5 Creative Ways to Use a Cleaning Caddy

5 unique ways to use a Grove Collaborative caddy. featured

5 unique ways to use a Grove Collaborative caddy.

It’s no secret that I love organizing. Well, I love the idea of organizing,executing it is another story. With that being said, I love anything that promises to make my life easier and more efficient. That’s why, within minutes of receiving this stylish, multi-functional enamel caddy from Grove Collaborative, I’d already thought of a reason to order two more! There are affiliate links in this blog post which means I’ll receive commission when you place an order with Grove Collaborative 

It’s also why I’m so excited to share this free offer with you: When you place your first order of $20 from Grove Collaborative using my link, you’ll get this free caddy filled with Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap, hand soap, and lotion — plus free shipping!

How many different ways can you use a Grove Collaborative Caddy?


Caddies are perfect for neatly storing and carrying just about anything around your home. Of course, you could go the traditional route and fill it with multi-purpose spray, microfibers, a wand duster, Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap, and so on. But why stop there?

What is Grove Collaborative?

Think of Grove Collaborative as your monthly subscription service for clean, eco-friendly cleaning supplies. With name brands and their own collection you can find pretty must anything on Grove Collaborative plus more. They also have discounted prices so you can get your favorite Mrs. Meyer’s or Method products for less than you would at a big box store. The other thing that I love about Grove Collaborative is that you can change your monthly order whenever you want. They have the technology to anticipate what you need and when you’ll need it based on your purchasing history, then you’ll get an email reminder that you have a order coming up so you can change any of the products that are coming or skip the order all together if you don’t need anything. Actually, I love Grove Collaborative so much that I have their VIP service which means I get free shipping on every order I place as well as four gifts throughout the year. This time I got some reusable snack bags from Grove Collaborative that are actually the perfect size for sandwiches.

Grove Collaborative

Here are five creative ways to use your Grove Collaborative caddy: 

1.Mini herb or succulent garden

I love the idea of a kitchen herb garden in an unconventional planter. Add a few inches of gravel or pebbles for drainage, then a layer of potting soil, and your plants. My favorite herbs to grow are basil, cilantro, and rosemary. Another benefit of the caddy: The handle makes it easy to carry your plants to the sink for watering!

  1. Garden tool organizer

Here’s a gardening hack for all my green thumb friends: Turn your Grove caddy into a garden tool organizer! Fill it with a cute pair of gloves, trowel, pruning shears, hand rake, and kneeling board. Easily carry your garden tools around the yard instead of running back and forth to the shed. When you’re done gardening, Meyer’s hand soap and lotion are perfect for pampering hardworking hands.

  1. Hair tool organizer

Low on storage space under the bathroom sink? Create a styling station with your hair dryer, brush, flat iron or curling iron, and products all within reach. I recently added Seed nourishing hair and body oil (which is available through Grove) to my kit, and it’s perfect for taming summer flyaways!

  1. Dog toy holder

Your furry best friend will love this trick: Turn the caddy into a dog toy bin that matches your decor. Fill the caddy with tennis balls, stuffed animals, and other toys. Your pup can reach his own toys, and you won’t have to worry about stepping on a squeaky toy in the middle of the stairs!

  1. Ice chest

Raise your hand if you’re ready for patio season! This caddy is just the right size to hold ice and a few bottles of wine or lemonade. It’s easy to carry outside, and so much cuter than a plastic cooler. I also recommend adding Murphy’s Naturals mosquito repellent candles to your Grove order to keep summer pests away from your party!

5 ways to use your Grove Collaborative Caddy

Tell me, how will you use your Grove cleaning caddy? Don’t forget to grab your free set while supplies last. Here’s how:

  1. Sign up for Grove Collaborative here. You will receive the Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap, Mrs. Meyer’s hand lotion, Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap and the Grove cleaning caddy for free when you sign up!
  2. To receive this offer, your order needs to be a minimum of $20 by July 15th! Choose the combination of products and scents you love and receive your first box within a few days.
  3. You made it! Click Finish & Pay and place your order.

5 unique ways to use a caddy!

Tip to save: Once you have submitted your Grove order, you will be signed up for the free 60 day VIP trial. For 60 days, save even more with free shipping, free gifts, price matching, exclusive sales and personal service.

bumGenius Littles 2.0 Review – An Already Good Diaper Redesigned to Create Something GREAT.

