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Marvel Movie Inspirational Quotes

Are you ready to be inspired? I've got 18 Marvel movie inspirational quotes to help bring out your inner superhero! The end of Marvel's phase 3 has come and gone and you can own AVENGERS 4: ENDGAME on July 30th digitally and on BLU-RAY™ August 6th. Marvel Studios has...

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Me Before Mom – I have a podcast!!!

Last November I introduced you to my baby, my book Me Before Mom: Putting Your Oxygen Mask on First which is available on Amazon. Well, to go along with the book (also available on Kindle) I've teamed up with Matriarch Digital Media to record a podcast, Me Before Mom....

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What is Flat Head Syndrome?

What exactly is flat head syndrome? Flat head syndrome or positional plagiocephaly happens when a flat spot begins to develop on the back or the side of a baby's head. A common cause of flat head syndrome is lying an infant in the same position every time they go to...

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Easy Vodka Lemonade Recipe

Know what the perfect pairing is to a hot, humid summer day? Lemonade. Even better? Vodka Lemonade. I've got the best, super easy vodka lemonade recipe for you to sip on your front porch! Does vodka and lemonade taste good? Yes. If you think about it many classic...

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