Gift of Presence

The holiday shopping season is in FULL swing. If you’re like me there’s seemingly no escape from the commercialism of the holidays. Despite feeling a bit jaded by all the hubbub, there is something magical about giving a loved one the perfect present. Best toy lists, reviews of the hottest gadgets, and the like may … Read more

What Does Science Say About Babywearing?

Studio Tekhni Sling Science Backed Babywearing

Happy International Babywearing Week! If this catches you off guard, don’t worry. Wearing our babies is simply not as popular as it once was. The decline of this ancient practice had been seen most westernized countries, where mothers became more likely to embrace a stroller than a fabric wrap. Just so you know, there are … Read more

To the Exclusively Pumping Mama: A Standing Ovation

I have to write this out, say it out loud and applaud a few special moms living day in and day out the way we all do. Only, they do it differently than I ever did. How? Why am I feeling like giving every single one of these mothers a standing ovation? Two words: Exclusive … Read more