3 Simple Ways to Keep Your House Looking Neat & Tidy

Want to know a secret? I cannot stand clutter and mess. Okay that’s probably not a big secret in and of itself but when things in my house are messy and chaotic I transform. Yes, transform almost into this big scary superhuman mama; kind of like The Hulk.



I’m getting stressed just thinking about it. How do I keep my house looking nice and tidy so that I’m not stressed to the max and ready to go all Mama Hulk on my family? It’s really pretty simple and today I’m going to tell you all about it.

3 Simple Ways to Keep Your House Looking Nice & Tidy

1. Everything has its place and if it doesn’t, throw it in a closet.

Now, I’m not talking about deep cleaning or organizing. You’re a mom and you most likely have small children so sometimes it’s more feasible to fake it than to make it happen everyday. Pick a room or closet and seriously, for a time just throw stuff in there. I usually clean everything out of my closet once a month but like I said, for quick clean up jobs, this is definitely my number one tip.

How to be tidy bona free and simple

2. Keep easy cleaning products around for those little spills and slip-ups and keep your floor clean!

Maybe I’m weird, but sweeping and cleaning the floor is super gratifying for me. It’s the one chore that I do daily because it makes a huge difference in appearance. It’s also fairly easy to rope an older kid into helping out too. I personally really like Bona free & simple hardwood floor because it comes in a spray bottle that’s easy to handle. More importantly, it’s a hypoallergenic, water-based formula that’s free of dyes and scents that’s effective on the toughest grime but gentle enough for little hands and feet.

Bona free & simple hardwood floor cleaner

What I’ll do, is do a good sweep at the end of the day and then I use Bona on the floor that’s underneath where my kids’ eat. My goodness do they make a mess! Spray, wipe up and you’re good to go. Then when it’s time to do a deep clean I can still use Bona and do a more thorough job. You can find Bona free & simple at Lowes, Home Depot and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Be sure to follow them on Facebook so that you’re never out of the loop.

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3. Use bins and cupboards for easy toy pick up.

Having an easy way to pick up toys and other kid things, you know, the stuff that ends up all over your house, is so important when it comes to having a tidy home. You’re a mom now and you don’t have time to organize every little every day so make sure that toys have a place of their own that’s easily accessible for little helpers to clean up on their own. I’m not saying that they always will or that they’ll do it with a cheerful attitude; I certainly didn’t love picking up my toys when I was a kid and trust me, my own children are following suit.

How to Stay Neat and Tidy with Bona free & simple

It’s easy, three simple ways to keep your home feeling neat and tidy. Keep Mama Hulk away by putting stuff in a closet or room for quick and easy clean-up, sweep your floors daily and keep Bona free & simple on hand for fast spot cleaning, and use containers for toys.

Try Bona’s line of free & simple cleaning products for yourself, and follow @mybonahome on Facebook to stay up-to-date on product news, offers, and their upcoming sweepstakes!Pin the below image and save it for later!

3 Simple Ways to keep your house looking nice & tidy. #ad

Special thanks to my friend Rhiana for getting me out of a jam and taking these beautiful photos!