Read all about the bumGenius newborn diaper, Littles 2.0 in this review. Featured

Did you know that bumGenius, the cloth diaper that really put modern cloth diapering on the forefront of parents’ minds starting in 2005, has redesigned their popular newborn diaper? Seeing that there’s always ways to improve a product the bumGenius team took it upon themselves to look at their Littles diaper and see what they could to do make an already good diaper work better. When I heard that they had redesigned their newborn diaper I jumped at the chance to review it and since my friend, Rhiana, has recently had a sweet little boy, what better time than the present?!

Read all about the bumGenius newborn diaper, Littles 2.0 in this review.
We’ve partnered with bumGenius to bring this review to you. We haven’t received any monetary compensation for this review and all opinions are our own.

bumGenius Littles 2.0 – An Already Good Infant Cloth Diaper Redesigned 

What changed? They redesigned the waistband so that it fits below the naval so baby’s healing umbilical cord isn’t irritated. They’ve also added organic cotton lining so that the diaper provides perfect absorbency and they’ve included an extra doubler with and organic cotton side and a stay-dry side to provide even more absorbency if needed. Let’s see what Rhiana thought about the Littles 2.0.

bumGenius Littles 2.0 Review


bum Genius Littles 2.0 – Rhiana’s Infant Cloth Diaper Review

Hi! Rhiana here. I’m what you might call a semi-experienced cloth diapering mama. I started cloth diapering with my third child when he was around 6 weeks old. I was initially overwhelmed with all of the options out there, and started with All-In-Ones (no extra parts or pieces, essentially the cloth version of a disposable, also referred to in the cloth diaper world as AIOs). They were simple: just choose snaps or hook and loop (aka Velcro), a brand, color, etc.

With my new little man here, I knew I wanted to start using infant cloth diapers from the beginning. I had a few wise mamas encourage me to try pre-folds with a cover, which work well, but let’s face it- as the mama of a newborn, with 3 other kids – that’s a decent amount of folding, covering, snapping, etc. I MISSED my AIOs. Desperately. But the one size diapers I had saved were simply too big and too bulky for my 7 pounder.

bumGenius Littles 2.0 Review Newborn Diapers


How trim are the bum Genius Littles 2.0 infant cloth diapers?

These are the trimmest, softest diapers I’ve ever laid my hands on. And they are simple to use! My older kids love to help and these are straightforward, with nice, tight snap closures. Even my hubby can change these sweet little diapers – which is a bonus since he was a little hesitant about cloth diapering!

Littles 2.0 bumGenius Review


A few things that I really loved: 

  • Low rise hits below the belly button/umbilical cord stump
  • No snap down rise (less confusion for diaper change helpers)
  • Soft, but snug elastic. My newbie has tiny little legs, and these seem to fit snugly without irritation.
  • Bonus doubler included-organic cotton/stay dry material.
  • ADORABLE prints and colors- so vibrant and cute, who needs pants?

bumGenius Littles 2.0 Review Newborn Diapers


Is the bumGenius Littles 2.0 a good overnight cloth diaper?

This is probably not an overnight diaper (Not that many newborns are sleeping ALL that long anyway) I’d say two hours or less for a heavy wetter is the max absorbency on these cuties. But with so many sweet prints and colors, I’m always ready to grab another one to put on the bum!

bumGenius Littles 2.0 Newborn Cloth Diaper


If you’re interested in purchasing the newest best newborn diaper, Littles 2.0, you can buy them directly from Cotton Babies, the makers of bumGenius, along with other fine baby products. Just click the image below and shop to your heart’s content. The price point for the Littles 2.0 is really reasonable, $11.99, which in comparison to other organic newborn diapers is a steal.

The Cloth Diaper Collectors Club


 Read all about the bumGenius newborn diaper, Littles 2.0 in this review. What's new with the redesign. What did we love about the diaper and what could we live without?

Going Green in 2018: Why I took dryer sheets out of my dryer

Why I took dryer sheets out of my dryer Just so you know, there are affiliate links in this blog post; it won’t cost you anything extra, however, should you make a purchase from one of the links I’ll receive a small commission for your purchase. Thank you!

Wanna know something about my family and our intimates? I don’t use fabric softener dryer sheets in my dryer and I have never felt better!

Why I took dryer sheets out of my dryer…

I got rid of all of the fabric dryer sheets that I use in drying clothes and other fabrics that we use in our house. Why? It all started back in my cloth diapering days. When you use cloth diapers you really shouldn’t use anything in your laundry that will affect the diapers ability to absorb liquids. Using fabric softeners and dryer sheets definitely leaves this thin film that causes the diaper to repel moisture. When I started using cloth diapers I became very aware of the various chemicals that I was putting on my children’s skin. The benefit of dryer sheets was the smell and the fact that my clothes were soft but at what cost was this worth it?

