I was given product in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own and I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review.

This past May I participated in a themed giveaway hop with a few bloggers to celebrate Mother’s day. The event was called Something Special for Mom and the prizes had to be items that only a mother would appreciate. When Jessica, the artist behind the company, Memories in Clay, contacting me about sponsoring I instantly fell in love with her work.

Jessica takes clay imprints of your child’s hands, even your fur baby’s paws, and casts them creating a durable product that will help you remember where your child or pet was during that time and space. I’m sure you’ve felt the ticking of life’s clock like I have; it goes by too quickly and you cannot stop it. Jessica’s art makes you feel like the past is present with you.

For the review I did a sibling plaque (ARV $60). We followed Jessica’s directions that are laid out nicely here and my kids really liked getting involved in the process. Kendall, my two year old daughter didn’t quite understand what it was that we were doing. Thankfully the clay is moldable. If you mess up you can start over, no harm, no foul! Once we finished our part of getting the imprints into the clay I mailed it back to Jessica in an already addressed package that had postage on it.

What I’ve learned about Jessica and why I would recommend Memories in Clay to any is that she strives for quality. She would rather prolong the process, informing you of any mishaps along the way, than simply meet a deadline. When she first made my plaque she didn’t like the way it had come out of the kiln so she contacted me about it and suggested we not do an imprint rather we do a 3D outprint instead of the imprint I first wanted. I’m very pleased with the finished product.

It’s too early to think about Christmas, in my opinion, however, I think that if you’re looking to give someone something sentimental you must look into Memories in Clay. I put my plaque in the kitchen; it’s where I spend the majority of my day from making meals for the kids to cleaning up after them. Tell me, where would you put yours?

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