15 Positive Affirmations for Working Moms

Working moms are bosses but that doesn’t mean that mom guilt isn’t real. The amount of multi-tasking and juggling that a working mom does all day, every day would make most want to rip their hair out and sometimes we forget why we were even worth it in the first place. Maybe some of you do actually rip your hair out. Mom guilt is real though, I talk about it frequently on here and on my podcast. Life is too short to live in a constant state of guilt over what coulda, shoulda, woulda been. I love positive affirmations because I’ve seen how they work and I know that they can change your outlook on life and yourself. We all can’t have a mom’s night out to recharge but we can practice positive affirmations daily to help us with out attitudes.

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Positive affirmations for working moms
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How to practice positive affirmations for working moms?

You can say the phrase of positive affirmation to yourself silently in your head, you can look at yourself in the mirror and say it, or you can write it down. I was a pretty serious swimmer when I was a kid, serious as in Michael-Phelps-hopeful serious. When I was 12-years-old, I had to swim the 500 yard freestyle (20 laps) and I was dreading it the entire day at school. I decided that I was going to write all over my paper that I loved the 500. I repeated it to myself over and over again, I told people that I loved the 500, and by the time I was at the swim meet ready to swim the 500 I was still repeating in my head how much I loved swimming the 500. What happened? I shaved about 30 seconds off of my time! That’s a lot of time to drop in one race. Positive thinking, positive affirmations work friends. I know they do.

The key to positive affirmations working is in repetition and consistency. If you repeat the affirmation you will soon begin to believe it. There are some who think that saying a statement about yourself will not do the work of changing the way you see yourself. I see what they’re saying, some deeply held core beliefs about ourselves are harder to let go of than we imagine but it can work by using a positive futuristic statement. For example, my first positive affirmation for working moms is “I am working hard to support my family,” you can simply change that statement to ” I will work hard to support my family.”

15 positive affirmations for working moms. Positive, encouraging quotes for moms in the work place. #quotes #printables #motherhood #mom

  1. I am working hard to support my family.
  2. I love my children just as much as I would if I were staying at home.
  3. Today I will find peace in being good enough because perfection is impossible.
  4. Everything thing I do serves a purpose for my family.
  5. I am the best mom for my children.
  6. I will laugh and play with my children when we are together.
  7. I will be an intentional parent.
  8. I am not comparing myself to the mothers around me; I am the perfect mother for my child.
  9. I am a positive role model for my children
  10. I got this!
  11. I will trust my intuition to guide me in the right direction at all times.
  12. In the eyes, mind and heart of my child, I am a good mom. My love and connection helps my child above all else.
  13. There will be peace and love in my home, even in the midst of chaos.
  14. Today I will let go of the guilt weighing on my shoulders. I am not perfect but I am what my child needs.
  15. One bad day does not make me a bad mom. One bad day makes me human.

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