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I love memes, you love memes, we all love memes! Who doesn’t love good May the Fourth memes? Not only does May bring flowers and sunshine but it also ushers in May the Fourth which is a huge thing for any STAR WARS fan. I love STAR WARS so May the Fourth is like my bread and butter with a little blue milk on the side. I’ve scoured the far reaches of the Internet to bring you the best May the Fourth memes, images and gifs out there. So sit back and by all means punch it on the right, click to download and share with your friends.

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What does May the Fourth Be With You mean?

It’s a pun, play on words, using a common saying, “May the Force be with you” in the STAR WARS films and using the date May 4th, OR May the Fourth to celebrate all things STAR WARS. Oh yes, it’s a thing and if you do not love STAR WARS (I don’t understand you) then you won’t get it but at least you’ll be in on the fun.

According to an article found in Time Magazine, Margaret Thatcher, the Prime Minister of England was elected two years after STAR WARS made its big screen debut. An ad in the London Evening News read, “May The Fourth Be With You, Maggie. Congratulations.” History was made and now us STAR WARS geeks can all celebrate and rejoice. That, my friends is how May the Fourth came to be. And STAR WARS fans everywhere rejoiced.

Lucasfilms the production company who blessed us with STAR WARS did not come up with May the Fourth, however, on the official STAR WARS website, the company states that they have fully embraced this fan-made holiday.

While the idea of May the 4th did not start with Lucasfilm, the film company that created Star Wars has fully embraced the spirit of fandom that makes the day so special., as well as the official Star Wars social media channels (hashtag #StarWarsDay), help spread the word and showcase fan activity. More and more official partners have offered sales, giveaways, and exclusives, and have hosted parties and other activities to honor the day.

Ultimately, as Star Wars Day was created by the fans, it is truly their day. Hosting movie marathons, sharing greetings on social media, cooking Star Wars recipes — there are no wrong ways to celebrate May the 4th, and each year we’re amazed at the creative ways that fans mark the occasion. With Star Wars alive like never before, we hope you’ll join in this year.

May the 4th be with you.

May the Fourth Be With You Memes

Don’t be like Yoda, find the May the 4th memes, find them now you must.

If only liking Star Wars was as cool in the ’90s as it is now. I would have been so on trend.

Not only is this one from one of my favorite Star Wars Story movies, Rogue One, but it’s funny…because it’s true.

Love this nod to BACK TO THE FUTURE on this May the Fourth memes.

May the Fourth Be With You Meme

I really did LOL when I saw the next meme I’m going to show you. Any Star Wars fans who have been to a liturgical church service get me, right?

May the Fourth be with you...and also with you, Catholic Star Wars Meme.

Since the Star Wars Universe is expanding, we cannot forget this little guy.

Mandolorian's baby yoda with soup cup meme that says, "Keep calm and may the 4th be with you." #babyyoda #starwarsmeme #maythe4th #mandolorian

There’s no rest for the wicked when you’re with the Empire, huh?

Stormtropper sitting at desk, Star Wars May the 4th meme

Awe, poor little Vader is salty because the general public cares about Cinco de Mayo.

Meme that says, May 4th is Star Wars Day...and all anyone cares about is getting drunk on the 5th. #starwarsmemes

Remember when the movie SOLO came out during May but it wasn’t May the 4th?

Star Wars May the 4th meme from Rogue One: When you realize Solo is being released in May, but not on May 4th." #starwarsmemes #maythe4th #starwars

I just love what Yoda says in this May the Fourth meme! Speaking of Yoda and May the 4th…

Hipster Yoda May the Fourth Be With You Meme

And you cannot forget about Cinco de Mayo which of course is the day after May the Fourth Be with You.

Illustration of Yoda for Revenge of the Fifth, May the 4th Star Wars memes

Or if you want to get technical about needing a little bit of recovery on May the 6th because of you know, May the 4th and then Revenge of the Fifth, here’s the perfect May the Fourth meme.

Vader's image in the center. Needed recovery on May the 6th because of you know, May the 4th and then Revenge of the Fifth. #Starwarsmemes #maythe4th

Speaking of running through a field full of flowers on May the Fourth…

AT-AT running through field, May the Fourth Be With You Meme

And if you’re a true STAR WARS fan you’ll know that May 25th is the release date of most STAR WARS films, unless it’s a Christmassy STAR WARS kind of year which is why this May the Fourth meme is perfect.

Dwight Schrute saying May the 4th be with you? False, Star Wars Day is actually May the 25th.

If you’re looking for a more gallant representation your May the Fourth festivities this May the Fourth meme may suit your style.

May the Fourth Be With You Meme

And along the same lines with Revenge of the Fifth or Sixth…

May the Fourth meme with Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine,  revenge of the Sith.

Bring on the dad jokes with this hilarious May the Fourth meme!

May the Fourth Be With You Meme

It just wouldn’t be a May the Fourth meme if there wasn’t an appearance by one of the dumbest characters in STAR WARS history…

May the Fourth Be With You Meme

Combining all of the fan favorites, we’ve got a reference to STAR TREK, LORD OF THE RINGS and THE HUNGER GAMES in this May the Fourth meme.

May the Fourth Be With You Meme

I just love the little pew pews in this meme, don’t you?

May the Fourth Be With You Meme

Only a true STAR WARS lover gets the humor in this meme featuring Han Solo.

May the Fourth Be With You Meme

Star Wars Memes that don’t necessarily have to do with May the 4th but are still perfect to share

I hated The Rise of Skywalker, yes, I said hated. This meme? I like it, It’s solid.

And now I have the song in my head.

Okay okay, it’s wrong but it’s so on point!!

A newer Star Wars meme that’s absolutely punny!

Rey and Ben Solo meme about Star Wars.

…because Chuck Norris is amazing.

Chuck Norris has been in every Star Wars movie. He was the Force. May the Fourth Star Wars memes.

The next meme is 100% my absolute favorite!

Star Wars meme with a conversation between Ben Solo and the Mandolorian's The Child.

And did you ever notice that Luke Skywalker does this in STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE? Drives me crazy every single time. The mom in my scream, “You’ll shoot your eye out!”

May the Fourth Be With You Image

Oh poor Leia and her buns.

May the Fourth Be With You Image

Ever notice this about our beloved R2D2? This STAR WARS meme never gets old.

May the Fourth Be With You Meme

Poor Luke, still bitter about that hand.

Rey and Luke Meme May the Fourth

Dare you to not start singing Looking for Love the Buckwheat version when you read this meme.

Looking for love May the Fourth memes

Give me five more minutes is my mantra.

May the Fourth meme with Yoda

I bet you’ll get this song in our head….All about that Base.

Star Wars meme

Given what we know now, but I don’t have problems with everything they’ve done in the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars time traveler meme for May the 4th

Best way to celebrate May the Fourth?

With friends and with May the Fourth memes! That’s how you’ll celebrate May the Fourth. Here are a few ideas for you though:

  • If you start with Episode I and watch all the way through Episode VIII you could finish them all within a day (15 to 20 hours) with some minimal bathroom breaks.
  • Or  you could just skip those first three films and watch Episode IV through VIII.
  • Make a Star Wars menu complete with blue milk, Thala-siren Milkshakes, BACTA TANK ROOT BEER FLOAT, Tie-Fighters
  • Wear  your best STAR WARS apparel.

Tell me how you plan to celebrate May the Fourth. Which one of the May the Fourth memes is your favorite?

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