20 Moms Night Out Ideas You’ve Never Even Thought Of!

Dinner Out Moms Night Out Ideas

How often do you do a moms night out with your mom friends? I’ve got some new, fun ideas that’ll get you reconnecting and bonding with your girls in no time! Whether you’re planning a night away by yourself or you’re going away with friends, every mom needs to have a mom’s night out. It’s hard to figure out what you should do for your moms night out. I mean there’s only so many dinner and movie dates that you can do, right?

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What is a moms night out?

A mom’s night out is exactly what you think it is: a night when a mom goes out with her friends. Now, this could cost a pretty penny with all the lavish fixings and luxuries or it could cost nothing. The beauty of having moms night out is that it can be whatever you want it to be. You can have it be small and intimate or you could invite a large group of moms from an organization together like a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group.

What should I do for my mom’s night out?

It’s really up to you and I’ll give you a whole list of ideas for your night out later on. Try to think about what each friend would like to do and what your objective is for the evening. Do you want to help build community with a group? Think about doing group activities like an Escape Room or maybe do a high ropes course if you have one that’s easily accessible. Do you want to rest and relax? Maybe your night out turns into a day out at the spa or you could create a spa party in your own home. The sky is really the limit when it comes to hanging out with your girlfriends. It’s not rocket science so don’t stress too much over the planning process. Need some ideas? I’ve got 20 great ideas for your next moms night out below!

Moms night out ideas to keep you laughing
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20 Moms Night Out Ideas

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Under $25 Night Out Ideas

A lot of these ideas will either be completely free or will cost a little depending on whether or not you’ll need supplies or ingredients. Whether or not it’s completely free, the price of a good mom’s night out is worth its weight in gold.

Slumber Party – You know like the kinds we used to have when we were kids. If you can, send the kids away, and transform your living room into the best slumber party ever. Rent movies, bring some games from home and have your guests bring a snack to share.

Faux Slumber Party – Can’t make it an actual overnight? Kick the family out for the evening and then pretend to have a sleepover. Everyone needs to leave at a somewhat reasonable hour and the kids can still sleep in their own beds.

Manicure at home Moms Night Out.
Photo by Kris Atomic at Unsplash.com

Viewing Party – Have a show that everyone loves? Why not get together to watch it? If you have it on demand you could choose any time to get together or watch multiple episodes.

TV Show Marathon – A TV show marathon requires more than an evening so make it a getaway and binge watch Gilmore Girls or FRIENDS. Both series are available on most streaming services or maybe you own them from back in the olden days before everyone streamed everything. Oh wait, am I the only one who owns the entire series of both FRIENDS and Gilmore Girls?

Book Club – A monthly book club is a great idea because you can check books out from the library and get together once a month to discuss. Or…just use the book as an excuse to get together anyways and never really discuss them!

Cook a Meal – Maybe you know someone who could use a few meals; use their need as a way to do something good together and bond at the same time or take a cooking class together.

Meal Prep – Plan out a menu for the week and come together to prepare everything. Everyone goes home with their meals prepped and ready to go.

Movie Night – We all know there are some movies that our families have absolutely no desire to watch with us. Why not use this as a reason to get the girls together? Movie popcorn with your favorite concession stand fountain drink and you’ve got a pretty sweet thing going right there.

Favorite Things – You could really put any kind of limit on this idea but what you’ll want to do is have each person bring their favorite thing, one for everyone to bring home. Depending on how many mom friends you invite things could get spendy fast so keep that in mind when you’re planning. You could even give a theme to the evening – favorite book, favorite pampering product, etc.

Use these Moms Night In ideas to inspire your next get together.

$25 – $50 Night Out Ideas

Do an overnight in a hotel – A lot of deal sites like Living Social and Groupon have specials for local hotels; book an overnight with two or three of your closest mom friends and split the cost for the overnight. You can go out if you want or just hunker down with some snacks and adult beverages either way, you should be kid free for a good 12 plus hours.

