Friends on Netflix. First Time Mom

This post contains affiliate links. I received a year’s subscription to Netflix in exchange for this post. All feelings are my own and I have not been monetarily compensated for my opinion.

Guess who’s coming to Netflix? No, it isn’t Gilmore Girls silly. That’s already on there. Dawson’s Creek? Yeah, Netflix’s got that covered too. Pretty much every TV show that’s reminiscent of my adolescent years can be found on Netflix. All except one. One very important TV show. The only (dare I say it?) TV show that you can relate almost every part of your life back to. What show is that? Why, it’s Friends of course?!


That’s right, Friends, is coming to Netflix on January 1st and I couldn’t be happier about it. I have every season of the famed sitcom but you know what? Now that I’m used to Netflix and its auto-play feature, standing up to change discs to watch more episodes is just not appealing to me in the least. Is it lazy? Perhaps but come on; I’m a mother with three young children, life doesn’t allow me to be lazy.

I firmly believe that almost any situation in life can relate to a Friends episode. Here are my examples:

1. In April, when I went into prodomal labor all I could think about was the Friends’ episode, The One Where Rachel has a Baby. In one of the scenes Rachel has a conversation with her doctor that goes like this,

Rachel: Dr. Long, I’ve been at this for seventeen hours! Three women have come and gone with their babies, you gotta give me some good news! How many centimeters am I dilated? Eight? Nine?

Dr. Long: Three.

Ross: Just three?! I’m dilated three!

2. Moving furniture? Don’t forget the Pivot! episode! (Okay it’s actually called The One with the Cop.) It’s one of my all time favorites.

3. Any time someone makes a trifle….The One Where Ross Got High. You know, Rachel tries to be domestic and make a trifle for Thanksgiving dinner, only the page gets stuck together and she ends up making a Shepherd’s Pie Trifle. Joey’s roommate (played by Elle McPherson) and her model friends are having a Thanksgiving day party that both Joey and Ross are invited to; only they can’t go until they’ve eaten all of Thanksgiving dinner, including Rachel’s half trifle, half shepherd’s pie disaster. Ross thinks it tastes like feet. Not surprisingly Joey likes it, “What’s not to like? Custard? Good. Jam? Good. Meat?Gooooood.”

Tastes like feet. Friends Episode. First Time Mom


4. Starting a workout regime? Be thankful that jobless Monica, with too much time on her hands, isn’t your trainer! (in The One Where Ross Finds Out) Starting to run with a friend? Run with abandon like Phoebe! (in The One Where Phoebe Runs.)

Phoebe running. First Time Mom

5. My husband and I lovingly joke about how similar Monica and I are in our desire for cleanliness. Yes, even down to having a secret storage place where I just pitch things into our closet. See a clip from The One With The Secret Closet.

Really, I could go on and on and maybe I will in a different blog post. Now, that I can stream Friends I’ll have to get reacquainted with my, eh hem, friends and write more posts about how life really syncs up with Friends episodes. Oh and have you seen All Hail King Julien? We’ve had fun practicing our dance moves with this exclusive Netflix series.

How are you ringing in the New Year?

All Hail King Julien. Netflix. First Time Mom