Buy all the THOR: RAGNAROK Things! Special thanks to Marvel, Disney and ABC for sending me on this all expense paid trip to cover THOR RAGNAROK, “The Mayor” on ABC, CARS 3 Blu-Ray release, Disney Junior’s “Vampirina” and littleBits’ STAR WARS Droid Inventor Kits. All opinions are my own. There are affiliate links in this blog post.

Trust me, once you see THOR: RAGNAROK this weekend (yes, it’s finally open RIGHT NOW!) you’re going to want to buy all the THOR things! At least your child will. Not sure if your kid can see THOR: RAGNAROK? Check out my review of the film.

There’s so much out there for any age THOR: RAGNAROK fan. I just know my son is chomping at the bit to see the film and then he’ll want to buy everything that’s available. I’ve put together a list of the top products my 9-year-old son wants to have.

Buy all the THOR: RAGNAROK Things! Products my 9-year-old son wants to own after seeing THOR: RAGNAROK. #ThorRagnarok #ThorRagnarokEvent

Marvel Thor: Ragnarok Electronic Thor – Electronic Thor figure featuring battle sounds and phrases, 12-inch action figure with 5-point articulation. Press button and imagine Thor, God of Thunder, striking into battle. Works with Interactive Gladiator Hulk (sold separately). Includes figure, accessory, and instructions.

Marvel Thor: Ragnarok Electronic Thor

Marvel Thor: Ragnarok Interactive Gladiator Hulk – Battle sounds and phrases, Fist-smashing feature, Interacts with Marvel Thor: Ragnarok Electronic Thor figure (sold separately). Figure inspired by Thor: Ragnarok. Includes figure, 2 accessories, and instructions.

Marvel Thor: Ragnarok Thor Rumble Strike Hammer – Strike a surface for spring-activated rumbling sound effects! Imagine battling with the mighty hammer of Thor! With strike-activated sounds, kids can imagine thundering into battle like Thor! Includes hammer.Marvel Thor: Ragnarok Thor Rumble Strike Hammer

Marvel Thor: Ragnarok Hulk Smash FX Fists – Motion-activated smash sounds and roars! Punch the air, smash down, or repeatedly punch a hard surface for increasingly exciting Hulk sound effects! Gamma-green fists let kids imagine smashing into action like the Hulk. Includes 1 electronic fist, 1 non-electronic fist, and instructions.Marvel Thor: Ragnarok Hulk Smash FX Fists


Marvel Thor: Ragnarok Hulk Out Mask – Kids can imagine “hulking out” with the eyebrow-raising, mouth-moving Hulk Out mask! Put on mask and open mouth to raise Hulk’s eyebrows and go from mad to furious! Kids can let out their own “ROAR” and imagine charging into action like the Hulk! Ages 5 and up. Includes mask. 

Marvel Thor: Ragnarok Hulk Out Mask

Marvel Legends Thor: Ragnarok 3.75-inch Thor & Hulk 2-Pack – Movie-inspired design. Premium articulation and detailing, Character-inspired accessories, Collect other Marvel Legends Series figures (each sold separately). Includes: 2 figures and 4 accessories.

Marvel Legends Thor: Ragnarok 3.75-inch Thor & Hulk 2-Pack

LEGO Super Heroes the Ultimate Battle for Asgard 76084 Building Kit (400 Piece– The commodore spaceship features an opening minifigure cockpit, 2 dual stud shooters, opening storage compartment and a minifigure-drop function. Includes 6 minifigures: Thor, Bruce Banner, Valkyrie, Hela, 2 Berserkers, plus a buildable Fenris wolf figure. Weapons include Thor and Hela’s Power Blasts (3 each), Hela’s sword and axe, Valkyrie’s sword and the Berserkers’ blades (2 each). Bruce Banner minifigure has 2 faces—turn the head to begin his transformation into angry Hulk. Commodore spaceship measures over 1in (3cm) high, 8in (22cm) long and 7in (20cm) wide, the fenris Wolf measures over 3in (8cm) high, 6in (16cm) long and 2in (6cm) wide.

LEGO Super Heroes the Ultimate Battle for Asgard 76084 Building Kit (400 Piece)

LEGO Super Heroes Thor Vs. Hulk: Arena Clash 76088 Building Kit (492 Piece) – The arena features a sliding gate, opening wall section with secret weapons rack plus spear, axe and sword, opening prison cell, 2 topple-function pillars with translucent floodlight-style elements. Includes 4 minifigures: Thor, Loki, Grandmaster and a Sakaarian Guard, plus a Hulk big figure. Weapons include Thor’s 2 swords, the guard’s staff and Hulk’s axe and hammer. Arena also features a throne for Grandmaster and seat for Loki—each with knock-over function. Hulk stands over 2in (7cm) tall, Arena when opened out measures over 7in (19cm) high, 15in (39cm) wide and 2in (7cm) deep

FunKo Pop! Marvel: Thor Ragnarok – I have Thor without his helmet and his short hair and I have Valkyrie already. I want more though! 


Check out my buddy Drew’s video for even more THOR: RAGNAROK merchandise! This guy knows his stuff better than I do when it comes to toys.


When can you see THOR: RAGNAROK? TODAY November 3rd, 2017, EVERYWHERE.

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