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MIDNIGHT SUN Movie Review: Go See The Movie but Bring the Tissues

Midnight Sun is a teenage romance that will tug at a heart string or two. The movie is centered around the main character named Katie Price (Bella Thorne) who is a typical teenager who just graduated high school, has a passion for music, and a crazy best friend but something about her sets her apart. Katie has a rare skin disease called Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP). This disease restricts her from making any contact with ultra-violent light, AKA no sun contact. So she stays inside all day and then explores the wonders of the night. During one of her late night adventures, she finds herself face to face with Charlie (Patrick Schwarzenegger). Charlie is a boy she has been watching pass outside of her window for the past 10+ years, although she has never gotten the chance to meet Charlie, due to her disease, the two finally meet and it could not be more meant to be. After they get to talking, Charlie begins to tell of his troubles and hardships with football, a shoulder injury, and a potential college scholarship. The two grow closer and Charlie decides to take Katie on a late night adventure to Seattle. Along the way, Katie has a lot of new experiences with Charlie such events include a train ride, Chinese food, and a swimming fiasco. All while Charlie and Katie have been together, she cannot bear to tell him about her skin condition in fear that he will no longer view her as a normal teenage girl. A night of fun soon leads to the unexpected break of day. The future of Katie Price is left in the hands of time. Grab a tissue box because Midnight Sun is sure to leave you in tears.


I was given the opportunity to go to the Mall of America and sit down with 5 other high schoolers to interview the stars of Midnight Sun, Bella Thorne & Patrick Schwarzenegger, as well as the director of the movie, Scott Speer. We all sat around a round table and each got to ask one question. If you are not familiar with Patrick, he is the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Going into the interview I really wanted to get the perspective from Patrick considering his family background.

I was able to ask Patrick, “Given your family background, do you have any advice for teens who are feeling pressured to live up to their parent’s aspirations for them?” He described that right now he wants to make his own path for himself and that even though he may be doing similar things to his mom and dad, he is branching off to create his own legacy. He said that advice he would give to teens would be to become passionate about what you want to do and as long as you love to do something then pursue it. They answered our questions very thoroughly and genuinely. It was a great experience.

MIDNIGHT SUN Movie Review: Go See The Movie but Bring the Tissues

With director Scott Speer, actress Bella Thorne, Shalyn Cole and actor Patrick Schwarzenegger

MIDNIGHT SUN is a romantic tearjerker about 17-year-old Katie Price (Bella Thorne), sheltered at home since childhood with a rare genetic condition, a life-threatening sensitivity to sunlight. Having only her father Jack (Rob Riggle) for company, Katie’s world opens up after dark when she ventures outside to play her guitar. One night, her dreams come true when she’s noticed and asked out by her longtime crush Charlie (Patrick Schwarzenegger), whom she’s secretly watched from her bedroom window for years. As they embark on nightly summer excursions, Katie’s risk to sunlight grows and she’s presented with the gut-wrenching dilemma of whether she can live a normal life with her newfound soul mate.


MIDNIGHT SUN was originally a Japanese film,

Midnight Sun is a 2018 American romantic drama film, directed by Scott Speer and written by Eric Kirsten, and based on the 2006 Japanese film of the same name. The film stars Bella ThornePatrick Schwarzenegger, and Rob Riggle, and follows a teenage girl with the disease xeroderma pigmentosum, which prevents her from going out into sunlight. When she meets a boy, she struggles to decide whether to tell him about her condition or pretend to live a normal life. Principal photography began on October 12, 2015 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The film was released in the United States on March 23, 2018.

Get out to a theatre and bring the tissues. You’re going to need them!

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