5 Reasons Your Daughter Needs to See MOANA in Theaters

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This is a little late because Disney’s newest animated film MOANA has been out in theaters since Wednesday but Thanksgiving happened and this mom just couldn’t do it all. I loved the movie so much though that I just had to share with you all the five reasons your daughter needs to see MOANA in a theater this holiday season.

5 Reasons Your Daughter Needs to See MOANA in a Theater this Holiday Season.

  • While the title character of the film, Moana, is technically a princess, she redefines Disney princesses and is something that girls can aspire to be. She’s strong, independent, loyal to her family and her people, and she’s kind. She also looks like a real woman with hips – yes good birthing hips! Plus, there is no romance. I repeat absolutely no romantic interest for Moana.

    Moana opens Thanksgiving Weekend

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  • In a world where she’s being told who she needs to be, Moana, seeks out her own calling and follows it. As the daughter of her tribe’s chief, Moana, has certain obligations she needs to uphold and of course, there are expectations for her future. She feels a strong calling, however, to be something else. Will she follow her own path or stay behind?

    MOANA in theaters now

    AULI‘I CRAVALHO lends her voice to the title character, MOANA, a teenager who dreams of becoming a master wayfinder. ©2016 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

  • She doesn’t look like all the other Disney princesses…and it’s about time. I already mentioned this but it was refreshing to see a princess look like a real human woman. All of the women in the film looked normal. I also had the privilege to see the film with my daughter’s friend and her family. It was so fun to see this little girl watch a Disney princess who looked just like her.
MOANA is in theaters now

My kids, Brennan, Kendall & Keira, and our little friend, Nola, who finally has a princess that looks like her.

  • The music. Oh, the music. After following in the footsteps of FROZEN, MOANA had some big shoes to fill. With Hamilton creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda at the helms, with Mark Mancina (he wrote the score for the film) and Opetaia Foa’i, co-writing with him, the soundtrack for the film is something that has to be heard on movie theater speakers. Yes, the music fills your soul and like the most delightful earworm stays with you at all times.


  •  I want my daughters to know where they’ve come from; Moana finds out who her ancestors are. I think that part of helping my children grow into capable, good citizens is teaching them their history. Where did they come from? How did we arrive in America and what stories do our ancestors tell? With the help of her grandmother, Moana finds out her ancestors’ history and that inevitably helps her come into her own.

    Moana and her grandmother. Moana is in theaters everywhere.

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I honestly cannot say enough good things about MOANA. I loved it, my children loved it, my husband loved it; I have no doubt that you will love it. We took all three of our children – 2.5-year-old, 5-year-old, and 8-year-old. There were some intense scenes but there was nothing that was so intense that we had to leave the theater during the film. I was pretty convinced my youngest was going to spend the majority of the film hiding her face in my husband’s shoulder but I was pleasantly surprised when she exceeded my expectations.

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So is MOANA something that really has to be seen in the theater? Survey says: YES. Don’t wait for it to come out. Head to the movies this weekend and get your island feel on, then go and either buy the soundtrack or download it.


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