One of the most difficult parts of this whole fitness challenge was keeping it a secret. There were a select few who knew I even applied for this aside from my family. When I got the call that I had been accepted I was so nervous and excited…but I had to keep quiet until today, Monday.

If you know me at all you know that I am terrible at keeping my own secrets. Other people’s? No problem. My own? Big problem b/c I’m like a child at Christmas, trying to get everyone to open my present first b/c I’m so proud of it. I tried to go about my normal every day life, keeping a straight face and avoiding (sorry if you were one of them!) people that called b/c I couldn’t tell a soul. Two of my friends knew my secret b/c I had told them that I had applied before any decision was made. And my awesome friend and one of my secret keepers, Rawney, made me Special K bars (a favorite of mine!). I pretty much ate only that on Thursday! I wanted to get in my last indulgence!!  Anyways…

Friday came and I was like a nervous little girl getting ready to go up on stage for my first solo in the school concert. Driving up to STEELE was nerve-racking and I wasn’t even the one driving! You see, another friend from church, dropped me off because my family was heading down to visit my parents as soon as my work out was over. She dropped me off and I entered the sleek doors into STEELE.

I signed my life away and answered medical history questions. I chatted with a few of the other contestants (who are all awesome by the way!) while we waited for our next task. Then Steele, the owner and yes, namesake, excitedly told us about the challenge, what to expect and informed us that our trainers picked us each. They picked the contestant they felt they connected with the most.

My trainer is Emilie. She’s awesome and she’s a mom of three just like me. She gets me and the struggles I’ve had with my weight since I got pregnant with Buggie. She actually had a similar story and then changed her life around on her own then she became a certified personal trainer. She’s tough, she won’t let me slack off and she’s competitive. I left the gym sweaty and smelly (we did jumping jacks and well, yeah, I can’t do those without Depends!) and sure enough unable to walk normally for the next two days.

Emerson Quote

Already I can see how my mindset has changed because of this competition. Every time I’ve started diet and exercise plans in the past I haven’t felt the accountability that I have now. I can rationalize pretty much anything. Not this time. I feel like I have to do what Emilie says because I asked for someone to think of my best interests first. When she tells me I need to have no carbs after 5pm, gosh darn it, I’m going to do it! When she says that I need to do that stupid plank for another ten seconds, well, sweat dripping off of my face, I’ll hold my position. Why? It’s high time I took care of this body that I’ve been given. That’s what this is about. A lifestyle change and it has to be just that – a change for good. I can’t go back now. I cannot go back. Pressing forward…