A Push Present: What do you think?

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I’m over at the Twin Cities Moms Blog talking about push presents. Did you get them? If you didn’t, would you have wanted to have a push present? I just thought it was something every couple did and apparently that’s not the case! It can definitely be a hot spot for some people and some may find it offensive because your baby should be “gift” enough. I beg to differ.


When I was younger, my mom would tell me the story of my birth as most parents do. Part of the story was how my father bought her a Beach Boys cassette tape to celebrate my birth. She wasn’t happy as I’m sure you can imagine. Because of that story, the present that my father gave to my mother to celebrate my birth, I assumed that everyone received a gift from their baby daddy after baby was born. It’s the same way I assumed that everyone used cloth napkins because my parents did in our own home. It wasn’t until I met my husband that I realized that the vast majority of the population used paper napkins and cloth napkins were used during fancy occasions. Apparently, my dad despises paper napkins for their inability to perform their task efficiently. (He is a retired Air Force officer after all; efficiency is everything.) I grew up with the notion that giving birth meant receiving a gift, and more than one in the form of a sweet baby in my arms. Isn’t this what everyone thinks?

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9 replies on “A Push Present: What do you think?”

I’ve never heard of a push gift! I would rather spend that money on things for the baby 🙂

Oh believe me, we still spent money on the babies! It was just a sweet way my husband told me that he appreciated the pregnancy and everything that came with it. Pregnancy was NOT easy for me at all.

I’ve heard of push presents and I’m thinking of getting a necklace with our baby’s initials or date of birth on it after we get out of the hospital so it’s for me and for the baby.

My husband brought me flowers but no formal present I guess. I don’t really have an opinion either way. I think that it is a nice thought, but no a must have

I think it would be a fabulous gift. one lady I know got a nice upgrade with her wedding ring set.

I think a push present is ridiculous! Save the money and get something you need for the baby.

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