Project Pomona Baby JeansThere’s just something about a great pair of jeans that effortlessly pulls together a cute outfit! But finding a good pair of baby jeans is more challenging than one would think… especially if your baby has a cloth diaper booty bump! What’s a fashionable, eco-conscience baby to do? Project Pomona jeans to the rescue!

I was sent a pair of Project Pomona Stretch Denim Eco Fit Baby Jeans to review. These handmade jeans are specifically designed for easy diaper changes and to fit even the fluffiest of bums.  The look of Pomona jeans are super stylish and cute. I love the dark denim color and Pomona’s quality of construction.

Pomona Baby JeansWhat sets Pomonas apart from other baby jeans is their “Simple Snap waist system.” Instead of securing along the middle of the jeans, Pomonas have two sets of snaps, one on each hip and a center panel that secures over top. This clever design serves many purposes. First, it facilitates easy diaper changes. When unsnapped, Pomonas have a large opening in front so you do not need to remove the entire jean for a diaper change. My husband, who often gets flustered during those extra wiggly changes, said that Pomonas were, “the easiest baby pants to work with.”

Second, the Simple Snap waist system offers a wide variety of fits. Along the back there is also elastic built into the waistband, which provides a snug but flexible fit. BabyCakes is long and slim… much like his 6’5″ daddy! It can be difficult to find pants that both fit over BabyCake’s fluffy bum and aren’t too big for his tiny waist. BabyCakes wore Ponomas over his trimmest and bulkiest cloth diapers and both looked great!

Pomona Simple Snap Waist

Pomonas also have extra length in the legs and look great cuffed. This, along with the quality construction, and variety of waist settings ensures that these jeans will fit your baby for a long time. With price tags of $25 and more one may think Pomonas are expensive; however, when I factor in how long BabyCakes will be able to wear each pair I find them to be a good investment.

The only concern I have with these jeans is that I cannot dry them with the rest of my baby clothes. The care instructions specify: tumble dry on low or hang dry. Since I use communal laundry I rarely do an extra dryer load for items that require low heat. However, we always have a drying rack up for diaper laundry, so air drying our Pomonas is no problem for us.

Project Pomona sells a wide variety of adorable baby and toddler clothing on their website. They specialize in pants and shorts made of non-knit material (demin, twill, khaki, etc). Pomonas are stylish, well-made, and a great bang for your buck. This mama gives them two thumbs up!

First Time Mom Laura Ankrum

I was sent a pair of Project Pomona Stretch Denim Eco Fit Baby Jeans in exchange for this review; there was no monetary compensation for my opinions. All opinions are my own.