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Recently, I came clean to a friend of mine, Mary. You may remember her from the weight loss challenge I did three years ago. She was the overall winner of the challenge and she’s a great inspiration to me as well as to anyone who meets her. I’m just disappointed in myself to be honest. I’m sad that I’m in this same place again, a year after baby’s been born and I’m still carrying that weight plus more. The amount that I have to lose is overwhelming too.

Do you ever feel like that? Like the goal you have is so far away you don’t even know if you can sustain the behavior needed to reach it?

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Mary’s biggest point of success is planning out meals and snacks. I know this and if you’re trying to lose weight and be healthy like me I’m certain you know it too. It’s so hard when you’re a mom with children who are young. Small children are physically demanding and there isn’t a ton of time for you to be in the kitchen prepping and cooking fresh, clean foods. I wish I had the time and in my dream world I wouldn’t need the time because my personal chef (he used to be Oprah’s chef) would just make everything for me. Alas, I don’t live in my dream world. When I’m thinking about my snacks for the week I like to choose snacks that are easy, readily available for quick consumption on the go and will make me feel satisfied until the next meal. The more organic and pure a food is the more sustainable it is and the better I feel eating it. I’ve really come to enjoy my afternoon snack of Stonyfield Organic’s Oh My Yog! It’s a decadent tasting yogurt that is full of protein and flavor which not only satisfies my sweet tooth but also keeps me full until dinnertime.

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One of the definitions of sustain is “to keep (a person, the mind, the spirits, etc.) from giving way, asunder trial or affliction.” When you’re in the position I’m in: needing to lose upwards of 50 pounds, the ability to not give up is quintessential to success. It calls for proper planning and above all else, clean eating, I had the opportunity to look at prAna’s organic cotton line and choose one item that I would use with my favorite snack Oh My Yog! I chose the Ginger Top in Retro Teal (pictured)  because it’s comfortable and cozy, just like my favorite Oh My Yog! flavor Madagascar Vanilla Bean. It’s got a hint of sweetness (with a touch of honey) that tells my sugar loving taste buds we’ve had something sweet but without all of the artificial junk some other sweet tasting snacks have that just make me crave more. And on those particularly challenging days when all I want is to dive into a bowl of ice cream during naptime, instead I can dive into my Oh My Yog! and sit in the stillness of the afternoon in my prAna sweater.

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You need to love yourself enough to make a lifestyle change like the one I’m currently making. I’m comfortable in my own skin but I choose to live a life that’s healthy, clean and sustainable for my children and that is what I’m fighting for.

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