There have been small studies that have shown a link between anything that is on your skin being absorbed into your bloodstream. It’s difficult to find a full blown study that proves the toxicity in a dryer sheet but the fact that a nonprofit like the EWG warns against people using them is enough to make me make the switch. That’s scary to me. So why choose wool dryer balls to aid in your laundering?

Why I took dryer sheets out of my dryer

Wool dryer balls are made from a natural fabric and when you have enough balls in your dryer it does an excellent job of decreasing drying time. If you have an older dryer using the low heat setting can take ages to fully dry your linens and clothes.Using at least four wool dryer balls, cuts down the time to a third of what it was before! That saves you more money as well as helps the planet. To get the best performance out of your dryer balls you should purchase four or more. The dryer balls bounce through your clothes as they dry, fluffing and separating the clothes which is how they cut down on the drying time.

The downside to the dryer balls for me is that they don’t completely prevent static. I live in Minnesota so the winter creates a very dry and static friendly environment. Even though that’s the case, it’s not that bad. I simply give my clothes a shake and they’re not as clingy. The balls are also rather large so they do make noise.

Going Green in 2018

I don’t know if you do this but if you want to wash your pillows the dryer balls are excellent in fluffing them!  I’ve read articles that suggest putting tennis balls in the dryer to fluff your pillows. Replace the tennis balls with your dryer balls and you have a natural drying aid.

I made this switch about six years ago; it’s safe to say that all of our clothes have been dryer sheet free for 2,190 days. I just replaced my original dryer balls a few months ago. I’ve saved money doing this. The way I look at it is this: if dryer sheets don’t cause cancer or any other ailments what’s the harm in discontinuing their use in your home? You’ll save money and produce less waste. If they do in fact cause harm to our body then I guess I’m eliminating one source of harm. What’s holding you back?

Why I took dryer sheets out of my dryer and how you can too! Go Green in 2018

Do you use wool dryer balls? How many do you have?


10 of the Best Earth Day Activities for Preschoolers

Ten of the Best Earth Day Activities for Preschoolers

Earth Day is coming up this week and if you’re semi-crunchy at the least this is a big deal. What is Earth Day? According to The History Channel, “Founded in 1970 as a day of education about environmental issues, Earth Day is now a globally celebrated holiday that is sometimes extended into Earth Week, a full seven days of events focused on green awareness.” So how can you bring a little environmental awareness into your week with your preschooler?

We’ve got a round-up of some of the best activities around the blogosphere to help you celebrate Earth Day!

10 of the Best Earth Day Activities for Preschoolers

Earth Day Activities for Preschoolers
Printable Earth Day Scavenger Hunt from Mom on the Side


Earth Day Activities for Preschoolers
from Learning and Exploring Through Play


Earth Day Activities for Preschoolers
from Buggy and Buddy


Earth Day Activities for Preschoolers
from Mothering with Creativity


Earth Day Activities for Preschoolers
from Tamilee Tips


Earth Day Activities for Preschoolers
from I Heart Crafty Things


Earth Day Activities for Preschoolers
from Mom Always Finds Out


Earth Day Activities for Preschoolers
from Teach Me Mommy


Earth Day Activities for Preschoolers
from Pre-K Pages


Earth Day Activities for Preschoolers
from Little Bins for Little Hands

Of course another thing you could do with your preschooler is take them to see Disneynature’s BORN IN CHINA which opens everywhere on Earth Day. The documentary is rated G and I’ve heard from a few of my blogger friends that it’s really good. To get more out of the BORN IN CHINA experience use this activity packet before you see the movie.

Earth Day Activities for Preschoolers
Click the image to download.

Whether you choose to observe Earth Day or you just want to squeeze in a little science into your day with your toddler or preschooler, I hope this will inspire some ways to play with your kiddos this week!

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Ten of the Best Earth Day Activities for Preschoolers. The perfect roundup of the best activities for your preschooler from some of our favorite bloggers.

5 Natural Ways to Treat the Common Cold

Five Natural Way to Treat the Common Cold


Five Natural Way to Treat the Common Cold

This post was sponsored by BeKOOL, all opinions are 100% my own. Just so you know, there are affiliate links in this blog post; it won’t cost you anything extra, however, should you make a purchase from one of the links I’ll receive a small commission for your purchase. Thank you for supporting my family!

