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Me Before Mom

moms are saying...

“As a child therapist, I will recommend that moms read this book to be able to better provide for the needs of themselves, and ultimately, their children. When moms are happy, everyone’s life is better! Bert identifies opportunities for moms to get to know themselves as women, and encourages self-care without the guilt,” Lauren C.

moms are saying...

“It is an enjoyable, easy read, and helps you to feel ok about taking care of yourself first sometimes,” Erin W. 

moms are saying...

“[Bert’s] an encourager who promotes not forgetting to care for yourself and reach for your passions, especially after becoming a mom. In her book, “Me Before Mom,” she shares some practical ways to not lose sight of being you, first and foremost. It’s a quick read that leaves you wanting more, and gets your mind thinking what’s next for you and your story.”  Jorden T.

moms are saying...

“If you have been feeling alone in this motherhood thing, in her book she shares wise advice and insightful questions to ask yourself as you define what it means to take care of yourself. It’s about embracing the woman you became when you became a mom,” Melissa S.

moms are saying...

“As a mom, it’s sometimes hard take time for ourselves, or to really value who we are outside of our roles as mothers. Bert really nails this subject as important for many reasons, which she discusses in this book. I really appreciated the encouragement she offered to all moms, and her positive and supportive tone. She talks openly about her own struggles and offers testimonials from other moms too. Overall, I would very highly recommend that every mom read this – no matter what stage,” Sally M.

moms are saying...

“Bert’s book is my kind of book, short, sweet, and to the point. (I don’t have a lot of time to read so short books are my jam. Haha!) The book is not long, about 45 pages, but it doesn’t need to be long to get it’s point across. Bert discusses motherhood, self-loss, using self-assessments to help discover who you are now, the importance of self-care, and finding your passions again.” Pretty In Baby Food


Me Before Mom

from Pretty in Baby Food

“There are so many other great quotes from Bert’s book that belong on letter boards, and inspirational social media messages. Her book has fueled my quest to rediscover who I was before I became a mom, and to also help me learn the person I am after becoming a mom. I plan on using Bert’s book as just one of the many tools in my tool belt to better myself, and hopefully in bettering myself it will help me become a better mom.”


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Wondering where you can get your hands on some of the resources I used in the process of writing Me Before Mom? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve listed out the resources that are mentioned in the book as well as my Amazon Me Before Mom store where you’ll find not only the resources but other books and products that I recommened.

Struggling with early motherhood, author Bert M Anderson realized that she needed to find who she was in her new role as “mom”. Years of soul searching has accumulated into the encouraging book ME BEFORE MOM: PUTTING YOUR OXYGEN MASK ON FIRST.


Me before mom resources


StrengthsFinder 2.0

One of my favorites! Buy the book or visit their site to receive an access code and you’ll be able to unlock your strengths today! 

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts

Dr. Gary Chapman has so many version of his The 5 Love Languages that you could spend hours learning about each and every relationship. I reference his first book in chapter 1.

Meyers Briggs 

Click here to visit 16Personalities to learn more about your Meyers Briggs type.