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What is it with my 26 month old?

For the past week and a half Buggie has been fighting his nap.  It came out of the blue and I really had no warning that it was going to happen.  I've done a little research and it seems that this is fairly common for a little one his age.  Let's be honest, life is...

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Here's me blushing...very embarrassed here.  It has been like, what? seven months since my last post?  YIKES!  Inexcusable!!!  I'm sure that any of you who are reading this that have a toddler or have raised toddlers understand that life does not slow down until nap...

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The things I won't tell my children…

I was watching Dr. Phil today and he brought up something very interesting that I hadn't given much thought to.  There were two young teenage girls who were sexually promiscuous with many different partners.  The mother of one of the girls had gotten pregnant with her...

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A Year and a Half

Photo courtesy Jennie Gaskins -, precisely 18 months ago right now at this time I was starting hard labor.  And by labor I mean back labor.  Thank you, Buggie, for that, or perhaps I'll thank Eve for that.  Thanks Eve! It's so hard to...

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Discipline, Discipline

Ugh.  I didn't think that getting a newborn to go to sleep and stay asleep would be so difficult.  Then I read books upon books about sleeping and learned thanks to Mr. Weissbluth that it is difficult to sleep AND it's a developmental thing.  Really, there is no such...

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Some things never change

I remember distinctly when I was in college and the drama that surrounded my friends and me.  I personally believe that it is unnatural to stick six to seven girls in a small confined living area unless they are related by blood.  That setting spells one word and one...

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…it changes everything.

I am a creature of change.  Being raise in the military, change was a natural part of life for me.  We moved every two to three years and being the "new" kid in school felt natural.  I once was a shy Kindergartener but after we moved from Edina to Grand Forks, I...

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Everybody's workin' for the weekend

Betcha have that song in your head now, huh?  I was thinking last week as I experienced my first time being sick and being a full-time mommy, how mothering is really a 24/7 job.  Sure, I don't have any place to report in day in and day out.  I don't get an annual...

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On Monday, the Anderson family's good friend, Jean, came over for lunch so she could spend time with Leah before she flew off to Rapid City. I always enjoy when Jean is around and I believe that most people do. She is very easy to talk with and quite a bit of fun. It...

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