Reader BEWARE: This is incredibly LONG!!!  Thanks in advance for reading!
It’s been a month and I’m out of the newborn haze…Here’s the scoop on Kendall’s arrival!
June 16th, Thursday morning came.  I woke up to wet PJ bottoms and I thought Well, this is a familiar scene.  It was the same scenario 2 years and 7 months ago.  A full moon, wet pajamas and lots of pressure.  I knew what it was so I calmly told Ben, “Um, I’m pretty sure my water’s leaking.”  And it was.
After calling all the appropriate people – my parents, Ben’s dad and our good family friends from church to have them come and pick up Brennan we left for the hospital.  We arrived at the hospital around 9:30am.  I was checked into a triage room to run the test to see if my water had broken.  After waiting for a little bit and hearing the nurse say, “Hmm…maybe it wasn’t your water?” only for me to respond with, “Well, if it wasn’t then there is something seriously wrong with my bladder b/c I’m leaking all over the place!”  The test came up positive and we were admitted to our delivery room.
First glimpses of her very good pouty lip!
Thankfully I didn’t have back labor with Kendall, I did with Brennan.  Let me tell you, back labor is TEN TIMES worse than normal labor.  I got an epidural and it was surprisingly not pleasant!  I didn’t remember that at all with Brennan b/c all of my contractions were in my back.  I distinctly remember having to try and hold still during a contraction so they could put the epidural in.  Not the case with Kendall.  Aside from that feeling every part of the epidural, the laboring part of Kendall’s birth was not bad.  At one point towards the beginning, I felt like I was going to either throw up or pass out and at the same time Kendall’s heart rate was skyrocketing to 190.  The nurse gave me some IV fluids and instantly I felt better and Kendall’s heart rate slowed down.  The only problem was that the decision had been made to start pitocin so we could get her out.
My handsome hubby with his new baby girl!
From about 11am to noon I relaxed, well I tried to.  I was starving!  No food when you’re in labor though.  Rats.  My nurse, Jane, came in at noon and checked me and I was only dilated to a three.  After she left is when the party got started!  I started feeling tons of pressure and very uncomfortable.  After about 20 minutes I couldn’t stand it any more so I called Jane and asked her to come because I either needed to go to the bathroom or the time to push was coming quickly.  Jane came back and I had gone from a three to a seven in 20 minutes!  She called my doctor who came running in after ten minutes, meanwhile, I was clutching the rails of the bed trying to wait!  She threw her coat on the floor and I started pushing.  After about three sets of pushes and one plea that I couldn’t do it any more, Kendall was born!
First night in the SCN
The rest of the story gets very long and complicated.  Basically because the labor and delivery was so fast, Kendall didn’t spend enough time in the birth canal to squeeze the excess fluid out of her lungs.  She was making this sweet sound like she was singing immediately after she was born.  Let me tell you, even though it sounds sweet it isn’t!  It’s what they call grunting and it means that the baby is having difficulty breathing.  Around 3pm, after trying to nurse Kendall, the lactation consultant who was helping me decided to take her down to the nursery so they could look at her.  It was then that Kendall was admitted into the Special Care Nursery and stayed there for five days.
It was a long, long hospital stay and I can’t begin to tell you how sad it was to see my baby girl hooked up to tons of wires and monitors.  What happened to Kendall were these things:
  • Quick L&D = fluid in lungs
  • Elevated C-Reactive Protein (CRP) levels = this means that Kendall either had an infection her little body was fighting off OR the stress from the L&D had made her body go into fight mode.  It was later determined by her neonatologist that she didn’t have an infection.
  • Jaundice = Her bilirubin level wasn’t incredibly high, however, it was of some concern for the docs considering everything else that was going on.
3 Days Old and the first day she was allowed to be in our room with us.

This is so incredibly long, I’m going to call it a day and end.  Kendall is the perfect picture of health now.  She’s an awesome little breastfeeder which has been such an amazing experience.  Brennan was not good at it at all and we struggled for 12 weeks to get it right.  Thanks for reading!!!!  Look back for more details from this first time mom of two!