How I Get Red Carpet Ready

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How I Get Red Carpet ReadyThank you to Stitch Fix and Smile Brilliant for helping me look fabulous on the red carpet. All opinions here are mine. You should also know that there are affiliate links in this blog post.

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In June, I walked the red carpet for a world premiere. When I got the news I was away at a blogger conference and a bunch of my friends who were also there got invites. it was a lot of fun to all know we’d be seeing each other in a month. Once I got home I started thinking about the red carpet…Yeah, that red carpet is pretty fabulous but for a mom of three who isn’t really satisfied with her post-baby body, walking the red carpet is intimidating to say the least. I’m happy to report though that I felt beautiful and confident on the red carpet. Here’s what I did to get red carpet ready.

How I Get Red Carpet Ready

Stitch Fix

First things first I ordered a Stitch Fix and I was super detailed about the looks I had in mind. If you haven’t used Stitch Fix before I highly recommend it. I don’t have the kind of budget that allows me to always schedule a fix so I order mine at the beginning of each season and when I have a special event that needs some special outfits. Part of the reason why I love using Stitch Fix is because their stylists get me thinking outside of the box.

First what you’ll do is go to and sign up for your first fix. You’ll be asked to fill out a style profile as well as information about what items you want to receive in your fix. It’s incredibly easy to fill out with simple instructions. Once you’ve filled it all out you can also create a style board on Pinterest where you’ll pin looks that you like. Your stylist then accesses this board and uses it as a reference when selecting items for you. You can look at my style board here.

How I got red carpet ready with Stitch Fix

Smile Brilliant

My dad’s a dentist and while he’s always told me that it was natural and okay to have a yellow tint to my teeth I have hated the way it looks. Much to his chagrin he got me professional teeth whitening because I wouldn’t stop harassing him before my wedding day in 2005. When Smile Brilliant reached out to me I was intrigued because since I became a mom I’ve honestly let all things appearance-wise kind of go. The thing that intrigued me about Smile Brilliant was this desensitizing gel they had that went along with their whitening system if you have sensitive teeth. I’ve used teeth whitening strips in the past and even tried professional dental whitening gel that I got from my dad. The one problem with both products was that they made my teeth so sensitive! I would never complete a treatment because I just couldn’t stand how it felt.

The Desensitizing Gel that you can get with Smile Brilliant is so good. I haven’t experienced sensitivity on my newly whitened teeth once! If you have sensitive teeth and you are hesitant to use home whitening kits I highly recommend trying out Smile Brilliant’s kit and make sure you get their Desensitizing Gel. When you order from Smile Brilliant you receive everything you need from the materials that you need to create your custom whitening trays to the teeth whitening gel and the desensitizing gel.

You get approximately 3 or 4 applications from each syringe and there are 18 syringes in each system. In case you were wondering, I went with the T6 Sensitive system.

One of the more nerve racking things about this system is making your own custom fit trays. I think I read the directions about three times to make sure I was doing it right. It doesn’t really matter if you mess up though because they send an extra set of Catalyste Paste and Base Paste just in case you have a mishap.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening

They cover postage and a padded envelope for you to send off to the lab. You’ll wait approximately three to five business days and then you should receive your custom fit trays. Then it’s off to the races whitening your teeth!

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening

The Icing on the Cake

The other things I did to prepare was I got a little touch up on my hair. My mother has always said that you can gain or lose as much as as possible but as long as you have a good bra and good hair it won’t matter. I had an older strapless bra from Lane Bryant that I absolutely love but the band is getting too big. Lucky for me, my smart mama can also sew so I didn’t have to get a new bra. If you’re curious this is the bra I have and it is my all-time favorite strapless bra. The jewelry that I didn’t get from Stitch Fix I got at Charming Charlies.

And confidence. You need confidence to walk the red carpet and honestly as long as you’re with friends you should have plenty of confidence. After all you’re walking a red carpet which means you’ve been invited to walk a red carpet!

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