Fluff, Snappi & PayPal Extreme: A Poem About Cloth Diapers

Fluff, Snappi & PayPal Extreme

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Ever get one of your children’s Sandra Boynton books on repeat in your head? I love Sandra Boynton, however, her effective rhymes are so effective that I find myself reciting The Going to Bed Book whenever I say “rock to sleep.”

The day is done. We say good night and somebody turns off the light. The moon is high. The sea is deep. We rock and rock and rock to sleep.

Earworms, that’s what they call a catchy song or poem that runs continually in someone’s mind. I figured, since I think in children’s books and song (apparently!), I might as well adapt one of my favorite children’s books Horns to Toes and in Between by Sandra Boynton into an essential baby product that I use in my daily life. I present to you:

Fluff, Snappi & PayPal Extreme

Oh we’ve each got these kids, yeah, who like to be fed.

And they’ve each got one end to unload it all in.

Baby playing with toes. First Time Mom

And we all love our kids, yes we love them a lot

Which is why we choose Fluff, it’s the comfiest bunch.

Sweet Pea Newborn Cloth Diapers
Photo courtesy of Stacie Ricklefs Photo + Design

If we each had ten trucks we could all run amuck

Buying the fluffiest of Fluff just to fill up our trucks.

We’ve got Fluff on the brain, yes I’ll say it again,

You can join the obsession and try to refrain…

Cloth diaper laundry with baby

Refrain from using PayPal or credit galore

To purchase that Fluff you’re starting to hoard.

It’s those two cute cheeks we like to cover in cloth

That’s why we’re hooked in, yes, we’re Snappi’d to cloth!

All the cool kids wear cloth shirt from Smart Bottoms

So you can try to be whole, buy your sposies with care

‘Cause even the best sposie just doesn’t compare

To the fluffiest of Fluff, yes the comfiest bunch,

Which is why all the cool kids are each wearing Fluff.

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