Childproofing: How to childproof a bar stool

Please read to the end of the article for an updated version of the booster seat! Sharing is caring and prevention is key.

I am married to the Safety King.  The man who looks at a room and instantly assesses every potential danger to our child.  You can only imagine what happened when, during the Mother’s Day message at our church, a man stood up right before our pastor started preaching and asked for prayer for a three year old.  This little child had apparently been out to eat with her parents when she tipped the highchair she was eating in backwards and fell, hitting her head on the ground.  (I hear that she’s okay now.)

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Instantly I could see the wheels in his head turning – how could he prevent this from happening to our children?  Well, this is what he came up with, feel free to “steal” our idea to help your kids!

As you can see we have high bar stools that we sit on.  Brennan does like to use his feet to push himself away from the table.  When we’re sitting with him we rest our feet on his stool to prevent him from falling.
Now what we’ve done is bolt a strap to the bar top and his chair.  The strap is the kind you use on your fridge or toilet seat.  Now obviously this is not a fix all; do not leave your child alone in the chair unsupervised.  It’s a way to prevent him from tipping himself backwards thus hurting his head.

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Update: The strap that we originally used wasn’t strong enough. Brennan never fell nor was he injured while we were using this kind of strap. Instead he’s using a nylon side-release buckle. He attached the female side of the buckle to the seat; the fabric is cut so that there is just enough strap to screw it to the seat. The male part of the buckle was attached underneath the bar top. It was also screwed in with a screw and a washer so that the screw head doesn’t pull through the nylon. Below is a picture:

Childproofing a barstool. First Time Mom

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  1. Ethan just did that – pushed hard with his feet to get away from the table, tipped the chair, etc. Lots of tears but hardly a bump at all (he was lucky). Ugh!

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