Ok, we’re only a few days out from Valentine’s Day and you
haven’t got the man in your life a gift yet. 
First of all, it’s ok because it’s likely that he hasn’t got you
anything yet either.
  In addition to
that, Imperfectly Distinguished has you covered with a number of different gift
  Guys are hard to shop for and we
know it.
  Of course, not all men are the
same and even though some of you may argue that point, it’s just not true.
  But for the most part we do have similar
traits and if we want something we will get it for ourselves (within
  If you read my December article
“Holiday Gifts for your Man” then what I’m about to say will sound familiar to
  You have to give your guy a gift
that he 
doesn’t know he likes yet.  Maybe
a few of you have already mastered the skill of
Inception by planting ideas into the brain of your man and allowing
him to think that he came up with it on his own (I’m talking about that
overpriced trip to Hawaii you took last year). You want him to look at his gift
and think, “Of course I need this…. I’m such an idiot for not thinking of it
  There is another route you can
take as well.
  You can make him something
from scratch that 
doesn’t even exist in a store or that is so personal that it
tugs on his heart strings a little bit.
then, enough jibber-jabber, roll up your sleeves and let’s do this!

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Brandon is a U.S. Navy sailor, personal trainer, and blogger residing in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  After 12 years of active duty he returned to his native state to be closer to his two children and finish a degree in exercise science.  Through his travels and experiences Brandon strongly believed that a majority of men were losing touch with their masculinity and the essence of what a “Gentleman” is.  This was the inspiration to create his website Imperfectly Distinguished; the site is designed as a “how to” for the average man, discussing everything from Style to honing new “Man Skills”. He is passionate about writing, fitness, photography, music, film, and most of all helping others.  He spends his free time with friends and family and plans to do more traveling after his children graduate.

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