birth story

My Baby’s Natural Labor & Delivery: A Birth Story

I love birth stories. I find them fascinating and beautiful. During my second pregnancy I compared everything to my first. After all, it’s only natural to reference what’s known. With my firstborn son, Triple A, I was due July 13th and surprisingly enough Little Girl’s due date was July 14th. I easily tracked my pregnancy and …

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breech transverse position

Flip Baby Flip

Towards the end of pregnancy your health care provider will pay close attention to the presentation of the fetus (how our baby is positioned in your uterus.) The most common and ideal presentation of the fetus is cephalic presentation also known as the occiput anterior position, in which the baby’s head points down into the pelvis while facing the mother’s …

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centering group prenatal care

Centering Group Prenatal Care

During my first pregnancy I choose to participate in CenteringPregnancy® Group Prenatal Care. Initially I opted for Centering appointments because groups met in the evenings, which nicely accommodated our household schedule. Ease of scheduling was just one of the many benefits of this model of prenatal care. In fact, based on my experience I think Centering Group …

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