Take an adult class – A lot of places have classes for adults that you can sign up for. Some art studios offer painting classes, craft classes, pottery classes, etc. Get your most artistic friend and take the class together.

Dinner AND a Movie – Why not take that movie idea a step further and plan a night out with dinner either before or after the screening?

Dinner Out Moms Night Out Ideas
Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

Dinner – If you live near a metropolitan area like I do (Minneapolis or St. Paul) access to higher rated restaurants is more readily available. Get a little dolled up and go downtown for a fancy dinner out with the girls. Order fun drinks, get something off of the menu you normally wouldn’t order. Experience all of this with a friend.

Take thee to the theater – Go to a performance! This is easier to do if you live near a metropolitan area but even if you don’t you can scope out some local performances. Do dinner before or drinks afterwards so you can discuss and chat a bit.

Food Tour – Do a food tour around your city! Try delicious foods throughout your hometown; apps in one restaurant, entree, dessert in different restaurants and then a night cap at a fun bar.

$50 and over

If you want to really up the moms night out idea with your girls maybe it’s time to make it a multiple day event. The sky is really the limit on this kind of multi-day moms only excursion. Think big and bold!

Plan a weekend getaway in-state. Some friends and I went to a lovely resort in northern Minnesota called Quarterdeck Resort for a two night stay. It was the best thing for all of us. You can read all about it here on the blog.

Plan a trip to a tropical place! I know a group of moms that took a wellness retreat to Mexico with a company called Fit & Fly Girl. They worked out, had a private chef, personal trainer. If you’re into working out it might be the kind of trip you want to do with your fit mom community. Traveling with girlfriends is definitely something that should be on your mom bucket list.

Fit & Fly Girl trip
Fit & Fly Girl Trip for the Champlin Fuse Fitness Coaching girls

Stay stateside. Don’t have the cash for an extravagant vacation? Plan a road trip and stay stateside. Check out my post on all the fun fall festivities that happen in the adorable town of Galena, IL.

Check out this post about a girlfriend getaway in Washington DCHow about visiting St. Simon Island, GA?

Shopping, dinner and drinks – You don’t have to have a lavish trip to up your night out with your mom friends. Go out to dinner, shop a little and then have some drinks. You’ll spend quality time together and hopefully you’ll be able to get some new things for you!

Spa Day – There is nothing like having a short getaway with the girls at a spa. Massages, maybe a pedicure or manicure.

Concert – Whether you’re seeing a favorite band from your high school glory days or you’re catching the newest up and comer in music, a night out singing and dancing with the girls is sometimes all the doctor ordered.

Moms Night Out together
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

How many times should I try to do a Moms Night Out?

In my opinion at least four times a year. Ideally, I’d want for you to do it once a month. Connecting with girlfriends is so essential to helping you maintain your identity as a woman. We need that adult conversation; I don’t know about you but when I don’t have it my brain starts to feel all mushy. Then I feel isolated, lonely and in general just not good at all. Spending time with my friends fills me up and makes me feel like myself again. I can focus on myself and have fun with friends.

Whatever you decide to do for your Moms Night Out it’s imperative that you make it happen. You’ll have fun and come back feeling refreshed and ready to be the best mom ever.

Moms Night Out Ideas to help foster community and fun with your mom friends. All different prices, tons of ideas!

Real Housewives of New York Free Self Guided Tour

Hi, my name is Bert, I have three children, a lovely husband, a suburban house and I am obsessed with practically all of the shows on BRAVO. From the minute Real Housewives of Orange County graced my television screen I was in love. I thought it would be fun, especially since I’m still in Minnesota with no plans to travel outside of the Midwest, to plan a girls trip to New York City where we see the sights of Real Housewives of New York (RHONY)! Sure you can pay for a guided tour but why pay when it’s pretty easy to plan a little sight seeing expedition on your own?

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My Real Housewives of New York Free Self-Guided Tour

Real Housewives of New York Free Self Guided Tour

Here’s my itinerary for my RHONY girls trip. Remember, only the truest fans can come, well, I also need to get along with them as well. I want to pack my bags now and by now I mean yesterday.

