Help me remember that I am still the woman you fell in love with.

Mom trying to read to child
Mom trying to read to child
photography by LoVB Photography

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You may not realize this, but I finish most days feeling like an emotional punching bag for our tween, a complete life-ruiner to our five-year-old because I made him clean up his Lego mess and a literal punching bag to our dear toddler who is going through that “I hit when I’m frustrated” phase of toddlerhood. Sure, I can take it, I’m a mom and it goes with the territory…at least that’s what I tell myself after I’ve had the bedroom door slammed in my face because I said no screens until homework is finished. I’m pretty sure I was miserable to my mother when I was a 13-year-old so I guess it’s only payback, right?

Can I tell you what I need from you, though? I mean you’re my safe place, the person who supports, loves, and gets me; that’s why we decided to create these little human beings, after all, we love each other. It’s really simple, really, it won’t take any time from you and it will honestly be the highlight of my day:

Help me remember that I am still the woman you fell in love with.

You see I need your help, I desperately need your help. I’ve been at this “mom” thing for so long that I have kind of forgotten who I am without it. I can’t remember what life was like before I held our first child in my arms, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t personally responsible for another human being’s wellbeing. I need for you to help me remember that I am indeed the woman you fell in love with all those years ago. How can you do this?  You can help me remember that I am still that woman you fell in love with by doing these things when you come home from work:

  • Say “hi” to me from across the room and the children are all jumping and running to greet you at the door.
  • Look me in the eyes and ask me how my day was; I promise you’ll be able to tell what happened as soon as you ask.
daughter looking up at her mother
photography by LoVB
  • When you see toys all over the floor, the dishes piled up in the sink or the naked child wildly running around, just understand that I am actually doing my job, but dinner needs to get onto the table and that means chaos is created because they know that they do not have my undivided attention.
  • Please take the kids to another room even if it’s for five minutes; I just want to be able to hear myself think.
  • Tell me that I’m doing a good job; no one else says it and if they do it’s usually because there’s a special occasion that calls for it. There is no progress report for motherhood and I’m just winging it, day in and day out.
  • Listen to the sometimes “silly” drama that happens in my day, whether it’s our daughter throwing a tantrum in the cereal aisle at Target or something that was said to me by another mom, just listen. I don’t need you to fix it and I don’t want to hear that you think it’s silly and not worth the emotional energy. You can tell me later how you really feel, once things have calmed down and I’ve had my moment to be real with you, but initially, please just let me tell you.
  • Understand that this time of parenthood, when the kids are so young and dependent on me, is sometimes isolating, especially if we have a baby. I’m tied down to a nap schedule, feeding schedule and everything else in between. There are some weeks when I literally do not leave the house for days.
  • I need you to hug me and show me some affection, not because you want something in return but because you want me to feel loved. I’m giving myself, physically (especially if I’m breastfeeding) and emotionally to our children hourly, every single day, when is it my turn though?

  • Sometimes I just want you to pat me on the head and tell me I’m pretty. Yes, pretty, even though I’m wearing the same yoga pants and Hawkeye t-shirt that I wore yesterday and the day before and the day before that, just tell me I’m pretty!
  • I do intend on getting to the mountains or laundry, piles of dishes and grocery shopping. Please know that there’s nothing I would like more than to have the house spotless for you, however, I am tired and I just spent the last five hours trying to convince our preschooler that I am really serious when I say she cannot have a real birthday party for her stuffed animal elephant. Yes, real, as in bake a cake, wrap presents, you name it, she wanted to do it.

We’re both tired and I know that you’ve been stuck at work for the last eight hours but believe me, there are some days when I would give anything to be stuck in an office and not holding down the fort at home with our young children. I also would give anything to not have to go back to Corporate America so the fact that you work so hard for our family means the world to me; I don’t say it enough but thank you for how you provide for us.


mom drinking coffee looking out the window.
photography by LoVB

I know I need to be more for you and I want to be that woman you fell in love with, she’s still there inside me, but some days I’ve been kicked down so many times it’s hard to get back up and remember that I am more than a butt wiper, housekeeper, cook, and teacher. I need your help remembering that I still am that woman you were so madly in love with, you decided to promise your entire life to me. Can you do that?

