Answer Key 2023 Anderson Wonderland

Greetings! Thanks for reading our Christmas newsletter! Did you find all of the Disney Easter eggs we hid?

ISN 95 – Lightning McQueen’s racecar number

Anderson Wonderland – If you say it really fast it sounds like Alice in Wonderland

Kendall’s section – “The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work.” – Tiana quote from Princess & the Frog

Keira’s section – “…hero isn’t measured by the size of their strength but by the strength of their heart” – Zeus, from Hercules

Brennan’s section – “like a wise Rafiki or Yoda”

Ben’s section – Philoctetes – Hercules’s trainer in Hercules

Page 1 “Go the Distance” – Song from Hercules

“The wilderness must be explored,” Russell from Up

“…want adventure in the great wide somewhere.” – Belle (Reprise) from Beauty & the Beast

Page 2 ” We were voyagers!” – Moana, from Moana