1. The Marmara Park Avenue – 114 East 32nd St

This is the hotel that Tinsley Mortimer stayed at after she moved out of Sonja Morgan’s town home. The hotel is beautiful and oh so chic! There are 128 rooms and you can even book an extended stay if you’re thinking about just parking it in New York City for a while. Of course it’s no Holiday Day Inn. I say if you’re going all out why not stay in the same luxury, upscale hotel (their words, not mine) that Tinsley Mortimer resided and celebrities like Elle McPherson call home sweet home?



 2. Il Mulino Prime – 331 W Broadway

Fine dining at a classy Real Housewives’ favorite restaurant is what you’ll find at Il Mulino. Many of the franchises frequent this spot found in the heart of Soho, Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ) former cast member Siggy Flicker celebrated her 11th anniversary with her husband, Michael Campanella, at the modern steak house and Italian restaurant. As far as RHONY credits go, Bethenny Frankle met Sonja Morgan for lunch in season 7 after hearing how delusional Sonja was. Dorinda and her longtime boyfriend John dined at Il Mulino in season 8; Dorinda eventually walked out on John because he wasn’t letting her speak.



3. GINA LA FORNARINA – 1575 2nd Ave

Do you remember the small pizza joint where Dorinda and John met for lunch and he wouldn’t stop touching her? The woman hates PDA (public display of affection) and he would not let up at all. She walked out of the lunch…again…which was kind of a theme for Dorinda that season.



4. ZERO OTTO NOVE – 2357 Arthur Ave, Bronx

The CLIP! heard round the world. This is thin crust pizza place is where Dorinda really lost her marbles with Sonja’s whole Tipsy Girl brand. Not sure what I’m talking about? Check out the episode. Zero Otto Nove has three locations and you’re going to want to visit the place where the scene was filmed which is in the Bronx.



5. Madame Paulette Alterations and Luxury Cleaning – 1255 2nd Ave

Dorinda’s boyfriend, John, owns the luxury dry cleaners and many scenes have been filmed at the location. Probably the most infamous scene was the party that John threw at his place of business where Luann ran into a heavily intoxicated man she had a fling with in Ibiza. Oh the memories! Check out the season here.



6. The Regency – 540 Park Avenue & 61st Street

Luann’s ex-husband, Tom, frequents the hotel bar often. It’s kind of his thing. The week after he proposed to Luann he was seen kissing another woman. Bethenny was sent photos from an anonymous source and she confronted Luann with the evidence while the group was in Palm Springs, FL. So go and grab a few drinks, be on the look out for Tom, he’s bald.



7. AOA Bar & Grill – 35 Avenue of the Americas

Ramona Singer co-owns AOA with her business partner, Peter. The restaurant is located in SoHo and Tribeca and apparently is the largest American kitchen serving 25 craft beers, 100+ bottles beers and cocktails. They also source their food from local farms.



8. Zarin Fabrics – 69 Orchard St

Remember Jill Zarin? She was one of the original RHONY cast members; then she got into a major fight with Bethenny Frankel and was booted from the show. Jill’s late husband, Bobby Zarin, owned Zarin Fabrics. It’s a family business and is known for it’s largest selection in the tri-state area.


9. DOS CAMINOS – 675 Hudson St.

Speaking of people Bethenny Frankel doesn’t get along with, remember Heather Thompson from season 7? Season 7 was Bethenny’s comeback season and the new girls, Heather Thompson and Kristen Taekman, did not get along with Bethenny at all. Luann met Bethenny and Heather for lunch at Dos Cominos and this is where Bethenny said her famous, “Get off my jock!” line to Heather. Dos Cominos was also seen in season 9 when Bethenny brings some friends there for an election party pre-drink.



10. GEORGETOWN CUPCAKE SOHO – 111 Mercer Street

Bethenny brought the girls to Georgetown Cupcake to decorate cupcakes together as a bonding group experience in season 7. Sonja also took the girls to the cupcake shop when she paid off her $7 million judgement celebratory cupcake.



