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Did someone say Sunday Night Breakfast??

Last night for our Sunday Night Breakfast dinner I made beignets with a mix Ben brought back from New Orleans after visiting his best friend from college, the best man at our wedding, Jeff.  It's from Cafe Du Monde and if you have never had them you are missing out!...

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PPD & the Firecracker

You know, there are some things I definitely got right with Brennan.  Take sleeping, for example, I consider myself the expert among my friends (okay a lot of them are well educated too, in particular my birth class buddy, Michelle, who walked through the sleepless...

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As I've stated before this pregnancy has been somewhat different from Brennan's.  Already this child is suffering from second child syndrome.  Besides the times I can feel the Firecracker moving around I really don't feel like I'm pregnant (thank goodness b/c I abhor...

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What is it with my 26 month old?

For the past week and a half Buggie has been fighting his nap.  It came out of the blue and I really had no warning that it was going to happen.  I've done a little research and it seems that this is fairly common for a little one his age.  Let's be honest, life is...

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Here's me blushing...very embarrassed here.  It has been like, what? seven months since my last post?  YIKES!  Inexcusable!!!  I'm sure that any of you who are reading this that have a toddler or have raised toddlers understand that life does not slow down until nap...

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The things I won't tell my children…

I was watching Dr. Phil today and he brought up something very interesting that I hadn't given much thought to.  There were two young teenage girls who were sexually promiscuous with many different partners.  The mother of one of the girls had gotten pregnant with her...

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A Year and a Half

Photo courtesy Jennie Gaskins -, precisely 18 months ago right now at this time I was starting hard labor.  And by labor I mean back labor.  Thank you, Buggie, for that, or perhaps I'll thank Eve for that.  Thanks Eve! It's so hard to...

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Discipline, Discipline

Ugh.  I didn't think that getting a newborn to go to sleep and stay asleep would be so difficult.  Then I read books upon books about sleeping and learned thanks to Mr. Weissbluth that it is difficult to sleep AND it's a developmental thing.  Really, there is no such...

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Some things never change

I remember distinctly when I was in college and the drama that surrounded my friends and me.  I personally believe that it is unnatural to stick six to seven girls in a small confined living area unless they are related by blood.  That setting spells one word and one...

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