Buttons Diapers Super Cover and Bamboo Inserts Review

I first encountered Buttons Diapers during my early cloth diapering days when reviewing their One Size Cover on Cloth Diaper Geek. I’m so happy to say I’ve been a fan of the company and their products ever since. In this post I’ll review Buttons Diapers Super Diaper Cover and Bamboo Inserts.

Just so you know, there are affiliate links in this blog post; it won’t cost you anything extra, however, should you make a purchase from one of the links I’ll receive a small commission for your purchase which in turn helps keep First Time Mom running. Thank you! To facilitate this review and giveaway I received a Buttons Diapers Super Cover and some Large and XLarge Bamboo Daytime Inserts. The opinions represented here in my review are my own. 

Buttons Diapers Super Cover and Bamboo Inserts Review

Buttons Super Diaper Cover

Overview: Buttons Super Diaper Cover is a roomier version of their popular OS (one size) cover. It is designed to fit babies 12-40lbs and has enough room in the body of the cover to accommodate a lot of absorbency. Like all Buttons diaper covers, the Super Cover has places at the front and back of the cover in which you can snap in inserts, double leg gussets, and two layers of soft yet durable wipeable waterproof PUL.

The cover’s wipeable interior enables multiple uses of one cover if your little one only has a wet diaper, which is the beauty of an All in Two system! Other than being a larger cut when compared to the Buttons OS Cover, the Buttons Super Cover has two rows of waist snaps instead of one, and interior PUL flaps at the front and back of the diaper to help keep diaper inserts tucked inside. Depending on the color or print you select, the Super Cover retails for $13.50-14.50 and is available in a variety of cute colors and prints.

My Take: Like I said before, I’m a fan of Buttons Diapers. I love that they are a family company and that their products are affordable, Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) certified, designed in the USA, and manufactured responsibly in China. I’m happy to say that their new Super Cover did not disappoint. The addition of interior PUL flaps which provide extra leak protection at the waist and back is especially handy with a busy toddler. Like all Buttons Covers it works great with Buttons Inserts. With a roomier cut, the Super Cover nicely accommodates fitteds or fastened prefolds, making Buttons Super Cover a versatile diaper cover.

Buttons Diapers Super Cover and Bamboo Inserts Review

I also like the fit of this cover. Weighing in at only 22lbs, my almost two year old is a pip squeak but the Super Cover still fits great and has A LOT of room for her to grow. My 35lbs four year old humored his mama and tried it on and I was very pleased with the fit. Having two rows of waist snaps is a great feature to have on covers for toddlers because it gives a nice and super secure fit. I could see this cover working well for babies and toddlers on the upper end of the weight chart, which is super!

Buttons Bamboo Inserts

Overview: Bamboo is a popular natural fiber option in the cloth diapering world because it is super absorbent, soft, and trim. If you want to geek out over cloth diapers, read all about different cloth diapering materials here! The daytime inserts have 5 layers of Buttons 70% bamboo & 30% organic cotton blend and are available in three sizes: small (for babies 9-20lbs), large (20-35lbs), and xlarge (25-40lbs). The bamboo inserts come in three packs ranging from $17-$24 depending on size and snap perfectly into Buttons covers. Being a natural fiber, bamboo takes several washes to full prep, Buttons recommends 4 wash / dry cycles for these inserts. Bamboo is also prone to shrink so do not dry these inserts above medium heat and be careful not to over dry.

My Take: Buttons Bamboo Inserts offer bamboo at it’s best. Their inserts are soft, trim, and absorbent. After a lot of use, my inserts have shrunk a little, but that is to be expected with a natural fibers. The xlarge inserts fit great in the Super Cover. I will say that personally I prefer Buttons Hemp Inserts because they are trim and absorbent like Buttons Bamboo Inserts, but the Hemp Inserts are topped with fleece. My daughter doesn’t seem to care either way, but I think the fleece seems cozier. Either way, I’m thrill that Buttons Diapers has a variety of insert options for their customers. My favorite thing about Buttons Bamboo Inserts is their quality and durability. I could see these holding up for many years, through multiple kids… too bad I’m probably done making babies!

buttons bamboo insert

Affordability and durability is what comes to mind when I think of Buttons Diapers. I can say from experience that Buttons products hold up to the test of time when well cared for and used in a decent rotation of diapers. I have inserts and covers that I used on my son four years ago that I still use on my daughter today. Another bonus is that Buttons products are easy to use. I’m thrilled to give Buttons Super Cover and Bamboo Inserts an enthusiastic thumbs up!

Want to try Buttons for yourself? You can get yours at Kelly’s Closet!