Bonus: Le Cirque – 151 E 58th St.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Le Cirque which is where former Housewife Aviva Drescher shocked everyone dining with the dramatic, “The only artificial or fake thing about me is this!” She then throws her prosthetic leg onto the table. The dining establishment is well-known in NYC so you might want to get a reservation if you want to grab a bite to eat.



Where do the Real Housewives of New York hangout?

There are a few websites that will list where the Housewives hangout and where filming happens. One of the most thorough that I’ve found is Taste of Reality’s dedicated RHONY’s Get Off My Jock page. You can also pay for a tour through businesses like On Location Tours. Of course you could do your own research or just use my free list above! Whatever you do, have fun and please comment and let me know if you’ve visited any of these spots!

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10 Real Housewives of New York Locations to Visit for Free. Self-guided tour plus resources in case you want to pay someone to show you around.

How to Make Homemade Kettle Corn

How to make Homemade Kettle Corn featured photo

Kettle corn is a carnival and fair classic on a summer afternoon. While you can buy kettle corn popcorn topping you can’t really beat the flavor of homemade kettle corn. Whether a fun treat or a snack for a summer movie night. when you think of kettle corn you often think that you would need special equipment or extra time but you will be surprised how quick and easy you can make your own homemade kettle corn.

How to Make Kettle Corn from your own Kitchen

Give me something sweet and salty and you’ve got me in the palm of your hands. I absolutely adore kettle corn. When I was in college my roommate could not stand the way it smelled and oddly enough I had never experienced kettle corn until I met her. Well, that made the sweet and salty treat all the more desirable for this rebel. Now you can make it from the comfort of your own home! We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

What is Kettle Corn?

Think of kettle corn as the middle ground between regular popcorn and caramel popcorn. Definitely not as messy as caramel popcorn and not as sweet but it has a lighter sweet and salty mix that regular popcorn just doesn’t have.


Is Kettle Corn good for you?

Popcorn is a great low calorie, low fat snack. When you add the sugar and salt that’s needed to create that perfect batch of homemade popcorn you’re going to find yourself with a higher calorie snack. It’s not that much higher than regular popcorn without the butter and salt but you are adding sugar into the mix so just be aware of that. Plus, if you’re like me you won’t be able to stop eating it!

Popcorn as a snack is healthy
Photo by Keegan Evans from Pexels

How do you make Kettle Corn with microwave popcorn?

You really can’t. To be able to make true, good kettle corn you’ll need to pop the kernels with the sugar and salt mixture. You can try to use microwave popcorn that’s popped and add the oil, sugar and salt to already popped popcorn but it’s not going to have the same result. It’ll be more like caramel corn.

Is Kettle Corn gluten-free?

In a word, yes. There isn’t any gluten in popcorn and oil and those two ingredients are the main ingredients for making Kettle Corn. Sugar and Salt do not contain gluten either so yes, homemade kettle corn is gluten-free. Remember that you can control the ingredients that go into homemade kettle corn which is one of the beauties of making your own kettle corn snack.

How do you make homemade Kettle Corn?

Gather your ingredients and tools: Large pot with lid – I like this one, Cooking or popcorn oilPopcorn kernels, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/4 teaspoon salt.

Place your pan on the stove over medium heat. Place three tablespoons of popcorn kernels in the bottom of the pan. Add enough oil to cover the seeds.

Add the popcorn to the oil to make kettle corn

Dump in the salt and sugar. Stir until the oil heats enough to pop one of the seeds.

Dump in the salt and sugar. Stir until the oil heats enough to pop one of the seeds.

Fill a single layer of seeds along the bottom of the pan. Place the lid over the top of the pan and gently shake the pan as it heats.

Fill a single layer of seeds along the bottom of the pan. Shake to make kettle corn.

Continue to shake as the popcorn pops stopping for a few seconds here and there to help keep the temperature. When the majority of kernels are popped remove the pot from the stove, allow to cool a little bit (warm, fresh kettle corn is my favorite thing) and then enjoy!

Fresh, homemade kettle corn is the best.

