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23 Hours and Counting!!!

The Deyitta Bag Giveaway closes in 23 hours!  How excited are you?!  I'm VERY excited or as my son would say, "I berry cited."  There's still time - 22.5 hours from me writing this post to be exact - to enter.  If you haven't  entered the giveaway yet - go to...

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It's a "Is it Friday Yet? Thursday"

Photo taken by JD PhotographyOh this week has been LONG.  Long afternoons, endless mornings and quick nights - the kind where you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, look at the clock and see that it says, "5:00am."  Huge bummer.  You know that...

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Coming Soon…My First Giveaway!

I'm working on it with a fabulous Etsy owner but I'll be announcing my first giveaway very soon!  I'll give you a hint, it can be used by all moms and it doesn't have to do with cloth diapering.  Stay tuned, you don't want to miss it!  

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To sleep is to dream…or is it?

Left: 26 Weeks We all know, if you have ever been pregnant, that dreams during pregnancy can be vivid and downright WEIRD.  I think I had the strangest dream ever last night.  It was disturbing and just beyond ridiculous.  It is, however, a clear indication of how I'm...

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Cloth Diapers Leaking and Need a Treatment?

Special Note: The information in this blog post is from 2011 and while the Atsko treatment did help extend the life of our bumGenius 3.0s I am not certain if Cotton Babies would recommend this. Please contact the cloth diaper brand first about using this treatment if...

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Did someone say Sunday Night Breakfast??

Last night for our Sunday Night Breakfast dinner I made beignets with a mix Ben brought back from New Orleans after visiting his best friend from college, the best man at our wedding, Jeff.  It's from Cafe Du Monde and if you have never had them you are missing out!...

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PPD & the Firecracker

You know, there are some things I definitely got right with Brennan.  Take sleeping, for example, I consider myself the expert among my friends (okay a lot of them are well educated too, in particular my birth class buddy, Michelle, who walked through the sleepless...

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As I've stated before this pregnancy has been somewhat different from Brennan's.  Already this child is suffering from second child syndrome.  Besides the times I can feel the Firecracker moving around I really don't feel like I'm pregnant (thank goodness b/c I abhor...

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