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A few years ago I became aware of what I like to call the Johnson & Johnson scandal. Basically, the big baby shampoo and tear free kids’ shampoo brand was called out on having different formulas that were formaldehyde free in countries where there were stricter guidelines. The US is not one of those countries that has strict guidelines so, yes, you guessed it: the J&J soaps and shampoos in the US contained the formaldehyde formula. Why? Well, the formaldehyde containing formula is less expensive to make and simply because no one took on the challenge of calling J&J out. That is, until a coalition of 150 non-profits, The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, took it upon themselves to bring this dirty little secret to the public’s attention by issuing a public letter regarding the issue. That was in 2011. This past January, in a letter posted on their website, J&J has announced that they have removed formaldehyde releasing preservatives out of their baby and personal care products,

We’re pleased to have met our 2013 Safety and Care Commitment to remove formaldehyde-releasing preservatives from our baby products and reduce traces of 1,4 dioxane in all of our baby and adult care products, everywhere around the world.

I was shocked and completely irritated when I found out about this in 2011. As a mom, I trusted Johnson & Johnson. I trusted their brand name, their recognizable products and the history of trust they had gained with thousands for parents…

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