Doesn’t that look absolutely amazing? Ensue mouth watering in 3…2…1! You can make your own kettle corn with the recipe below! Enjoy!

Try these awesome popcorn recipes for your next gathering!

4th of July Popcorn

Cars 3 Party Popcorn

Birthday Cake Popcorn

Mickey Mouse Popcorn

Homemade Kettle Corn

To make your own kettle corn you only need a few basics. If you do not have an oil popcorn maker you can make kettle corn right on the stove with a large pot and lid right on your stove top. This easy project is sure to get the kids excited if you let them join you and watch the popcorn pop.
Course Snack
Cuisine American
Keyword popcorn
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 5
Calories 122 kcal
Author Bert A.


  • Large pot with lid
  • 2 tbsp Cooking or popcorn oil
  • 3 tbsp Popcorn kernels
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt


  1. Place your pan on the stove over medium heat.
  2. Place three popcorn seed in the bottom of the pan. Add enough oil to cover the seeds.
  3. Dump in the salt and sugar. Stir until the oil heats enough to pop one of the seeds.
  4. Fill a single layer of seeds along the bottom of the pan.
  5. Place the lid over the top of the pan and gently shake the pan as it heats.
  6. Continue to shake as the popcorn pops stopping for a few seconds here and there to help keep the temperature.
  7. When popping starts to slow turn off the heat and keep shaking the pan until the popping stops. Immediately transfer to a large bowl for serving. 

Recipe Notes

Want an extra sweet kettle corn? Add more sugar. Like a bit of a salty kick to your sweet and salty kettle corn add more salt. The best part about homemade kettle corn is you can make it the way you like.

Save and pin this for later.


Mom’s Summer Bucket List

I love the idea of a bucket list. Whether it’s a family bucket list, a kids bucket list or your own bucket list. I was thinking about writing a summer bucket list that would be centered around kids and the family and then I thought, “Wait a minute! Why can’t I have a bucket list? Why can’t I make a Mom’s Summer Bucket List?” Well, nothing’s stopping me from creating a Mom’s Summer Bucket List and it shouldn’t stop you either. If you stay at home or work from home summer vacation can feel really long. Heck, even if you work the summer can feel long and almost daunting. It’s hot and the “normal” schedule of the school year isn’t the same. That’s why we need a little bucket list for us too!

Mom's Summer Bucket List

Mom’s Summer Bucket List

I asked around to try and grab some ideas for a summer bucket list for mom and one theme was definitely present over all the others: Alone Time. It makes sense. When you spend 95% of your day caring for others, whether it’s at home or in your line of work plus your home life, the feeling of exhaustion is real and very alive. Women were designed to be nurturers; even the most self proclaimed non-nurturing woman is still inherently nurturing to those she cares about. I don’t consider myself a very emotional person or touchy feely person; that’s more my sister’s gig. When it comes to my kids though, they break me. I end up becoming this softie who gives in and when I don’t give in (which is usually the case) it’s so emotionally draining. I need the time to focus a little bit on myself because when I don’t I end up feeling used, abused, neglected and unappreciated. That’s why you need a Mom’s Summer Bucket List; all of us need this. After all, there was a “me” before there was a “mom”.

Write a summer Bucket List
Photo by Miesha Moriniere from Pexels

What is a bucket list?

A bucket list is a list of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to accomplish. Some people have a travel bucket list, a lifetime bucket list, a movie bucket list, a summer bucket list, a spring break bucket list, a lifetime bucket list. You get the point. You can make a bucket list out of anything.

The important thing is to make this bucket list fun. Don’t stress out about making a bucket list; a bucket list needs to be fun.

How do I choose what’s on my summer bucket list?

I’ve brainstormed some ideas for your summer bucket list to get you started but the main rule I want to stress here is to think of things that you truly enjoy doing. It can include your kids, family, spouse or partner, friends or just you. There really are no rules other than these are activities and things that you enjoy doing and make you happy. These activities are meant to be F-U-N!

