One down, 51 to go. Does making a commitment to eating healthy and exercising ever feel like you’re doing hard time serving a prison sentence?

It’s Mary here from Mary’s Not On A Diet and I just want to discuss my new outlook regarding my wellness journey. Over the course of the last few weeks, things haven’t been all unicorns and rainbows on my journey to a better me. I have been struggling with late night eating and was really feeling down about not continuing to see numbers on the scale drop.

After several days of feeling bad, I came to the realization that it’s much easier to live a healthy life if that is truly your goal – to be a  healthier person. When I look at a menu while dining out, I think, “what can I eat that is healthy?” I’m not eating healthy to lose weight – I eat healthy to be healthier person. I don’t workout to lose weight – I workout to be a stronger, healthier person.

My take on this type of thinking regarding healthy living is similar to taking a college course. Let’s just say this course is algebra. If your only goal is to get an “A” then you really aren’t going to get anything out of the course but a letter. It will make going to class exhausting and not fulfilling; however, if you are in the course to learn, taking some knowledge away you will get so much more than just a letter.

The lesson this week is easy: It’s all how you look at things. The glass is half full. You need to be in the health and wellness journey for the right reasons. If the whole point of your journey is to lose weight, you may find it harder to have long term success. From my experience I find it much easier to eat healthy and exercise if the goal is really to be a healthier person.

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