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Gender Reveal PartyAll pregnant moms day dream about this question. Is this little bundle of joy in my belly a boy or a girl? Expecting mamas have a choice to find out the sex of their babies during pregnancy or to be surprised at birth. With both my little ones I decided to find out during pregnancy. My husband and I wanted to celebrate our surprises with friends and family so with each baby we had a gender reveal party. I loved our gender reveal parties; the anticipation, the time with friends and family, the surprise! If you’re finding out the sex of your baby before birth I suggest you consider having a gender reveal party.

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What is a gender reveal party? A gender reveal party is a celebration in which the couple reveals the sex of their baby. Some couples know before the party and make the big announcement at the party, enjoying their guests’ reactions. Others, myself included, find out the gender of their babies along side family and friends. If you plan on being surprised at the party be sure to tell your ultrasound technician so before they start your ultrasound. Most will be happy to write down your baby’s gender and seal it in an envelop that you can give to who ever is helping you with your reveal. Whether you’re simply announcing to guests or being surprised with them at the party, a gender reveal party is a wonderful way to celebrate your little one with family and friends.

gender reveal partyGender Reveal Party Ideas Search “gender reveal party” on Pinterest and you’ll find some adorable decoration spreads and clever ideas for making your gender reveal party perfect for you. Here are some of my favorite pre-reveal activities:

  • Have a name suggestion board for your guests to share their favorite (or silliest) boy and girl names.
  • Have your guests mark their gender guess on a voting board before the big reveal. To keep everyone honest, have them wear a sticker or pin for team boy or team girl.
  • Look up some gender-predicting old wives tales and go over them with your guests. This will no doubt bring up some funny pregnancy stories!

gender reveal partyThe Big Reveal You can make your reveal simple or elaborate. Just be sure someone is armed with a camera to capture everyone’s reactions. Here are some popular reveal ideas:

  • Open the Envelop With our first baby we kept things simple. The party started with mingling and some guessing activities. Once everyone had a chance to mark their guesses we opened the ultrasound envelop with everyone gathered around.
  • Cut the Cake With our second, I placed an order for our gender reveal cupcakes before my ultrasound, telling them when I would drop off the ultrasound envelop and when I needed to pick up the cupcakes. The bakery then filled the cupcakes with colored frosting to represent the baby’s gender. We went with the tradition blue for boy and pink for girl.
  • Box of Balloons Not a cake person? Here’s another fun way to reveal. Take your ultrasound envelop to the local party store and have them fill a decorated box with balloons representing your baby’s gender. Open the box and out floats your big surprise!
  • Hunt or Puzzle This method is only for the patient and clever. Have a friend create a puzzle, riddle, or scavenger hunt that when completed you discover the sex of your baby.

gender reveal partyEvery pregnancy, every baby should be celebrated in one way or another. For me a gender reveal party was a perfect opportunity to mark our special moments with friendship and celebration.

How did you celebrate your own little bundles of joy?

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Beth R · March 27, 2015 at 9:29 pm

We haven’t found out with any of our 3 kids but I love the idea of a gender party. If we have anymore though, we probably won’t find out again since we already have three boys. Definitely love that moment when dh tells me the gender. I am not sure I would have made it through labor otherwise 🙂

Laura F · March 29, 2015 at 2:55 pm

Love parties like this, but both times it was our turn to find out gender, my husband and I were boring and just found out together at the ultrasound. We are pretty private people so the thought of everyone watching and analyzing our reactions in public doesn’t really appeal to us! 🙂

Sarah Denk · April 5, 2015 at 8:09 am

Hilarious pregnancy story: I wanted to surprise my husband with a gender reveal party since he couldn’t take off work to go to the appointment. I added him to the “secret” event page on FB. FAIL!

    Laura Ankrum · May 5, 2015 at 8:52 pm


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