Visit these bucket list ideas:

Dallas Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List 

Ultimate Summer Bucket List

50 Summer Bucket List ideas for mom

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50 Mom’s Bucket List Ideas

  1. Weekend alone at home.
  2. Scrapbooking day – online scrapbooks count too
  3. Visit a vineyard or winery.
  4. Girls Night at the Movies
  5. Picnic in the Park
  6. Dancing – Either in your living room or in da club.
  7. Girlfriend’s Getaway – Make it a spa day and make your own sugar scrub with essential oils!
  8. Finish a book on the New York Times Bestseller list.
  9. Watch an entire season of a TV show
  10. Pedicure – splurge for the upgraded one.
  11. Do a race and train for it.
  12. Go to that new hot restaurant in town.

    Mom friends having coffee
    Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels
  13. Go on a hike
  14. Beach day! Alone!
  15. Hotel Getaway with your honey
  16. Join a sports team
  17. Sleep in like the way you slept in before kids.
  18. Bake a pie
  19. Make homemade jam from berries you pick
  20. Bonfire with S’mores – adult bonfire.

    Bonfire with friends and s'mores
    Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pexels
  21. Learn to fly a plane.
  22. Alone time in your own house while the kids are gone for the weekend.
  23. Coffee date every other week with friends
  24. Take a class through community education
  25. Volunteer at a either a shelter or children’s hospital
  26. Kayak
  27. Organize your home.
  28. Weather permitting eat outdoors twice a week.
  29. Go to the farmer’s market.
  30. Learn how to stand up paddle board
  31. Camp with the family
  32. Pool day without the kids.
  33. Take a photography class

    Photography class
    Photo by JESHOOTS.com from Pexels
  34. Stay in a hotel…alone!
  35. Visit your hometown and do all the hometown things that you used to do growing up.
  36. Go fishing
  37. Try rocking climbing (indoors or outdoors)
  38. Take a parenting class
  39. Join a book club OR start your own.Join a book club
  40. Join a food swap or make your own.
  41. Go to your favorite store and have them style you.
  42. Visit a beauty store and ask for a new look.
  43. Take a cooking class.
  44. Yoga class – and if you already practice yoga sign up for an advanced class or different kind of class.
  45. Ride your bike once a week. If you live in a smaller town bike to places rather than drive a car.
  46. Get your eyebrows shaped, microbladed, threaded, waxed – whatever it is that you don’t do for your eyebrows try it.
  47. Go to the theater – as in play, not a movie.
  48. Learn how to furniture paint.
  49. Change the look of one room in your house.
  50. Dye your hair or part of your hair a bright, fun and unnatural color. (Of course I’m going to suggest that!)

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Make your summer of fun happen by writing it down! FREE Mom’s Bucket List Printable

It’s not real unless it’s written down right? It’s way too easy to disregard your own fun because let’s be honest, the nature of a mom is self-sacrificing. When things get stressful you’re going to put the family’s needs above your own. Don’t do that! Commit to your summer bucket list by printing our FREE Mom’s Summer Bucket List and writing down those fun things you want to do this summer. Simply click on this link and you’ll be able to print your own bucket list and commit to a summer of fun for yourself.

Mom's Summer Bucket List Printable





Grand Old Flag Donuts | A Fourth of July Treat!

Grand Old Flag Patriotic 4th of July Donuts

Nothing screams patriotic and Fourth of July like some good, homemade donuts. Making donuts at home is actually quite easy to do, even if you are unskilled in the baking department like I am. If you can read directions, you can bake. I like to call these, adorable and easy to make Fourth of July donuts, Grand Old Flag donuts. They’re so easy to decorate and yet they look so festive on a patriotic table spread. Want to see how you can make your own Grand Old Flag Donuts? Read on for the details.

Grand Old Flag Patriotic 4th of July Donuts

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Grand Old Flag Donuts | A Fourth of July Treat!

Before we can get started on our doughnut making adventure let’s make sure you have the proper supplies:


How to make easy homemade baked donuts

First things first you’re going to measure out and set aside all of your ingredients: flour, baking soda, cinnamon, salt, sugar, whole milk, melted (that’s important) unsalted sweet cream butter, sour cream, eggs, canola oil and the cookie icing.

