What are Disney Doorables?

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Disney Doorables - Perfect Holiday Gifts

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Move over crazy collectible toys, there’s a new toy in town and I’m calling this the new must-have of 2018! Special thanks to Disney and Moose Toys for sending us these awesome Disney Doorables so we could share them with our followers! Moose Toys, creator of Shopkins, has teamed up with Disney to bring us Disney Doorables! Disney Doorables are cute, tiny, with big glass eyes that twinkle, and I’m telling you, my kids fell in love the minute they started opening up the box. Take a look at our unboxing video!

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What are Disney Doorables? New collectible toys from Moose Toys!

Disney Doorables are the brand new stackable playset with collectible mini figures and mini accessories from the makers of Shopkins, Moose Toys! The toy dropped on August 1st and I think it’s going to be the big hit for holiday shopping! One of the reasons why I really like Doorables is because they work together as a nice collection, you can mix and match and I know my kids love them. My kids love anything that’s tiny with big eyes! Add Disney to the mix and it’ll be even better. We’re huge Disney fans in our home and as my son said in our unboxing video, these are better because they’re Disney.

Disney Doorables close up

What do I get when I buy Disney Doorables?

You have two options for purchasing Disney Doorables. You can buy a Mini-Playset, which is what the Beast’s Chateau is in the photo, you can purchase a Doorables Multi-Peek, and you can also buy a Multi Stack Playset.


  • Stack and Build Playsets Let You Mix, Match, and Stack to Build Your Very Own Doorables World
  • Customizable with Connector Pieces and Mini Accessories
  • 11 Favorite Disney Themed Playsets available in Season 1
  • You can buy them at Amazon, Target, Learning Express and Wal-mart
Size comparison with Disney Doorables playset Beast's Chateau and Clementine

Size comparison with Disney Doorables playset Beast’s Chateau and Clementine

Multi Peek

  • Mini Collectible Disney Figures
  • Magical Multi-Door Surprise Packaging Reveals 5, 6 or 7 Figures
  • 78 favorite Disney Characters to collect
  • You can buy them on Amazon, Target Wal-mart, and Learning Express

Mini Peek

The mini peek is the same as the multi peek but there are two or three blind bags inside. You can find the Mini Peek at Target, Wal-mart and Learning Express

Multi Stack Playset

  • Stack and Build Playsets Let You Mix, Match, and Stack to Build Your Very Own Doorables World
  • Frozen’s Crystal Ice Staircase and Swing
  • 2 Favorite Disney Themed Playsets Included in the assortment
  • You can buy them on Amazon, Target, Learning Express and Wal-mart.

Mega Stack Playset

  • 3 x Stack and Build Playsets with Magical Glitter Doors
  • 3 x Connector Pieces
  • 5 x Mini Accessories
  • 3 x Exclusive Mini Collectible Disney Figures with Sparkling Glitter Eyes from your favorite Disney movies, including Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and Elsa from Frozen are included!
  • Available for purchase at Amazon, Target, and Wal-mart

Where can I buy Disney Doorables?

Disney Doorables Mini Stackable Playsets

Disney Doorables Mini Stackable Playsets

As of right now you can purchase Disney Doorables at the following places:

Amazon – Multi Peek, Mini Stack Playset, Multi Stack Playset, and Mega Stack Playset

Target – Mini Peek, Mini Stack, Multi Stack and Mega Stack

Wal-mart – Mini Peek, Mini Stack, Multi Stack and Mega Stack

Learning Express – Multi Peek, Mini Stack Playset, and Multi Stack Playset

Disney Doorables: The hot new toy this holiday season. Where to buy it, how to find them and what exactly are they?


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