Baby Products and Toys You Need to Purchase on Amazon Prime Day

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Baby Products and Toys You Need to Purchase on Amazon Prime Day
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Well, tonight is THE NIGHT. Amazon Prime Day begins at 8pm CST (9pm EST/6pm PST)! If you have no clue what I’m talking about or what Amazon Prime Day is, check out my previous post. I know that you may be thinking, “Bert, I don’t need anything techy for Prime Day so I’m just going to go about my merry old way.” Well, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I went onto my Prime deal site to see if they had any previews of what’s coming and look at what I found:

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Baby Products and Toys You Need to Purchase on Amazon Prime Day

I’ve gone through the preview of what’s available on Prime Day and curated my picks for items I think are a must-have. The key to Prime Day is being prepared so go through this list. Then click the button that says, “Watch this deal” and you’ll be notified (especially if you have the Amazon Prime app) when the deal is available and whether or not it’s sold out. Extra bonus if you own Alexa and do voice shopping with her, you can start shopping these deals at 7pm EST tonight.

Amazon Baby 5 click here


For the released baby deals click here, here are my picks:

Amazon Prime Day Baby Deals

LILLEbaby Carriers – Laura’s preferred brand for babywearing

Amazon Prime Day Lillebaby


For released toy deals and to see many more than my top picks, click here.

Prime Day Toy Deals

Now, of course this is not everything the app that will be available starting tonight for Prime Day. Some deals won’t be released until like five minutes before they happen so be sure you have on your phone or tablet. For more details visit my post and get the skinny on what Prime Day is and how to work it for your benefit.

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