bumGenius Littles 2.0 Review – An Already Good Diaper Redesigned to Create Something GREAT.

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Did you know that bumGenius, the cloth diaper that really put modern cloth diapering on the forefront of parents’ minds starting in 2005, has redesigned their popular newborn diaper? Seeing that there’s always ways to improve a product the bumGenius team took it upon themselves to look at their Littles diaper and see what they could to do make an already good diaper work better. When I heard that they had redesigned their newborn diaper I jumped at the chance to review it and since my friend, Rhiana, has recently had a sweet little boy, what better time than the present?!

Read all about the bumGenius newborn diaper, Littles 2.0 in this review.
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bumGenius Littles 2.0 – An Already Good Infant Cloth Diaper Redesigned 

What changed? They redesigned the waistband so that it fits below the naval so baby’s healing umbilical cord isn’t irritated. They’ve also added organic cotton lining so that the diaper provides perfect absorbency and they’ve included an extra doubler with and organic cotton side and a stay-dry side to provide even more absorbency if needed. Let’s see what Rhiana thought about the Littles 2.0.

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bumGenius Littles 2.0 Review


bum Genius Littles 2.0 – Rhiana’s Infant Cloth Diaper Review

Hi! Rhiana here. I’m what you might call a semi-experienced cloth diapering mama. I started cloth diapering with my third child when he was around 6 weeks old. I was initially overwhelmed with all of the options out there, and started with All-In-Ones (no extra parts or pieces, essentially the cloth version of a disposable, also referred to in the cloth diaper world as AIOs). They were simple: just choose snaps or hook and loop (aka Velcro), a brand, color, etc.

With my new little man here, I knew I wanted to start using infant cloth diapers from the beginning. I had a few wise mamas encourage me to try pre-folds with a cover, which work well, but let’s face it- as the mama of a newborn, with 3 other kids – that’s a decent amount of folding, covering, snapping, etc. I MISSED my AIOs. Desperately. But the one size diapers I had saved were simply too big and too bulky for my 7 pounder.

bumGenius Littles 2.0 Review Newborn Diapers


How trim are the bum Genius Littles 2.0 infant cloth diapers?

These are the trimmest, softest diapers I’ve ever laid my hands on. And they are simple to use! My older kids love to help and these are straightforward, with nice, tight snap closures. Even my hubby can change these sweet little diapers – which is a bonus since he was a little hesitant about cloth diapering!

Littles 2.0 bumGenius Review


A few things that I really loved: 

  • Low rise hits below the belly button/umbilical cord stump
  • No snap down rise (less confusion for diaper change helpers)
  • Soft, but snug elastic. My newbie has tiny little legs, and these seem to fit snugly without irritation.
  • Bonus doubler included-organic cotton/stay dry material.
  • ADORABLE prints and colors- so vibrant and cute, who needs pants?

bumGenius Littles 2.0 Review Newborn Diapers


Is the bumGenius Littles 2.0 a good overnight cloth diaper?

This is probably not an overnight diaper (Not that many newborns are sleeping ALL that long anyway) I’d say two hours or less for a heavy wetter is the max absorbency on these cuties. But with so many sweet prints and colors, I’m always ready to grab another one to put on the bum!

bumGenius Littles 2.0 Newborn Cloth Diaper


If you’re interested in purchasing the newest best newborn diaper, Littles 2.0, you can buy them directly from Cotton Babies, the makers of bumGenius, along with other fine baby products. Just click the image below and shop to your heart’s content. The price point for the Littles 2.0 is really reasonable, $11.99, which in comparison to other organic newborn diapers is a steal.

The Cloth Diaper Collectors Club


 Read all about the bumGenius newborn diaper, Littles 2.0 in this review. What's new with the redesign. What did we love about the diaper and what could we live without?

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