First off, so sorry for the absent TST last week.  Buggie has been a real challenge for me with Ben working long hours.  The boy needs his daddy big time which leaves me exhausted at the end of the day.  Enough about me more about our featured TST mama, Betsy!

Betsy is a 22 year old Green Bay (WI) native, stay-at-home mommy to her three beautiful kids (3yrs, 2yrs, and 1 month), and wife (of almost four years) to her hubby, Nathan. When not chasing after and taking care of her three kiddos (i.e. during naptime), Betsy enjoys many things: baking, piano, reading, writing, but most of all sewing & crafting. She has run her Facebook business, Lil’ Sweeties Creations, for over a year now and has made products from children’s paci clips & cuddly blankets to bridesmaid dresses. You can view her crafts & projects at Lil’ Sweeties Creations.
Betsy’s Story
Monday morning (4/12/10) I began having very mild Braxton Hicks (BH) contractions. I made it through the day just fine, but by the time the night came they were painful/annoying enough to keep me up – yet still too random to claim true labor. I slept maybe 2-3hrs that night, only 30min at a time. Tuesday came and the BH contractions continued throughout the day, causing great discomfort – but still no pattern. I managed to get some rest, sleeping in between those contractions, hoping they’d either go away or turn into real labor.
Wednesday came, and still nothing was consistent, by this point I was way overtired, in pain, and really anxious/discouraged. Around 9pm the contractions started coming every ten minutes, lasting about 30 seconds at a time. Nathan (my husband) insisted I was now in labor, but I told him it was probably just false labor and so we waited to call my doctor. Finally at 10:30pm Nathan called my doctor’s office and they told us we needed to go to the hospital. Still, I was convinced it was all just false labor and we’d be sent home. But, we called my parents to come watch Katie (our firstborn, who at the time was 15months old) – Phil and Marie (my husband’s Aunt & Uncle) came over until my Dad got to our house so that we could go straight to the hospital. My mom met us at the hospital. I was having regular contractions about every 5min by this time and dilated 3cm. The nurse called the on-call doctor (because my doctor had gone to Germany and wasn’t scheduled to arrive back until sometime the next morning). This on-call doctor said I wasn’t dilated enough and sent us home even though my contractions were now 3-4 min apart, lasting almost 60sec and increasing in intensity. I was very discouraged & in tears.
We drove the 30min home, sat there for about an hour and then drove back to the hospital because I was in so much pain and the contractions were so close together. The nurses checked me into a “waiting” room (not an actual birthing room) & one of them came to check my progress. I was already at 6cm! Originally, I had planned to get an epidural but by this point I was dilating too fast and they weren’t able to offer that, which – I’ll admit – panicked me a little bit.
They gave me some other pain medication through an IV that was supposed to take edge off the contractions, but honestly they didn’t do a whole lot except make me dizzy. (I definitely wouldn’t do that again!) Luckily the nurse was able to get ahold of my doctor (who had only an hour or so prior to receiving the call, arrived back in the country!). She came straight to the hospital when they’d realized that in the past 20 minutes I had already dilated to 8cm. They ended up having to break my water & my doctor quickly went to put her scrubs on and only 2 pushes later, our precious son (our second child), Elisha John was born at 5:32am, April 15. Weighing 6lbs 10oz and 20.5 inches long.

What a relief and joy it was to hold him finally! His big sister, Katie, was a little unsure what to think, but she warmed up to him fast and is a great big sister!