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#GOH : #Christmas Food Overload. Need Recipes!!!!

If you’re like me you’re probably sitting on the couch in your stretchy pants amazed by the amount of food you've consumed in the past 24 hours. You also are probably itching to get on that treadmill or yoga mat. I also cannot wait to get back to my normal way of...

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Summer #BlogChallenge Day 18: Favorite Recipe

You know, I have quite a few favorite recipes. I mean I'm certain that we all do. Since it's the summertime and we're wearing skimpier clothes I thought I'd link back to a healthy, sweet option for your next potluck! Happy baking Blueberry Squares to you! Want more...

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Halloween "Friendly Ghost" Snack

  Now I don't know why I have just now started to read the blog Skinny Taste because it's totally up my alley and it's even Weight Watchers friendly.  (BTW did you know that I'm doing WW?  Yep I am!  Slowly but surely the weight from Lady Bug is coming off.)  Anyways,...

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