“Dreaming of Grand Forks, North Dakota: My Life as a Military Kid” Featured on Spring.St.

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_Dreaming of Grand Forks, North Dakota_ My Life as a Military Kid_ Featured on Spring.St.

Hey there! I’m sharing a post with you that’s over on Spring.St. They reached out to me and asked if I would write about my experience growing up in the military. They’re doing a series “In Service” honoring military life and the hard-working families that serve the US. This is just a little hint of what I wrote. You can read the rest of the post on Spring.St. Enjoy!

Featured on Spring.St.

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Grand Forks, North Dakota.

There was something magical and comforting about Grand Forks that made my 10-year-old self long to move back. Maybe it was the length of time my family was stationed there?

After all, I attended the same school for four years, the longest stretch of my time in any school. Perhaps I dreamed what life would be like if I could be like every other kid in my class, everyone would grow up together and I would be that girl that used to live in Grand Forks.

Grand Forks was comfy and cozy for me and when it was time, at the end of fourth grade, my family was assigned to Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, MS.

You couldn’t get any farther in lifestyle and culture than North Dakota to Mississippi. I stuck out like a sore thumb…or like an American flag in a sea of Confederate flags.

My family always PCS’d (permanent change of station) during the summertime.

It made moving easy; my little sister and I were able to finish the school year, say our goodbyes and help with the move. Summertime during a PCS was always kind of boring; we usually didn’t know anyone in our new assignment.

My sister and I only had each other for entertainment and while we definitely knew how to push each other’s buttons, we also had a fierce bond.

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