Homemade Doughnuts

Pay attention to this part, if you skip these instructions and dump everything together at once your doughnut will not turn out. Add all of the dry ingredients together in a bowl and whisk together until blended. You can do this by hand or use a stand mixer. Then, whisk together the whole milk, sour cream, and eggs into a separate bowl. When they’re blended together add in the melted butter, vegetable oil, and vanilla to the bowl that has the milk, sour cream and eggs. Slowly, and I mean slowly, add the wet ingredients to your dry ingredients and whisk together. This is when having a stand mixer is perfect.

Homemade Doughnuts

Once everything is mixed together, put the dough into the donut pan.Bake in the preheated oven at 400 degrees for approximately 9 minutes. Once the donuts are finished baking allow them to cool in the pan for a few minutes. Then put them on the wire rack to cool completely.

While the donuts are baking you should make your vanilla glaze. It’s really easy to do so don’t be too intimidated. First, add all of the glaze ingredients together and mix until smooth. Once the donuts are completely cooled on the drying rack, pour the glaze over them. Let the glaze dry on the doughnuts for one hour before decorating.

Now that everything is cooled and the glaze is dry it’s time to make your cute American flag donuts!

Use the blue icing and pipe a line on the top left corner of the doughnut.

Patriotic Flag Doughnuts

After you make those pipe lines, fill it in with blue icing.

4th of July Donut steps

Then, pipe five to seven lines of the red on the rest of the glazed donut.

Patriotic Flag Doughnuts Step 3

Then, using the white icing make dots for the stars on the blue part of the donut.

Patriotic Flag Donut step 4

That’s it! You’re ready to rock these adorable and yummy patriotic doughnuts to your next gathering or maybe make them for the 4th of July weekend at the lake. Whatever you do with them, get the kids together and let them decorate some of the donuts. Although, if you’re like me that may prove to be more difficult than it should, you know, letting go of that need to control!

Patriotic Flag Doughnuts

Recipe for Grand Old Flag Patriotic Donuts

Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Keyword donuts, doughnuts
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 9 minutes
Cooling Time 1 hour
Total Time 29 minutes
Servings 8
Calories 200 kcal


Donut Ingredients:

  • 2 2/3 C Flour
  • 1 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 3/4 tsp salt
  • 3/4 C sugar
  • 1/2 C whole milk
  • 1/4 C melted unsalted sweet cream butter
  • 1/2 C sour cream
  • 2 large egg
  • 1/4 C canola oil
  • light blue white, and red cookie icing

Vanilla Glaze ingredients:

  • 1/2 C milk
  • 2 C powder sugar
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract


Donut Directions:

  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Use a baking spray to prep your doughnut pan.
  3. Set the pan to the side.
  4. Whisk together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, salt and sugar in a large bowl.
  5. Whisk together the whole milk, sour cream , and eggs into a separate bowl.
  6. Whisk in the melted butter, vegetable oil, and vanilla
  7. Gradually whisk in the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and stir just until combined
  8. Spoon the batter into the doughnut pan.
  9. Bake at 400 degrees for 9 minutes.
  10. Allow doughnuts to cool a few minutes in the pan.
  11. Transfer the donuts to a wire rack to completely cool.

Glaze Directions:

  1. Combine all ingredients into a large mixing bowl and mix until smooth
  2. Pour glaze over doughnuts and let dry for an hour before decorating
  3. Once dry, using the blue cookie icing, pipe a line on the top left corner of the doughnut and fill it in
  4. Pipe 5-7 lines using the red icing onto the doughnuts
  5. Using the white icing, pipe on 10-12 dots on the blue part for the stars in the flag
  6. Let dry for another hour to two hours before enjoying.

Grand Old Flag Patriotic Donuts. Homemade, easy 4th of July Donuts. #4thofJuly #dessert #doughnuts #donut #patrioticdessert #patriotictreat #4thofjulydessert