Are you living in a house or a home? How to with Groupon Goods

Are you living in a house or a home? How to with Groupon Goods
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The way you dress the walls of your home really makes or breaks a living space. After all, I believe that a house isn’t a home until its walls are covered in memories.

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The Walls of your house help to create a home

One of my favorite ways to create that home-feel is by printing our family photos onto large canvases. It’s different than having a framed photo. There isn’t any glare from glass because all that’s there is the canvas. The texture of the canvas really takes your decorating style up a notch too.

Frames create glare which covers your family's photos

Whenever I have something I want to print on a canvas I look at Groupon Goods first. Why pay retail price when there’s more than likely a Groupon Goods deal I can purchase at a discounted price? The same goes with my kids’ baby books. I’m not a scrapbooker by any means but what I can do? I can digital scrapbook. It’s easy and the kids love looking through their baby books. I always, and I’m not just saying this, always look for a deal on photobooks on Groupon. It just works for me.

Make digital photobooks instead of scrapbooks.

It’s really easy to search for the deals on Groupon and it’s extremely easy to purchase it. Always be sure to read the fine print so you can ensure you’re getting the exactly what you want with your purchase.

Are you living in a house or a home- How to with Groupon Goods

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