Updated – SheFit Review One Year Later

Updated SheFit review

FINALLY! A sports bra for us well-endowed gals! I tried out the SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra and put it to the test – sprints, burpees, clean & presses, box jumps…okay you get the picture. I am impressed and you will be too. Full disclosure, I was sent these bras in exchange for my opinion, which … Read more

100 Positive Affirmations for Every Mom

Mom guilt is real; about as real as the back in my lower back from childbirth. I love my children but let’s be honest, it’s rare that they affirm me on a daily basis. It’s time we pull ourselves up by the bootstraps, Moms, and look in the mirror and repeat these positive affirmations for … Read more

Help me remember that I am still the woman you fell in love with.

Mom trying to read to child

Featured on Huffington Post Parents and Good News. You may not realize this, but I finish most days feeling like an emotional punching bag for our tween, a complete life-ruiner to our five-year-old because I made him clean up his Lego mess and a literal punching bag to our dear toddler who is going through that … Read more