BORED Free Printable: How to cure the summer break “I’m bored” virus

How to cure the summer break "I'm Bored" virus. FREE PRINTABLE and helpful tips

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Perhaps you’ve seen this idea all over Facebook like I have or maybe you haven’t seen it. Either way it’s a great idea and definitely one that most us of parents need during the summer. Becky, the blogger from I Lift Heavy Things, did a post before last summer on her ideas to curve the “I’m bored”s that would inevitably come once the long, beautiful and leisurely days of summer came. I love this BORED acronym that she’s set up. It’s a set of questions that her kids need to answer before they can any kind of screen time.

I don’t have the time or patience to put together a poster board the way Becky did, plus I don’t like my handwriting, so I created a printable that we’ve hung on our fridge.

BORED Summer Printable

So far it’s actually worked. I don’t know why I’m surprised though; it makes perfect sense. One afternoon my five-and-a-half year old son came up to me insisting on watching yet another TV show (despite that he had used up his screen time earlier that day). He hasn’t figured out what the word “bored” is so he doesn’t even know how to use it. Perfect timing as I had just finished creating our printable! I said to him, “Okay, let’s go through the list and see if you’ve done these things. If you have then you can watch a show.” Sure enough he had only done one thing out of the five. End of discussion, no questions asked and he didn’t try to negotiate with me (the kid should become a negotiator when he grows up, I tell ya).

Do you want one of your own? No problem! Simply click the link below to download, then click the image and print it out. The original size is 8×11 so if you’re wanting to put it in a frame you’ll need to resize the image so you don’t have to trim the edges.

BORED Summer Printable

Thanks again to Becky for inspiring me and helping us all find another weapon to beat the boredom’s this summer!

Some other ideas for beating the boredom virus are below:

Kid Appropriate Podcasts

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I'M BORED! How to beat the summer break boredom virus like a boss. FREE printable and helpful tips


7 thoughts on “BORED Free Printable: How to cure the summer break “I’m bored” virus”

  1. I love this printout. Even though my son is only 3 this summer will be tough because I am having a baby in 2 weeks and will be looking for things for him to stay busy with, while adjusting to having a newborn around. Thank you for the article!

  2. I love these kinds of easy printable reminders. It helps save everyone’s sanity. They have been really great for the kids I nanny and I am looking forward to the days when our little one is old enough to be “bored”.

    1. FirstTimeMom MN

      Famous last words, right? No I totally agree, having something up for the kids to see helps so much!

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