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Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

No...sorry.  It's not the grand announcement of the Knickernappies' Baby Bum Drops giveaway - sorry friends, you have one more day to wait (and enter).  I'm just excited because of all the giveaways I enter I FINALLY won something!  I was so surprised this morning...

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My Very First Blogging Award!

...Ah hem...I'd like to thank God, my family, especially my hubby who's been every so supportive, my son who let's me work on the 'puter.  Oh wait!  Not the Academy Awards.  Okay got it!Seriously, I was so touched and happy when I received this little award from...

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Life's a Project: 5 Joys

I was planning on taking a little break from blogging today, however, I just read a post that was really encouraging so I have to share it with you all.  My friend, Daphne, over at Life's a Project, wrote a very encouraging post this afternoon based on something we...

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And the winners are….

First off Happy Mother's Day to all you mommies out there!!!  Here's hoping this brightens your day wherever you are and whatever the weather is like!  Come back on Tuesday for my next giveaway - it's an adorable little shop I found on Etsy!  Also don't forget that...

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IFYThursday: Behind Closed Doors…Reader Beware

AH!!!!!!!!!!!  You are now going to get an actual peek into life on Teakwood Ln.  We've started preparations to move our son into another room and into a big boy bed.  To do this required a little rearranging...okay a LOT of rearranging.  I liken myself to Monica on...

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generationMe Reusable Products Review

generationMe doubler use with a Bumgenius 3.0.I mentioned in a previous post the cloth diaper leaking problems we were having about a month or so ago.  (Click here to read that post.)  Part of our success with our leaking problems have been the use of generationMe's...

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The Origin of the Anderson SNB

When Ben and I first got married I decided that I wanted to have breakfast for dinner every Sunday night.  This desire was fueled by my passion to create our own traditions for our family as well as my love of breakfast foods.  Thus began Sunday Night Breakfast - or...

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Isn't it so pretty?!

Okay.  Fine.  I needed a makeover.  Something classier, more simple.  Something that would say Here I am world, the FTM. (And cue trumpets...)  Who did I call?  Ghostbusters?  No!  I contacted Julie, my blogging friend at SheThinksMedia!Isn't she a beaut'?  I think so...

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