G. Komen® 3-Day Hat – I have short hair that has to be styled and since my bag should only weigh 35 lbs I really need to leave the hair products at home.
  • Tarp for my tent (I TOTALLY would have forgotten this!) – You never know what Mother Nature is going to do. We could have beautiful sunshiny weather or it could be wet and cold.
  • Cloth pins to hold said tarp onto my tent
  • CamelBak Hydrobak – Wearable water bottle! I have used this bad boy once and I am so ready to use it again. Plus, it’s pink.
  • Camping essentials minus the big stuff – I’m not going to be bringing a grill or even a camping chair but I will be bringing a flashlight and some blankets.

Seriously, there’s so much that I would have forgotten but there’s a handy printable on the Susan G. Komen® 3-Day website that you can print off for yourself and use to help pack. Click here.

About Fundraising for the Susan G. Komen® 3-Day

You know, it’s not going that badly. I have big ideas that are in the works, like a t-shirt that I’ve designed. It’s going to print and then I’ll start selling them. I’ve also been so encouraged by the number of people who are offering and asking me how they can support me. Like I said in my first post, put it out there that you’re walking and why you’re doing it and I think you’ll find that raising money is easier than you originally thought.

Stay tuned…the next time you hear from me I will have finished my Susan G. Komen® 3-Day walk and I expect nothing but inspiring stories to share with you!

How to train for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day



Why I’m Walking in the Susan G. Komen Twin Cities 3-Day

Why I’m Walking in the Susan G. Komen Twin Cities 3-Day

This post has been sponsored by Susan G. Komen 3-Day®. All opinions are my own.

I am doing something I have never, ever done before…I think not only will be physically challenging but I know it’ll be mentally challenging. Emotionally challenging? Well, yes, I think my emotions, which are usually kept very close to my chest, will most likely be like a puddle on the floor. Why? I’m participating in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day® here in the Twin Cities (August 18th – 20th) and joining in their goal to reduce the number of breast cancer deaths by 50% by 2026.

Why I’m Walking in the Susan G. Komen Twin Cities 3-Day

I know, it sounds kind of crazy but I haven’t been personally affected by breast cancer. I don’t have a close family member or friend who has had breast cancer and still feeling incredibly close to this terrible disease hits close to home. I think it probably feels that way to most women.

According to Susan G. Komen, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. In 2017, more than 250,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed among women and more than 2,400 cases in men in the U.S. Those are scary statistics, real statistics. This could be any of us and in 2010, after my husband found a lump in my breast; I feared that I would be another number in that count. After being examined by my doctor and having an ultrasound performed at the Jane Brattain Breast Center in St. Louis Park, MN, I learned that I didn’t have breast cancer. I escaped what some women never come out of.

Why I’m Walking in the Susan G. Komen Twin Cities 3-Day

That experience, feeling that cloud over your head, heavy chested and stomach in knots constantly is enough for me to walk in the 3-Day. It’s the least I can do to support these brave warriors and survivors.

What is the 3-Day Walk?

Here are the facts from the 3-Day site

  • It’s a 60-mile walk over the course of three days.
  • The route is fully supported by an experienced crew who will keep you safe and comfortable (and cheer you on like a rock star!).
  • For two nights, you’ll camp together in the Komen 3-Day community.
  • You’ll raise $2,300 to help end breast cancer. It’s a big commitment, but to end breast cancer, we have to act boldly. It’s time to step up and do the most you can do—for this mission, for those you love and for yourself.

There are team captains and an incredibly encouraging community all waiting to help you succeed.  Plus there’s a shop, yes, as in a way for me to buy even more pink apparel!® has a ton of apparel as well as other products to help you during your 3-Day experience.

Let’s talk fundraising

Why I’m Walking in the Susan G. Komen Twin Cities 3-Day
Fundraising materials

I’m not going to lie, the fundraising efforts for the 3-Day are big to fill; specifically $2,300. Now, if you are coming in late to the game this seems undoable, however, I’ve found that you’d be amazed by how many people are willing to donate to a good cause. Never underestimate people’s generosity, rather, let them be the one to decide whether or not they’re in a spot where they can donate.

To help you get started on your fundraising though, here are a few ideas:

  • Design a t-shirt – I love a good t-shirt that supports a good cause. I mean let’s be honest, I’m a mom and I live in yoga pants and t-shirts. You’d be surprised by how inexpensive it is to design and order a t-shirt. Most places like VistaPrint have introductory deals going on as well.
  • Talk with a local restaurant about donating a certain percentage of the day’s sales to sponsor you.
  • Organize a workout where the proceeds go towards your fundraising. If you’re a member of a gym or you take group fitness classes see if the instructor would be willing lead a class that was open to the public. Then, whatever percentage the gym or instructor is okay with donating goes to your fundraising.
  • Garage sale! Who doesn’t love a garage sale in the summertime? Advertise what your goal is and make sure people understand that you’ll be donating the money made from sales to your 3-Day goal.
  • Send support letters. Making a point to specifically ask for help can go a long way. Thankfully the 3-Day has a great personal fundraising page that you can customize to tell your friends and family your story and why you’re participating in the walk.
  • Do a Freezer Meal Prep Workshop – Host a night where everyone comes over and preps meals that can be frozen and used later. Not only will you have some girl bonding time but you’re also multitasking by taking care of meals as well as fundraising! There are a few home businesses that will do this kind of a workshop such as Wildtree or Tastefully Simple.
  • Offer your services for a donation – We all have something we’re good at; cooking, cleaning, social media, etc. Give people an opportunity to donate in exchange for your service. For example, I could host a social media workshop. If I want, I could charge something like $5 for the class or I could leave it open for attendees to pay however they see fit. Remember in your advertising to tell people that all proceeds will go toward your 3-Day Goal.

I plan on sending out support letters as well as organizing a great workout that will happen at my gym.

Consider Participating in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day 20-Mile

The Twin Cities 3-Day is coming up quickly but you can still participate in the walk if you want to! Consider participating in the 20-Mile. From Susan G. Komen, “Because every action, big or small, makes a difference in our fight, and even if we can’t all walk 60 miles, we can make an impact. Walk with us for one day, 20 miles* and meet the people who are ending breast cancer.”

Why I’m Walking in the Susan G. Komen Twin Cities 3-Day
Courtesy of Susan G. Komen 3-Day

With a $750 fundraising commitment, you can join the heroes of the 3-Day® as you:

  • Walk our scenic, fully-supported route on Sunday of the 3-Day event
  • Camp overnight on Saturday with your new 3-Day® family (optional)
  • Laugh, cheer and share tears of joy at our Closing Ceremony, our largest, most moving survivor tribute of the weekend
  • And, through it all make a real impact in the fight to end breast cancer

If you do want to join me register here and use this code – ELIZABETH10 –  for $10 off your registration – And I am so excited to be packing all the pink!! Let me know if you have any questions or if you want to join me!