Are you taking full advantage of everything Groupon offers-

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Earlier this week I shared my love for boutique deal sites similar to Zulily. Today I want to share my love for trying out local eats and treats through another favorite deal site – Groupon.

I live in a suburb of Minneapolis-St. Paul in Minnesota so it’s a huge metropolitan area filled with awesome little eateries and family-owned restaurants. One of my favorite ways of discovering these golden local nuggets is by checking out Groupon Coupons.

Discover new local treasures with Groupon


Part of the reason why I love using Groupon to discover little local gems is because of their organization of locations. And it’s not just local places in Minnesota that I’ve used Groupon for. When my husband and I traveled to Washington DC for our anniversary last July we purchased quite a few Groupons for local restaurants.

Groupon local finds organized by neighborhoods and cities

Every Groupon offer comes with user reviews, pair that with other user review sites and we’ve had tremendous success in not only finding a great local restaurant but we also get a deal. I never turn down an opportunity to save a little cash here and there.

Take advantage of Groupons User Ratings and Reviews

The other thing I love about Groupon are the deals that feature some kind of user experience. Whether it’s a vacation, a relaxing afternoon at a salon and spa, an educational yet fun outing to a museum, and other noteworthy attraction changes are you’ll find something to do on Groupon. In fact, I have a friend who booked an all inclusive resort stay through Groupon and they had a fabulous time!

Use Groupon to Book Your Next Vacation


How have you used Groupon lately? What was your best deal find?

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