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The best laid plans often are just that, plans. When I first got pregnant in 2008, I planned to breastfeed my son. It was a given, it would be natural and I would be very successful. Then my son was born and breastfeeding was definitely not as easy I assumed it would be. I had such a hard time getting the boy to latch I drove myself crazy with all of the Google searching I was doing. Imagine how much easier my life would be if I could talk to an actual human, any time of the day, when I had breastfeeding problems? Now you can ask all of your breastfeeding problems and questions with the help of, it’s all with the help of a new service app on Facebook Messenger that gives you direct access to credible and evidence-based information right at your fingertips.

How can I easily get help with my breastfeeding problems_

How can I easily get help with my breastfeeding problems?

Like I said above, you can Google your way through a rabbit hole like I did as a new mother or you can use the assistance of technology with an app like Check with Ellie.

Ellie is a virtual breastfeeding assistant for new mothers that identifies and treats common breastfeeding challenges. By chatting with Ellie, moms can receive round-the-clock information, troubleshooting, and access to resources to help them overcome breastfeeding challenges.
– Easy to use
– Available  24/7
– over Facebook Messenger
– Saves time searching on Dr. Google at 3 am
– Fast answers from credible sources screen grab was born out of a father’s desire to support his breastfeeding wife shortly after birth.

In 2016, George and his wife Olesya were preparing for the birth of their first child. The young couple felt overwhelmed by the amount of information they were expected to remember during childbirth education.

In order to support his wife, George scanned all the hospital handouts into a Dropbox folder, so if Olesya had a pain or question, he could quickly search for an answer to help her.

When she was going through labor, however, he didn’t have time to look up notes and despite their best efforts, they both felt unprepared and stressed.

Thankfully, both Mom and baby were healthy. The couple took a deep sigh of relief as they believed the hardest part was over.

Upon returning home, they had a million questions they hadn’t even thought to ask before giving birth. And now, there was a crying baby in the apartment. On top of sleep deprivation, dealing with physical recovery, and caring for Theodore the couple spent hours searching online for credible answers to their questions.

George thought, “There has to be an easier way for new parents to get instant access to evidence-based information.”

Soon after, George and Atin met at General Assembly in NYC. Atin was a UX designer who had worked in education and upon interviewing new moms, found that many women struggle during postpartum due to lack of access to immediate and credible information. The duo teamed up to reimagine the postpartum experience for new moms.

Today, the service is equipped to help moms at any time of the day with whatever question they may have. The site has two pediatricians, one dentist and four lactation consultants ready to help with’s handy Facebook Messenger service.

How does work?

The service is FREE! Simply answer friendly questions on Facebook Messenger here and Ellie will help you identify and treats common breastfeeding challenges within seconds.

Check with Ellie chatbot video

I decided to test Ellie out myself. I can totally see myself using this when I had a breastfeeding baby all three times! It was easy to use and hassle free.

Check With Ellie Chat Bot Example

Really, using Check With Ellie is a no-brainer. If I had a service like this the first time I was breastfeeding I wouldn’t have spent three weeks agonizing over having to use a nipple shield. I wouldn’t have read articles from 1970 that were laden with outdated information. Seriously, I gave myself the biggest mom guilt-trip over not being able to get my song to latch properly for the first three weeks of his life. If I had been able to use when I had a clogged nipple pore twice, I would have been able to save so much time by being able to access credible information quickly rather than scouring the Internet searching for help with my breastfeeding problems.

Now for the fun part! is giving away a $300 Target gift card to anyone who uses their service and then submits feedback. To enter the giveaway please “Try Ellie” for FREE and then submit the feedback form. Available during the World Breastfeeding Week (Aug 1st – August 7th). US entrants only. For more details check out the video below or click here to enter.

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How can I easily get help with my breastfeeding problems_ This is such a cool app! Check out your virtual breastfeeding assistant!