20 Moms Night Out Ideas You’ve Never Even Thought Of!

Dinner Out Moms Night Out Ideas

How often do you do a moms night out with your mom friends? I’ve got some new, fun ideas that’ll get you reconnecting and bonding with your girls in no time! Whether you’re planning a night away by yourself or you’re going away with friends, every mom needs to have a mom’s night out. It’s hard to figure out what you should do for your moms night out. I mean there’s only so many dinner and movie dates that you can do, right?

20 ideas for your next Moms' Night Out that you've never thought of! #momsnightout #girltime #ideas #moms #nightout

What is a moms night out?

A mom’s night out is exactly what you think it is: a night when a mom goes out with her friends. Now, this could cost a pretty penny with all the lavish fixings and luxuries or it could cost nothing. The beauty of having moms night out is that it can be whatever you want it to be. You can have it be small and intimate or you could invite a large group of moms from an organization together like a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group.

What should I do for my mom’s night out?

It’s really up to you and I’ll give you a whole list of ideas for your night out later on. Try to think about what each friend would like to do and what your objective is for the evening. Do you want to help build community with a group? Think about doing group activities like an Escape Room or maybe do a high ropes course if you have one that’s easily accessible. Do you want to rest and relax? Maybe your night out turns into a day out at the spa or you could create a spa party in your own home. The sky is really the limit when it comes to hanging out with your girlfriends. It’s not rocket science so don’t stress too much over the planning process. Need some ideas? I’ve got 20 great ideas for your next moms night out below!

Moms night out ideas to keep you laughing
Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

20 Moms Night Out Ideas

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Under $25 Night Out Ideas

A lot of these ideas will either be completely free or will cost a little depending on whether or not you’ll need supplies or ingredients. Whether or not it’s completely free, the price of a good mom’s night out is worth its weight in gold.

Slumber Party – You know like the kinds we used to have when we were kids. If you can, send the kids away, and transform your living room into the best slumber party ever. Rent movies, bring some games from home and have your guests bring a snack to share.

Faux Slumber Party – Can’t make it an actual overnight? Kick the family out for the evening and then pretend to have a sleepover. Everyone needs to leave at a somewhat reasonable hour and the kids can still sleep in their own beds.

Manicure at home Moms Night Out.
Photo by Kris Atomic at

Viewing Party – Have a show that everyone loves? Why not get together to watch it? If you have it on demand you could choose any time to get together or watch multiple episodes.

TV Show Marathon – A TV show marathon requires more than an evening so make it a getaway and binge watch Gilmore Girls or FRIENDS. Both series are available on most streaming services or maybe you own them from back in the olden days before everyone streamed everything. Oh wait, am I the only one who owns the entire series of both FRIENDS and Gilmore Girls?

Book Club – A monthly book club is a great idea because you can check books out from the library and get together once a month to discuss. Or…just use the book as an excuse to get together anyways and never really discuss them!

Cook a Meal – Maybe you know someone who could use a few meals; use their need as a way to do something good together and bond at the same time or take a cooking class together.

Meal Prep – Plan out a menu for the week and come together to prepare everything. Everyone goes home with their meals prepped and ready to go.

Movie Night – We all know there are some movies that our families have absolutely no desire to watch with us. Why not use this as a reason to get the girls together? Movie popcorn with your favorite concession stand fountain drink and you’ve got a pretty sweet thing going right there.

Favorite Things – You could really put any kind of limit on this idea but what you’ll want to do is have each person bring their favorite thing, one for everyone to bring home. Depending on how many mom friends you invite things could get spendy fast so keep that in mind when you’re planning. You could even give a theme to the evening – favorite book, favorite pampering product, etc.

Use these Moms Night In ideas to inspire your next get together.

$25 – $50 Night Out Ideas

Do an overnight in a hotel – A lot of deal sites like Living Social and Groupon have specials for local hotels; book an overnight with two or three of your closest mom friends and split the cost for the overnight. You can go out if you want or just hunker down with some snacks and adult beverages either way, you should be kid free for a good 12 plus hours.

Take an adult class – A lot of places have classes for adults that you can sign up for. Some art studios offer painting classes, craft classes, pottery classes, etc. Get your most artistic friend and take the class together.

Dinner AND a Movie – Why not take that movie idea a step further and plan a night out with dinner either before or after the screening?

