You Don’t Have to Choose Between Your Partner and Your Doula

Doula and Partner feature

When I first became a Prenatal Yoga Instructor, I began hearing about and learning about what a Doula was. I learned that a Doula is a woman who guides a birthing mother through labor. How nice! I was intrigued as I had always been very interested in pregnancy and birth. Becoming a Doula seemed like … Read more

Gender Reveal Party

Gender Reveal Party

All pregnant moms day dream about this question. Is this little bundle of joy in my belly a boy or a girl? Expecting mamas have a choice to find out the sex of their babies during pregnancy or to be surprised at birth. With both my little ones I decided to find out during pregnancy. My husband … Read more

Centering Group Prenatal Care

centering group prenatal care

During my first pregnancy I choose to participate in CenteringPregnancy® Group Prenatal Care. Initially I opted for Centering appointments because groups met in the evenings, which nicely accommodated our household schedule. Ease of scheduling was just one of the many benefits of this model of prenatal care. In fact, based on my experience I think Centering Group … Read more