#Glamorama Minneapolis: How to Have The Best Date Night Ever, Part 2

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A month ago I was invited to attend Macy’s Glamorama here in Minneapolis. The event supports the local based non-profit Children’s Cancer Research Fund (CCRF) and has for years. You can read about CCRF in Part 1. Before the big event on Friday, I, along with a few bloggers were invited downtown to Macy’s Glamorama Blogger Reception. We sampled the food that was going to be at the after party, met some of the models that were walking in the show and got to peek in at the State Theater where the show was being held. My mom and friend/photographer, Daphne, accompanied me.

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The big night came and I have to be honest, I felt completely out of my league. I mean here I am covering this fashion show and I spend most of my days in my workout clothes or cropped jeans and a t-shirt because I’m inevitably going to end up wearing something one of my children was eating. I borrowed a dress and shoes from a friend, did my own hair and makeup, and hoped I’d be able to pull this whole thing off. There’s strength in numbers though, and after meeting and carpooling to Glamorama with fellow bloggers, Samara, from Simplicity in the Suburbs, and Chrissy, from The Taylor House, I started to feel better about the night. I wasn’t going to this event alone. I could fake it until I made it, right?

Pretty much everyone that I talked with the night of Glamorama spoke about how the end goal was to make this the best fashion show this city would see that season. There was also an underlying tone that the after party was to be the best party Minneapolis would see this year. Macy’s believes that Glamorama has a reputation to keep and if they can’t outdo what was done the year before then they haven’t done their job. As I said in Part 1, the entire goal of this event is to drive ticket sales so that the charity, CCRF, benefits. My pal, Kelly, over at Muddy Flowers, wrote an awesome post about the show and she had a great seat; plus she’s pretty talented behind a lens!

You may be wondering why I’m deeming Glamorama the “best date night ever.” Let me tell you why:

  1. You know that the money you’re spending on this experience will go to benefit CCRF. Their mission is to beat cancer. How do they do this? They help finance the research that happens at the University of Minnesota. This year, Glamorama, raised $250,000 for CCRF. Also, you ticket is tax deductible…what kind of date can you have that’s tax deductible?
  2. The reputation of Glamorama is to be the best show and after party this town has ever seen. Trust me on this one…the show was spectacular. Time sped by between the catwalking models, amazing performances by Cirque de Soleil, The Summerset and Sheryl Crow and it was like in the blink of an eye the show portion of the evening was over. That wasn’t the end though…
  3. The after party was unlike anything I had ever seen. The hallway into the after party space located on Macy’s 8th floor and rooftop was lit lowly with a purple hue. There were tables filled with foods in the chef’s theme for the night – comfort good. That’s right, that included chicken and waffle salad. The music was pumping and there was hardly any time to be bored! There was so much to take in from the city skyline on the rooftop to the models mingling around the area. Everybody went home a winner. Generous prizes from sponsors such as Macy’s Oak Grill in downtown Minneapolis and Spalon Montage in Edina helped keep the spirit of giving high as we all took a turn spinning the wheel. 
The sense of togetherness that was in the air that night was difficult to deny. We were all in this together – from the breathtaking models on the stage to the headlining artist on the billboard over the theater – everyone was there for one reason. That reason? To put an end to cancer the best way any of us could, through research.
To attend future Glamorama shows be certain to check out CCRF’s website and follow their social media. 

Also follow Macy’s social media sites as well.

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