Dinner Out Moms Night Out Ideas
Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

Dinner – If you live near a metropolitan area like I do (Minneapolis or St. Paul) access to higher rated restaurants is more readily available. Get a little dolled up and go downtown for a fancy dinner out with the girls. Order fun drinks, get something off of the menu you normally wouldn’t order. Experience all of this with a friend.

Take thee to the theater – Go to a performance! This is easier to do if you live near a metropolitan area but even if you don’t you can scope out some local performances. Do dinner before or drinks afterwards so you can discuss and chat a bit.

Food Tour – Do a food tour around your city! Try delicious foods throughout your hometown; apps in one restaurant, entree, dessert in different restaurants and then a night cap at a fun bar.

$50 and over

If you want to really up the moms night out idea with your girls maybe it’s time to make it a multiple day event. The sky is really the limit on this kind of multi-day moms only excursion. Think big and bold!

Plan a weekend getaway in-state. Some friends and I went to a lovely resort in northern Minnesota called Quarterdeck Resort for a two night stay. It was the best thing for all of us. You can read all about it here on the blog.

Plan a trip to a tropical place! I know a group of moms that took a wellness retreat to Mexico with a company called Fit & Fly Girl. They worked out, had a private chef, personal trainer. If you’re into working out it might be the kind of trip you want to do with your fit mom community. Traveling with girlfriends is definitely something that should be on your mom bucket list.

Fit & Fly Girl trip
Fit & Fly Girl Trip for the Champlin Fuse Fitness Coaching girls

Stay stateside. Don’t have the cash for an extravagant vacation? Plan a road trip and stay stateside. Check out my post on all the fun fall festivities that happen in the adorable town of Galena, IL.

Check out this post about a girlfriend getaway in Washington DCHow about visiting St. Simon Island, GA?

Shopping, dinner and drinks – You don’t have to have a lavish trip to up your night out with your mom friends. Go out to dinner, shop a little and then have some drinks. You’ll spend quality time together and hopefully you’ll be able to get some new things for you!

Spa Day – There is nothing like having a short getaway with the girls at a spa. Massages, maybe a pedicure or manicure.

Concert – Whether you’re seeing a favorite band from your high school glory days or you’re catching the newest up and comer in music, a night out singing and dancing with the girls is sometimes all the doctor ordered.

Moms Night Out together
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

How many times should I try to do a Moms Night Out?

In my opinion at least four times a year. Ideally, I’d want for you to do it once a month. Connecting with girlfriends is so essential to helping you maintain your identity as a woman. We need that adult conversation; I don’t know about you but when I don’t have it my brain starts to feel all mushy. Then I feel isolated, lonely and in general just not good at all. Spending time with my friends fills me up and makes me feel like myself again. I can focus on myself and have fun with friends.

Whatever you decide to do for your Moms Night Out it’s imperative that you make it happen. You’ll have fun and come back feeling refreshed and ready to be the best mom ever.

Moms Night Out Ideas to help foster community and fun with your mom friends. All different prices, tons of ideas!

Screen-Free Activities to Keep Busy on a Road Trip

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with screens when you’re traveling with kids. Traveling is less painful now than it was when I was a kid (and suddenly I sound like a 70-year-old) with all the portable devices we can easily access for entertainment. Even with screens, a long trip can be really boring so you’ve got to think outside of the box when it comes to little kids and not every child loves to color or can even read. What’s a parent to do so they don’t absolutely have a miserable experience traveling with a young child? This article is for you, Mom, just as much as it is for the kids. When they’re occupied and happy, you can relax a little and focus on the drive.

Screen-Free activities to keep busy on a road trip

Screen-Free Activities to Keep Everyone Busy on a Road Trip

This one time I appeared on The Jason Show and shared five activities you can do in the car that will keep your kids busy enough so that you can save the screen time for the end of the trip. My parents live in Galena, IL, and as a result, we make about two or three trips to visit them each year. It’s a 293-mile drive and if you Google Map it, according to Google, is 5 hours and 14 minutes one way. Now, when we make this trip we have our three children and beagle with us and I would say that the average trip one way for us, with stops for potty breaks, changing diapers, getting out to stretch our legs and at least one lunch or dinner stop, takes six to seven hours. It can be a really long drive and it’s all dependent on how the kids are doing. I have absolutely no problem with tablets, DVDs, and screens while traveling; I just know that when things get desperate you need to have some more tools in your wheelhouse for the very end of the trip.

