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SheFit Bra Review

FINALLY! A sports bra for us well-endowed gals! I tried out the SheFit Ultimate Sports Bra and put it to the test – sprints, burpees, clean & presses, box jumps…okay you get the picture. I am impressed and you will be too. Full disclosure, I was sent these bras in exchange for my opinion, which is 100% my own.

The best sports bra ever made – SheFit Review

SheFit was designed by Sara Moylan, who appeared on ABC’s SHARK TANK in 2016 with her husband Bob. Moylan said in an interview,

My pregnancy caused my breasts to greatly increase in size and I began skipping workouts due to the neck, back and breast pain – as well as the embarrassment from my chest bouncing uncontrollably. When I did work out, I would wear two or three bras at a time to compensate for the lack of support for my breasts. That’s when I had the idea for a revolutionary new sports bra to solve my very personal problem. I set out to create a solution to my workout woes and created a prototype of the first fully custom-adjustable bra, a bra that would support and control my breasts during high impact workouts.”

I’ve tried SheFit’s ULTIMATE FLEX SPORTS BRA and the ULTIMATE FLEX SPORTS BRA. The bras are so supportive and fairly comfortable. While there’s still bounce when you run and jump the bounce effect is minimal which made me feel supported.

The best sports bra ever, SheFit! If you are well endowed but love to get sweaty read why this is hands down the best bra for you. #fashion #athleticwear #reviews #bra

In the past I’ve used Panache Marvel Underwire sports bra and while the support I felt from that was great, the underwire was uncomfortable at times. I also cannot tell you how much I appreciate the ability to easily adjust the straps on my SheFit bra. That’s something the Panache is missing.

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