It’s that time of year again…cold and flu season. Aches, pains, head congestion and overall crappy feeling days, the common cold can often rival the annoyance of a pesky mosquito. Did you know that a cold can bring on a fever for some kiddos? I honestly had no clue but about a week ago my middle child came down with a fever of 102°F. She’d been suffering from a pretty nasty cold for the last few days so it caught me off guard as I hadn’t thought that a cold would bring on a fever. Thankfully the fever was gone by the next morning but in the meantime, I wish I had some natural tools in my shed to help alleviate her discomfort. Aside from never leaving the house, there’s no way to completely avoid the common cold but there are natural ways to help your child get through this season’s toughest viruses.

5 Natural Ways to Treat the Common Cold

      1. Plenty of R-E-S-T. Sleep is the best medicine for your child’s body but the problem is that often kids are so congested that they can’t stop coughing. To help alleviate congestion I always have my kids sleep with at least two pillows. This elevates the child’s head so that the nasty gunk can drain rather than build up in their sinuses causing uncomfortable pressure. If you have a baby it can be difficult to do this so I suggest having baby sleep in a swing that can be somewhat elevated if baby sleeps alone in a crib. The other thing you can do, if you are comfortable, is to elevate the crib mattress by placing a few hard backed books or a rolled up yoga mat underneath the mattress. If baby co-sleeps try putting a little pillow in-between the mattress and fitted sheet so that there is a bit of elevation but the baby won’t be sleeping with tons of exposed pillows that can be moved around. Actually, I think I would probably still put the baby in a swing or have baby sleep on my chest while I slept seated in a recliner. You gotta do what you gotta do and the child has to sleep so if the only way to accomplish that is to change up your sleeping habits, I would just do it.Make sure that your child gets enough rest when infected with a cold.
      2. BeKOOOL® Soft Gel SheetsThis one goes right along with the number one; in order to get enough rest your child needs to feel comfortable. Rather than going to medication first I like to try my hand at natural remedies and that’s why I like BeKOOOL’s sheets. They are a self-cooling soft gel sheet that easily fits onto your child’s forehead or the back of the neck (which is where my kids prefer). Think of it like you would a cold washcloth applied to the child’s head, only this one will not make the pillow soaking wet nor will you need to reapply the compress multiple times. BeKOOOL sheets stay cool for up to eight hours, do not require refrigeration or freezing, and are applied neatly against the child’s skin.

        BeKOOL Soft Gel Sheets for Fever Relief
        BeKOOOL Soft Gel Sheets for Fever Relief
      3. Invest in a good cool air humidifier. The air during cold and flu season is dry and when your child has a cold their little body is already having a difficult time taking in oxygen because of stuffiness and congestion. A cool air humidifier, like the one pictured, adds moisture to the air and helps aid your child’s breathing.

        Cool Air Humidifiers help ease discomfort during cold and flu season
        Cool Air Humidifiers help ease discomfort during cold and flu season. Click the picture for more information.
      4. Become familiar with essential oils, they can bring relief. I know, I know. Essential oils are a current trendy thing and I’m not going to dive into a big spiel about why you need to use them all of the time. I am going to tell you that I have had great success at helping ease the discomfort from the common cold by applying Frankincense (aka Frank) and Lemon oil (both are diluted with a carrier oil, think olive oil for something basic if you aren’t familiar with essential oil lingo) to my sinuses multiple times a day. The Frank is great at easing inflammation and the Lemon helps to break things up a bit. There are countless resources out there for essential oil but a few of my favorites are: Wellness Mama and Dr. Faith’s Faithful OilersFrankincense & Lemon Essential Oil Aids in Easing Discomfort
      5. Blow your nose…and do it the right way! If you blow your nose like a foghorn (totally talking about myself here) the action will change the pressure in your ears which can hurt. Have your child press one nostril down so it’s closed off, then tell them to try to blow out of the open nostril into a tissue. I’ve found that asking my kids to pretend they’re blowing out birthday candles with their nose really helps in getting them to understand the nose-blowing action. For babies, I highly recommend using a NoseFrida. It’s gentle and very easy to use. This thing was a life saver for my youngest (it was barely on the market when I had my middle child so I didn’t even understand what it was).

        NoseFrida by Frida Baby
        NoseFrida by Frida Baby


There’s no way you can completely avoid cold and flu season, especially when you live with little walking petri dishes, so be prepared and have the above tools readily available to you.

What are your natural pain relievers for cold and flu season?

5 Natural Way to Treat the Common Cold. Pin now and be prepared later!