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Valentine’s Day is coming and I’m so excited. I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. I think it’s the Valentine’s Day colors that I really like and it just seems like it’s a great day to celebrate the better side of the human race: that thing we call love. Whether it’s romantic love or love for your family, there isn’t a better day to focus on those you care about than Valentine’s Day. But what about the rest of the world? Whether you choose to see it or not you cannot deny that the Western world is definitely in the top 1% of wealthiest world population. Countries in on the other continents don’t have the luxury to buy chocolate and purchasing diamonds would be far from reality. Instead people living in these impoverished countries care about one thing that we just cannot grasp: survival. What if this Valentine’s Day you could help another woman provide for her family? What if this time you could wear a piece of jewelry with pride because you know that a woman, just like you – a mother, daughter, wife – created the beautiful piece of jewelry you’re wearing?

Let me introduce you to the organization Trades of Hope: The mission of Trades of Hope is to empower women and and their families by breaking the cycle of poverty through the creation of sustainable, income-generating businesses.

And now I’ll let my college pal, Jamie Horn, tell you a little more about this amazing organization and how it’s changed her life:

Jamie Horn Trades of Hope. First Time Mom

I am a wife to a tall, dark and handsome man named Josh, whose passion for life and loving others challenges me everyday. I am a mama to 3 kids. Oliver is my sweet sensitive boy and is 5, Penelope, is a free-spirit and is 3, and Calvin is my mellow little 1 year old. We love to do everything together. Even though it makes way more sense for one of us to go run errands, on Saturday mornings you will often find all 5 of us putting on coats and boots because despite the tantrums, slowness of my 5 year old, and all the extra stops for poopy diapers we all love to be together.  Sometimes I regret that decision when I come home 🙂 Being a mom has higher highs and lower lows than I ever imagined.  I believe that I would never survive mommyhood without Caribou drive-thrus, being able to text with my girlfriends about whatever complexing mommy question or escapade my children have imagined up next, and my nap time chocolate break. I have been a stay-at-home mama since giving birth to my first. My degree is in elementary education, but worked for 4 years in youth ministry. 

Trades of Hope Jamie Horn. First Time Mom

A few years ago God began working on our family and preparing me because my hubby and I had been praying about packing up our family and doing missions in Africa- long term. Right now that is on hold, but throughout that process we began to educate ourselves about global poverty and through reading a lot of books. 

Half the Sky influenced me significantly. I learned the power of giving the poor an opportunity instead of charity. Charity often leads to dependence and apathy, whereas when people are given an opportunity at employment they are motivated, empowered, successful, which allows them to become heroes of their own story, instead of relying on someone else to rescue them. 
Then I was introduced to Trades of Hope through a friend. She invited me to her first launch party and right away I fell in love with the company and the concept. After learning so much about the importance of a living wage and God weaving Trades of Hope in my life, I joined Trades of Hope. I truly believe that the best way I can be empowering people out of poverty, if I am not going to move half-way around the world right now,– is through Trades of Hope.
Since joining, I have been learning about making better choices with my dollar, understanding where my products come from and where my charitable giving is actually going. I’ve read amazing books, seen great documentaries and had my eyes opened to the dark problems in the world that have bright lights of hope shining on them because of fair trade and education. I have been so blessed by my fellow sister C.E’s (Compassionate Entrepreneurs like me), the artisans that I am able to represent, and the passion of this beautiful business!

[Trades of Hope] partner[s] with over 20 artisan groups in 12 different countries around the globe and the United States to sell beautiful, handcrafted jewelry, scarves, bags, and home decor. I love that behind each piece of jewelry, scarf, or home décor I know that there is a woman with hopes and dreams that I am helping to empower out of poverty.  We have artisans in Haiti who are mama’s that are now able to feed their babies and now do not have to put them in orphanages simply because they are unable to feed them, people in Kenya with disabilities who otherwise would not be able to find work, single mothers who are AIDS victims from Uganda, girls aging out from the orphanages in Guatemala, victims of acid attacks in Cambodia, and women coming out of the sex trade in the U.S.  


For my piece I chose the Delhi Necklace. It was no easy task. Jamie told me the story about one of the women who made my necklace.

Dehli Necklace Story from Trades of Hope on First Time Mom

There are so many options for products from bracelets to adorable backpacks, necklaces to scarves!

Trades of Hope Valentine's graphic 2

 So how do you get in on changing the life of another woman? Jamie explains,

There are 4 ways you can be apart of supporting our artisans: Shop. Host. Join. We tell the stories of our artisans​ through home parties, online parties, vendor events, ​fundraisers ​and spread the word!  ​You can earn hostess dollars to get FREE products and put food on the table!​ ​But most importantly, ​​I am always looking for women who want to link arms and join our sisterhood to help put an end to world poverty by becoming a Compassionate Entrepreneur like myself. ​I love my job.  I love that I am able to help pay for Christmas presents, and take my family on vacation, but that I am also able to support my sisters around the world. It’s so rewarding financially, spiritually, and emotionally.
Trades of Hope Valentine's Day. First Time Mom

Want to share the love this Valentine’s Day? Here’s all the information you or that special someone needs to know:

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The deadline to order and receive the products by Valentine’s Day is February 9th!

Now you get the opportunity to win your own Dehli Necklace! 

Trades of Hope Delhi Necklace. First Time Mom

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