Screen-Free Activities for the Young Child

  • Pipe Cleaners – My friend, Kari, from church, gave me this little nugget of wisdom: Pipe Cleaners. I am amazed by how entertaining these are for my kids. I’m serious they will play with them for a solid hour; creating glasses, flowers, hearts, you name it.

Use pipe cleaners to entertain kids in the car

  • Purchase small activities and toys from the Dollar Store and gift wrap them. – It’s all about keeping the kids entertained, right? I like to go to the Dollar Store and grab one or two small toys or activities for the kids to play with in the car. Then I wrap them up and when the kids are getting ornery, voila! I whip out one of the gifts, they unwrap them and are easily entertained for an hour or so.
  • Tape, Scissors, & Stickers – I don’t know about you but my oldest child is constantly stealing tape when we’re home. I don’t know what on earth he’s doing with it but he’s obsessed with tape so why not give him what he wants. I pack gift wrap tape, duct tape, stickers, kids scissors and used magazines. Then the older kids can play and create using all the tape their little heart desires.
  • My Discovery House  There are knobs and push, slide, open, close, turn! This toy is small enough that it’s perfect for little hands to hold. Plus, it’s not noisy.

  • Podcasts & Audiobooks – I absolutely love podcasts; I listen to them all of the time and it’s kind of my way of tuning the mundane day to day tasks out. I also love children’s podcasts for their excellent story-telling capability and because my kids actually listen. A few of my favorites for kids are (in no particular order): Sesame Street Podcast and Storynory,
  • Travel Bingo – I created these bingo cards for you to download and print for yourselves. I designed the game for elementary age kids but a younger child could probably figure out how to play and I know a tween or teen could definitely play. The rules are very simple: when you see something that matches a picture on the card put your place marker on the picture. If you have a laminator, you can laminate the card and use dry erase markers directly on the card. Then wipe clean. Click here to download.

Road Trip BINGO free printable. Final

Screen-Free Activities for Elementary Age Children

  • Tape, Scissors, & Stickers
  • Audiobooks from the library.
  • Pay for a service like Audible where you have access to lots of audiobooks. Right now there’s a deal where you can sign up for Audible free for 30-days and you’ll get two free audiobooks. If you plan it correctly with your road trip it’s guaranteed savings. To learn more about Audible or to try it out, click here.
  • Games – Would You Rather, Guessing Games, The Alphabet License Plate Game (you complete the alphabet using the first letter of a license plate), Trivia, Flip to Win Hangman from Melissa & Doug,  the possibilities are endless.
  • Give them a map – Yes, a map. I am amazed by how little my fourth grader knows about reading a map and how it works. Plus, maps are cheap and you can get many of them for free at welcome centers.
  • LEGOS – Get a new small bag of LEGOS, bring a jelly roll pan and let the kids put the set together.
  • Road Trip Karoke – My husband and I do this frequently when we take the six hour drive to my parents and it’s always a riot! Make a playlist of your favorite songs and then you just sing away!
  • Books – If your child doesn’t get road sick easily, learning how to read in a moving vehicle is a great thing. It’s entertaining and can lead to a nap!
  • Rubik’s Cube and other Rubik’s puzzles.

Watch the segment below from The Jason Show and let me know what you do on long road trips with your kiddos!


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Screen-Free Activities to Keep Busy on a Road Trip. Screen-free activities you can do with the family during a road trip! FREE Road Trip BINGO printable and other activities! #travel #travelwithkids #vacation #roadtrip #printables


5 SCREEN-FREE Activities to keep littles busy during a road trip including FREE Road Trip BINGO printable. Pin now and be prepared for later.


Top Ten Pregnancy Books for First Time Moms

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Top Ten Pregnancy Books for First Time Moms and What to Expect Isn't One of themWe are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

You know the classic pregnancy book, What to Expect When You’re Expecting and while it’s full of information I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to read that book when it comes to your first pregnancy. I founds when I was pregnant with my first that What to Expect kind of scared me; it almost had too much information and when you’re a newly pregnant mama, too much information can be a bad thing. I’ve compiled a list of the top ten pregnancy book for first time moms that I think is worth your time.



