Mom’s Summer Bucket List

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I love the idea of a bucket list. Whether it’s a family bucket list, a kids bucket list or your own bucket list. I was thinking about writing a summer bucket list that would be centered around kids and the family and then I thought, “Wait a minute! Why can’t I have a bucket list? Why can’t I make a Mom’s Summer Bucket List?” Well, nothing’s stopping me from creating a Mom’s Summer Bucket List and it shouldn’t stop you either. If you stay at home or work from home summer vacation can feel really long. Heck, even if you work the summer can feel long and almost daunting. It’s hot and the “normal” schedule of the school year isn’t the same. That’s why we need a little bucket list for us too!

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Mom's Summer Bucket List

Mom’s Summer Bucket List

I asked around to try and grab some ideas for a summer bucket list for mom and one theme was definitely present over all the others: Alone Time. It makes sense. When you spend 95% of your day caring for others, whether it’s at home or in your line of work plus your home life, the feeling of exhaustion is real and very alive. Women were designed to be nurturers; even the most self proclaimed non-nurturing woman is still inherently nurturing to those she cares about. I don’t consider myself a very emotional person or touchy feely person; that’s more my sister’s gig. When it comes to my kids though, they break me. I end up becoming this softie who gives in and when I don’t give in (which is usually the case) it’s so emotionally draining. I need the time to focus a little bit on myself because when I don’t I end up feeling used, abused, neglected and unappreciated. That’s why you need a Mom’s Summer Bucket List; all of us need this. After all, there was a “me” before there was a “mom”.

Write a summer Bucket List

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What is a bucket list?

A bucket list is a list of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to accomplish. Some people have a travel bucket list, a lifetime bucket list, a movie bucket list, a summer bucket list, a spring break bucket list, a lifetime bucket list. You get the point. You can make a bucket list out of anything.

The important thing is to make this bucket list fun. Don’t stress out about making a bucket list; a bucket list needs to be fun.

How do I choose what’s on my summer bucket list?

I’ve brainstormed some ideas for your summer bucket list to get you started but the main rule I want to stress here is to think of things that you truly enjoy doing. It can include your kids, family, spouse or partner, friends or just you. There really are no rules other than these are activities and things that you enjoy doing and make you happy. These activities are meant to be F-U-N!

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50 Summer Bucket List ideas for mom

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50 Mom’s Bucket List Ideas

  1. Weekend alone at home.
  2. Scrapbooking day – online scrapbooks count too
  3. Visit a vineyard or winery.
  4. Girls Night at the Movies
  5. Picnic in the Park
  6. Dancing – Either in your living room or in da club.
  7. Girlfriend’s Getaway – Make it a spa day and make your own sugar scrub with essential oils!
  8. Finish a book on the New York Times Bestseller list.
  9. Watch an entire season of a TV show
  10. Pedicure – splurge for the upgraded one.
  11. Do a race and train for it.
  12. Go to that new hot restaurant in town.

    Mom friends having coffee

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  13. Go on a hike
  14. Beach day! Alone!
  15. Hotel Getaway with your honey
  16. Join a sports team
  17. Sleep in like the way you slept in before kids.
  18. Bake a pie
  19. Make homemade jam from berries you pick
  20. Bonfire with S’mores – adult bonfire.

    Bonfire with friends and s'mores

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  21. Learn to fly a plane.
  22. Alone time in your own house while the kids are gone for the weekend.
  23. Coffee date every other week with friends
  24. Take a class through community education
  25. Volunteer at a either a shelter or children’s hospital
  26. Kayak
  27. Organize your home.
  28. Weather permitting eat outdoors twice a week.
  29. Go to the farmer’s market.
  30. Learn how to stand up paddle board
  31. Camp with the family
  32. Pool day without the kids.
  33. Take a photography class

    Photography class

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  34. Stay in a hotel…alone!
  35. Visit your hometown and do all the hometown things that you used to do growing up.
  36. Go fishing
  37. Try rocking climbing (indoors or outdoors)
  38. Take a parenting class
  39. Join a book club OR start your own.Join a book club
  40. Join a food swap or make your own.
  41. Go to your favorite store and have them style you.
  42. Visit a beauty store and ask for a new look.
  43. Take a cooking class.
  44. Yoga class – and if you already practice yoga sign up for an advanced class or different kind of class.
  45. Ride your bike once a week. If you live in a smaller town bike to places rather than drive a car.
  46. Get your eyebrows shaped, microbladed, threaded, waxed – whatever it is that you don’t do for your eyebrows try it.
  47. Go to the theater – as in play, not a movie.
  48. Learn how to furniture paint.
  49. Change the look of one room in your house.
  50. Dye your hair or part of your hair a bright, fun and unnatural color. (Of course I’m going to suggest that!)

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Make your summer of fun happen by writing it down! FREE Mom’s Bucket List Printable

It’s not real unless it’s written down right? It’s way too easy to disregard your own fun because let’s be honest, the nature of a mom is self-sacrificing. When things get stressful you’re going to put the family’s needs above your own. Don’t do that! Commit to your summer bucket list by printing our FREE Mom’s Summer Bucket List and writing down those fun things you want to do this summer. Simply click on this link and you’ll be able to print your own bucket list and commit to a summer of fun for yourself.

Mom's Summer Bucket List Printable





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