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Image courtesy of Tastefully Simple, Inc. Used with permission

This post was sponsored by Tastefully Simple. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

There are many things expectant parents can do to prepare for the arrival of their little bundles of joy. Stocking up on freezer meals is something I highly recommend. tastefully simpleTo help new moms and dads keep up with life and their new little ones, Tastefully Simple has identified a number of recipes that are quick, easy, and freezer friendly. I was sent some delicious Tastefully Simple products to help me prepare meals as we wait for Baby #2 to arrive.

Ultimate Steak Seasoning This seasoning blend, retailing for $8.99, is a savory mix of salt, garlic, and spices that perk up any cut of meat. It was a delicious way to season grilled steaks. We ate some of the steaks and then used the rest of the meat for one of my favorite freezer meals, fried rice. I also seasoned grilled summer squash and zucchini with the Ultimate Steak Seasoning and it was so good. Note, a little bit of this seasoning goes a long way so use sparingly at first and adjust as needed. On the packaging there is also a recipe for using the Ultimate Steak Seasoning in a simple marinade. I have not tried this yet, but it looks yummy. Tastefully Simple also has what looks to be a delicious freezer-friendly recipe for Hearty Fajitas that incorporates the Ultimate Steak Seasoning and the Bold Burger Seasoning, which I describe later.

tastefully simpleHoney Teriyaki Sauce I mentioned above that one of my favorite freezer meals is fried rice. Well, Tastefully Simple’s Honey Teriyaki Sauce took my fried rice up a  couple of notches. I love how the savory salty flavor of the soy sauce really pops in this sauce without compromising the teriyaki’s signature sweetness. The sauce retails for $8.99 and is perfect as a marinade, dipping sauce for dumplings, or sauce for delicious stir fries. Here is Tastefully Simple’s Honey Teriyaki Vegetable Stir Fry Recipe.

Bold Burger Seasoning This seasoning blend is probably my favorite Tastefully Simple product I received. We followed the simple recipe on the packaging to season our burgers and invited some friends over for lunch. Without me needing to ask, the burgers got rave reviews from everyone, even the kids. I plan to use another seasoning packet for the “Slow-Cooked Bold Beef Roast” which would make another great freezer meal. Yum!

Image courtesy of Tastefully Simple, Inc. Used with permission

Image courtesy of Tastefully Simple, Inc. Used with permission

My Mug Cake Now it’s time for dessert! As a special treat, because what mom doesn’t like to be treated, Tastefully Simple also sent me an adorable and delectable My Mug Cake Spring/Summer Collection including a perfectly portioned mug and two mug cake mixes. What a quick, simple, and satisfying dessert. Just fill the mug with water up to the line indicated inside the mug, pour and stir the cake mixture, sprinkle with the topping, microwave for a minute, and wait  for the cake to cool some and enjoy your own personal treat. This set costs $19.95 is definitely a perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth. Actually one lucky First Time Mom reader will win a My Mug Cake Spring/Summer Collection! Simply fill out the giveaway from at the end of this post for your chance to win.

Now I leave you with a wonderful party idea cooked up by the good people at Tastefully Simple, a Tastefully Simple baby shower in which the guests would help prepare freezer meals for the expecting mom. What a practical and delicious way to celebrate the coming little bundle of joy! Here is Tastefully Simple’s ultimate Baby Shower Occasions Guide to help the hostess create a perfect event. The guide includes recipes, meal packages, evite invitations, and pinterest ideas. Happy cooking and don’t forget to enter for a chance to win a tasty My Mug Cake Spring/Summer Collection.

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