Top Ten Pregnancy Books for First Time Moms

Top Ten Pregnancy Books for First Time Moms Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy: From Doctors Who Are Parents, Too! 

To the point but friendly this pregnancy book has a way of being authoritative in a non-condescending way. Publisher’s Weekly said, “…the book contains at least one feature that most pregnant women will find indispensable: charts that indicate how to handle ‘troublesome signs and symptoms’ during each three week period. For example, if a woman has slight spotting during the first four weeks of pregnancy, the chart tells her to notify a doctor during her next hospital visit. But if she has any bleeding at all during weeks 29 to 32, the chart indicates that she should tell her doctor immediately.”

The Healthy Pregnancy Book: Month by Month, Everything You Need to Know from America’s Baby Experts (Sears Parenting Library)  

I like Dr. Sears and for the most part adhere Top Ten Pregnancy Books for First Time Moms to a lot of his practices so for me, this book is a given. As a mother who gained a whopping 70 lbs during her first pregnancy I so wish I would’ve read this kind of a book when I was pregnant for the first time. Not only does Sears and the contributing authors look at nutrition but they look at all sides of pregnancy in a very easy to read book. 










Top Ten Pregnancy Books for First Time Moms

The Birth Book: Everything You Need to Know to Have a Safe and Satisfying Birth (Sears Parenting Library) 

Written by the same authors, Dr. William Sears MD, and Martha Sears, RN, of The Healthy Pregnancy Book I appreciate this book because it gives every single option you have as a first time mom when it comes to labor and delivery. It also does it in a very non-judgmental way. If you are aiming for a pain medication free childbirth, Dr. Sears and his wife, Martha Sears, give you the ins and outs of your options, as well as talks with dads about what to expect and how to be helpful before, during and after L&D. said, “In this helpful resource guide, the Searses cover the gamut of possibilities, and teach readers what they need to know to take control of their own birthings. The Birth Book is divided into three parts: ‘Preparing for Birth,’ ‘Easing Pain in Labor,’ and ‘Experiencing Birth.'”

Common Sense Pregnancy: Navigating a Healthy Pregnancy and Birth for Mother and Baby 

I did not try to go all natural with any of my labor and deliveries; it wasn’t something I Top Ten Pregnancy Books for First Time Momsaspired to do either. For some reason though, there are a lot of books out there on how to have a natural, medication free L&D experience and there’s little to no resources on every option that’s available for first time expecting mothers. I like what Jeanne Faulkner has to say and how she says it.

Pregnancy: The Ultimate Survival Guide to Pregnancy and Birth 

This book was very interesting to me because it’s written by a psychologist, Dr. Jane Smart, and while it is by no means Top Ten Pregnancy Books for First Time Momsa medical book I think there’s something to be said about having a different perspective to all of the emotions that go along with pregnancy. I would recommend getting this book as a companion to Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy: From Doctors Who Are Parents, Too!

The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy 

This book is a stitch! If you’re an avid reader and want another book to read that’s related to your pregnancy as a first time mom this is definitely it! Be Top Ten Pregnancy Books for First Time Momsforewarned that this is not written by a doctor or midwife so you should not think of the advice given in the book at medical, at all. There are over one million copies that have been purchased so I guess you could say that it’s a good book.

The Top Ten Pregnancy Books for First Time Moms

Belly Laughs, 10th anniversary edition: The Naked Truth about Pregnancy and Childbirth 

Jenny McCarthy’s national best seller is a favorite among most moms-to-be. I haven’t read it but a few of my friends have and they swear by the honesty that McCarthy displays in the book. Booklist reviews, “What’s noble about this book (yes, noble) is that women who find these topics too embarrassing to bring up now have a place to read about them in a frank and open discussion. After all, they’re as real as morning sickness, and McCarthy treats them with a candor that borders on crude but that is refreshing, and, ultimately, necessary. Not to mention funny.”

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth: Updated With New Material 

If you want to have an all natural, pain medication free labor and delivery, Ina May Gaskin’s book is the way to go. Laura used Top Ten Pregnancy Books for First Time Momsthis book, along with birthing classes to help her prepare for her first L&D. Ina May is an expert midwife with 30 years of experience.

Top Ten Pregnancy Books for First Time MomsWhat to Eat When You’re Pregnant: A Week-by-Week Guide to Support Your Health and Your Baby’s Development 

I love when books have clear, concise purposes. Take this book, for example, it’s clear what the goal of the book is. I know what to expect from it and what I will gain by reading it. There’s also 50 recipes for mom to cook from so she can guarantee that she’s getting the best for her developing child. Dr. Mark Hyman says, “New research shows that when you’re eating for two, your diet can have profound affects on your baby. In this smart and easy-to-follow guide–which also features simple and delicious recipes–Dr. Nicole Avena tells moms-to-be how to give their babies a healthy start in life by eating foods that support baby’s development and keep mom feeling nourished and satisfied. A copy of this book should be on every pregnant woman’s bookshelf.”

The Expectant Father: The Ultimate Guide for Dads-to-Be 

You can’t forget Dad! A friend of mine recommended this book to my husband when I was pregnant for the first time. My Top Ten Pregnancy Books for First Time Momshusband isn’t a reader, he’d rather listen to an audio book, but I skimmed through the pages and from what I read this is an easy read. It’s important for the dad-to-be to be just as knowledgeable to what’s happening to his partner’s body and the child developing inside.

So drop what you’re doing and do a little shopping, or check out your library to see if they have any of these titles. What’s your favorite pregnancy book?

Top Ten Pregnancy Books for First Time Moms and What to Expect Isn't One of them


To the Exclusively Pumping Mama: A Standing Ovation

To the Exclusively Pumping Mom

I have to write this out, say it out loud and applaud a few special moms living day in and day out the way we all do. Only, they do it differently than I ever did. How? Why am I feeling like giving every single one of these mothers a standing ovation? Two words: Exclusive Pumping.

That’s right. For some reason, lately I’ve come to know of more and more women around me who made the choice, when the going got tough to exclusively pump. I looked into exclusively pumping when my oldest, Brennan, was only a few weeks old. He just couldn’t get the hang of breastfeeding and I was a brand new mother. I had no clue what I was doing and thought that my baby would magically latch on with ease. I was not prepared for the difficulty of a disorganized eater; one who could not coordinate sucking, swallowing and breathing. So I looked into exclusively pumping. I tried to do it actually. That last for about half a day.

Exclusively pumping mom
Photo by LOvB Photography

The reason why this has been on my heart lately is because when I’ve been talking with my mommy friends who exclusively pumped I sense this twinge of guilt coming from their mouths. It’s like they feel like they aren’t good enough moms because they are using or had to use a breast pump to feed their baby breast milk. That couldn’t be farther from the truth and I would like to say that I think you’re more of a mom because you have done what you had to do for your baby. You didn’t give up. The going got tough and you know what? You said, “Fine. Bring it on. I’ll add on a pumping schedule on top of a feeding schedule. I’ll bring on those bottles and pump accessory parts that have to be cleaned round the clock. I do it for my child.”

Hold your head up high, woman. Don’t think for a second that this isn’t good enough because the original plan wasn’t working. That doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Do you hear me saying this?

Exclusively pumping is not a failure in the scorecard of motherhood.

Exclusively pumping is not a failure in the scorecard of motherhood.

P.S. There really isn’t a motherhood scorecard; I made that up. And those of you mamas who use formula are not failures either. [At this point, Bert, stands up from her chair and looks at you in the eye to say, “You aren’t a failure for using formula and I really think you’re an awesome mom because you are keeping that child healthy and loving that baby. This post is for the exclusively pumping mamas though, okay?]

At the end of the day, we’re all trying to do what’s best for our children. Whether it’s physical challenges that makes conventional breastfeeding not possible or emotional challenges that make it difficult, you are still doing what is best for your child. I applaud you, Mama, for taking on extra work. For not only giving your sweet baby that bottle of breast milk but for also pumping that breast milk, cleaning the parts, storing the milk and then starting it all over again in two hours. If I could see you now, I would be standing up from my chair, huge cheesy grin on my face applauding you and saying, “Bravo! Bravo!” Then I would give you a big ‘ol hug, and I must confess, I’m not a hugger. You deserve it though. Cheers to you, lady, cheers to you!

Pumping breastmilk
Photo by LOvB Photography

Think a mama could use some encouragement? Pass it on! Use the social sharing buttons to encourage another mama!